Chase favourite sires (rolling) as the name suggests is one of our “rolling systems”.

First, let me explain what a rolling system is.

A rolling system is a system which has a set of rules set out but one of those rules is updated on a regular basis.

RULES and Current Sires

Here are the rules for Chase favourite sires (rolling)

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01/06/22 – 04/07/22


Kapgarde (FR)
Shantou (USA)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
26.06.2022 (2.50)Dee Star (IRE)Cartmel (LH)2/6Brogan, Kevin2/13.101.81Hanmer, G D
24.06.2022 (3.05)Shantou Express (IRE)Cartmel (LH)3/5Bass, David4/5F1.911.30Bailey, K C
5.06.2022 (4.01)Minella Trump (IRE)Perth (RH)1/5Hughes, Brian7/4F2.901.76McCain Jnr, D

28/04/22 – 31/05/22


Gold Well
Kapgarde (FR)
Shantou (USA)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
31.05.2022 (6.05)Sole Pretender (IRE)Ballinrobe (RH)1/10Torrens, Simon7/4F2.961.35Lee, Norman
29.05.2022 (4.24)Havana River (IRE)Fontwell (F8)UR/8Houlihan, Sean M5/17.602.37Hawker, Richard
29.05.2022 (4.06)No No Maestro (IRE)Uttoxeter (LH)3/4Brace, Connor2/13.171.67OBrien, Fergal
16.05.2022 (2.55)Jony Max (IRE)Ffos Las (LH)2/5Tudor, Jack9/4F3.642.10Williams, Christian
14.05.2022 (6.50)Found On (IRE)Uttoxeter (LH)1/4Bowen, Sean P5/4F2.301.43Keighley, M
14.05.2022 (1.40)Dawn Raider (IRE)Bangor (LH)4/4Brogan, Kevin3/14.171.73Hanmer, G D
9.05.2022 (5.20)Capricia (IRE)Southwell (LH)2/5Bowen, Sean P15/8F3.001.83Keighley, M
8.05.2022 (4.10)Barden Bella (IRE)Ludlow (RH)5/5Tudor, Jack5/24.152.09Williams, Christian
29.04.2022 (7.35)Shantou Flyer (IRE)Cheltenham (LH)5/12Maxwell, David5/2JF3.701.68Nicholls, P F

22/03/22 – 27/04/22


Jeremy (USA)

Kapgarde (FR)


Shantou (USA)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
23.04.2022 (2.25)Mister Fisher (IRE)Sandown (RH)2/4Boinville, Nico11/44.321.94Henderson, N J
18.04.2022 (3.45)Wayfinder (IRE)Chepstow (LH)1/3Jones, Ben R4/5F1.921.20Curtis, Miss Rebecca
17.04.2022 (4.00)Jony Max (IRE)Plumpton (LH)1/5Tudor, Jack5/2F3.852.17Williams, Christian
14.04.2022 (3.15)Barden Bella (IRE)Cheltenham (LH)2/6Tudor, Jack6/5F2.361.62Williams, Christian
9.04.2022 (4.15)Shan Blue (IRE)Aintree (LH)2/14Skelton, Harry5/2F4.231.77Skelton, Daniel
9.04.2022 (3.43)Dawn Raider (IRE)Bangor (LH)3/5Hughes, Brian2/1F3.071.76Hanmer, G D
8.04.2022 (3.30)Fakir Doudairies (FR)Aintree (LH)1/10Walsh, M P10/11F2.001.22OBrien, Joseph Patrick
5.04.2022 (3.00)Raffles Gitane (FR)Exeter (RH)2/3Jacob, Daryl5/17.400.00Whittington, H
3.04.2022 (2.20)Jeremys Flame (IRE)Fairyhouse (RH)F/6Dempsey, Luke2/13.701.65Cromwell, Gavin Patrick
1.04.2022 (5.30)KapardWexford (LH)5/6Blackmore, Rachael2/1F3.251.50Bromhead, Henry De
1.04.2022 (3.30)Flic Ou Voyou (FR)Ayr (LH)UR/7Frost, Bryony5/17.503.33Nicholls, P F
31.03.2022 (3.25)Rose Sea Has (FR)Wetherby (LH)1/5Hammond, CharlieEvensF2.021.36Newland, Dr R D P
31.03.2022 (3.15)Prince Escalus (IRE)Warwick (LH)2/4ONeill, Jonjo (Jr)10/11F2.081.40ONeill, Jonjo
30.03.2022 (3.55)Maliboo (IRE)Wincanton (RH)1/2Brogan, Kevin (3)2/5F1.410.00Mulholland, N P
28.03.2022 (5.15)Wagner (IRE)Ludlow (RH)3/5Morgan, Beau (7)11/10F2.351.41Hampton, Matthew
23.03.2022 (2.45)Tim Pat (IRE)Haydock (LH)1/7Gillard, T (3)9/4F3.702.36McCain Jnr, D

