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One Stop Ratings is One Stop Racing’s Ratings only membership.

Horse Racing Ratings provided daily for all UK and Irish Racing, generally available on the evening before the race before 6pm.

One Stop Ratings are created using complex arithmetical algorithms. They are calculated using software that replicates thousands of varying scenarios using unique race factors for every horse in every race.

The result of our computer analysis is that the ONE STOP RATING (OSR) on average produces the winner 55% of the time from the top 3 rated.

For non-handicaps that figure rises to 66% for the top 3 rated and 35% of winners from the top rated alone.

Every Horse in Every Race is evaluated on a number of criteria and given 4 individual ratings Last Race (LR), Horse Score (HS), Speed Rating (SR) and our Master Rating the ONE STOP RATING (OSR).

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