07/02/22 – 21/03/22


Gold Well
Jeremy (USA)
Kapgarde (FR)
Shantou (USA)


Date/TimeHorseTrackPosJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
18.03.2022 (3.30)A Plus Tard (FR)Cheltenham (LH)1/11Blackmore, Rachael3/1F4.181.76Bromhead, Henry De
15.03.2022 (5.30)Run Wild Fred (IRE)Cheltenham (LH)2/6Codd, J J15/8F2.991.78Elliott, Gordon
14.03.2022 (1.45)Raffles Gitane (FR)Stratford (LH)PU/7Bromley, Ben (7)7/24.972.75Whittington, H
13.03.2022 (2.38)Wouldubewell (IRE)Bangor (LH)1/4Bellamy, TomEvensF2.041.37Lavelle, Miss E C
12.03.2022 (3.41)Prince Escalus (IRE)Hereford (RH)1/5ONeill, Jonjo (Jr)5/4F2.251.57ONeill, Jonjo
9.03.2022 (4.35)Champagnesuperover (IRE)Catterick (LH)1/2Heskin, A P8/13F1.640.00Murphy, Olly
8.03.2022 (4.20)Another Theatre (IRE)Newcastle (LH)1/7Dowson, Thomas100/30JF4.512.46Kirby, P A
6.03.2022 (3.13)Manwell (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)5/5England, Jonathan11/28.433.05England, Sam
4.03.2022 (3.40)The Unit (IRE)Doncaster (LH)4/5Hughes, Brian9/27.012.70King, A
27.02.2022 (2.40)Rose Sea Has (FR)Hereford (RH)3/8Hammond, Charlie11/28.402.28Newland, Dr R D P
26.02.2022 (4.50)Sovereign Gold (IRE)Fairyhouse (RH)3/8Blackmore, Rachael11/44.711.62Bromhead, Henry De
23.02.2022 (4.35)Dolphin Square (IRE)Doncaster (LH)1/5Maxwell, David4/6F1.811.23Hobbs, P J
19.02.2022 (3.38)Fakir Doudairies (FR)Ascot (RH)1/8Walsh, M P9/4F3.241.64OBrien, Joseph Patrick
13.02.2022 (4.30)Jerrysback (IRE)Exeter (RH)PU/7OBrien, T J7/25.302.76Hobbs, P J
12.02.2022 (2.25)Clan Des Obeaux (FR)Newbury (LH)3/5Cobden, HarryEvensF2.001.36Nicholls, P F
7.02.2022 (3.20)Tokay Dokey (IRE)Carlisle (RH)3/3Skelton, Harry8/11F1.851.24Skelton, Daniel

12/01/22 – 06/02/2022


Flemensfirth (USA), Gold Well, Kapgarde (FR), Mahler, Midnight Legend


DateHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
5.02.2022Gunsight Ridge1.15 Sandown (RH)3/8Coleman, A85/40F3.171.46Murphy, Olly
4.02.2022Here We Have It (IRE)1.30 Catterick (LH)2/5Reed, Harry15/8JF3.201.80Morgan, Miss Laura
4.02.2022Supervisor (IRE)3.00 Chepstow (LH)2/11Deutsch, Charlie6/4F2.621.56Williams, Miss Venetia
2.02.2022Dusart (IRE)2.10 Exeter (RH)1/4Boinville, Nico2/7F1.321.08Henderson, N J
29.01.2022Keep Rolling (IRE)1.48 Uttoxeter (LH)1/7OBrien, T J3/14.132.28Hobbs, P J
28.01.2022Nocte Volatus12.15 Doncaster (LH)1/6Kitts, Dylan (10)3/14.202.47Lacey, T
23.01.2022Kimberlite Candy (IRE)4.00 Warwick (LH)PU/5Barlow, Patrick (7)11/43.892.21Lacey, T
22.01.2022Palmers Hill (IRE)2.55 Ascot (RH)PU/7ONeill, Jonjo (Jr)100/304.701.82ONeill, Jonjo
20.01.2022The Toojumpa1.00 Ludlow (RH)4/10Harrison, Liam (3)9/26.882.41OBrien, Fergal
20.01.2022Oneupmanship (IRE)2.15 Wincanton (RH)PU/9Scholfield, Nick5/2F3.781.80Barber, Jack
18.01.2022Gustavian (IRE)1.10 Exeter (RH)2/5Dingle, Rex6/4F2.601.73Honeyball, A J
17.01.2022Barden Bella (IRE)3.10 Chepstow (LH)2/7Tudor, Jack (3)3/1F4.502.64Williams, Christian
10.01.2022Demachine (IRE)1.15 Ludlow (RH)UR/7Patrick, Richard2/1F3.231.86Lee, Miss Kerry

17/12/21 – 11/01/22


Gold Well, Kapgarde (FR), Shantou (USA)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
9.01.2022 (3.20)Low Lie The Fields (IRE)Fairyhouse (RH)UR/9Blackmore, Rachael8/19.873.32Bromhead, Henry De
1.01.2022 (3.15)Jungle Boogie (IRE)Fairyhouse (RH)1/10OKeeffe, Sean F5/6F1.931.22Mullins, W P
29.12.2021 (1.45)Run Wild Fred (IRE)Leopardstown (LH)2/8Russell, D N9/4F3.401.53Elliott, Gordon
26.12.2021 (1.05)Tokay Dokey (IRE)Market Rasen (RH)1/5Andrews, Bridget6/5F2.471.71Skelton, Daniel
18.12.2021 (1.50)Palmers Hill (IRE)Ascot (RH)1/9ONeill, Jonjo (Jr)7/2CF5.202.05ONeill, Jonjo
18.12.2021 (1.15)Pencilfulloflead (IRE)Ascot (RH)F/7ONeill, Jonjo (Jr)9/43.601.99Elliott, Gordon

15/11/21 – 16/12/21


Flemensfirth (USA), Gold Well, Kapgarde (FR), Mahler, Shantou (USA)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
16.12.2021 (2.55)Powerful Position (IRE)Ffos Las (LH)UR/10Tudor, Jack (3)5/2F3.751.66Williams, Christian
11.12.2021 (3.15)Two For Gold (IRE)Doncaster (LH)1/7Bass, David3/1JF4.402.68Bailey, K C
11.12.2021 (1.22)Kapga De Lily (FR)Hereford (RH)1/8Turner, Miss L M (7)2/1F3.201.61Williams, Miss Venetia
10.12.2021 (12.20)Izzys Champion (IRE)Bangor (LH)5/11Mulqueen, S3/14.281.82Russell, Miss Lucinda V
9.12.2021 (2.30)Tokay Dokey (IRE)Warwick (LH)2/11Skelton, Harry3/1F4.722.37Skelton, Daniel
7.12.2021 (2.30)Clondaw Promise (IRE)Uttoxeter (LH)1/12ONeill, Jonjo (Jr)9/26.602.16ONeill, Jonjo
6.12.2021 (1.00)Haldon Hill (IRE)Ludlow (RH)UR/12McLernon, R P2/1F4.311.89Dartnall, V R A
4.12.2021 (3.00)Deise Aba (IRE)Sandown (RH)2/10OBrien, T J100/30F5.252.13Hobbs, P J
2.12.2021 (3.15)Jony Max (IRE)Wincanton (RH)1/8Tudor, Jack (3)13/8F2.741.43Williams, Christian
28.11.2021 (1.35)Lifetime Ambition (IRE)Fairyhouse (RH)4/8OKeeffe, Sean F3/1F4.431.89Harrington,s John
27.11.2021 (11.30)Torygraph (IRE)Fairyhouse (RH)6/9Russell, D N7/25.551.98Elliott, Gordon
23.11.2021 (1.10)Kaphumor (FR)Sedgefield (LH)2/7Willmott, Thomas (5)13/8F2.701.79Smith,s S J
21.11.2021 (12.40)Bitasweetsymphony (IRE)Uttoxeter (LH)2/10Todd, C J (3)3/1F4.081.74Allwood, S
20.11.2021 (3.00)A Plus Tard (FR)Haydock (LH)1/7Blackmore, Rachael11/10F2.121.25Bromhead, Henry De
17.11.2021 (12.40)Emitom (IRE)Hexham (LH)2/4Sheehan, Gavin11/8F2.531.46Greatrex, W J
15.11.2021 (3.15)Silver Nickel (IRE)Plumpton (LH)3/5Sansom, Daniel (3)9/43.451.80Mullins, J W

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