AW Favourite Trainers (Rolling) as the name suggests is one of our “rolling systems”.

First, let me explain what a rolling system is.

A rolling system is a system which has a set of rules set out, but one of those rules is updated on a regular basis.


Here are the rules for AW Favourite Trainers (Rolling)

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01/06/22 – 04/07/22


Foy, Kevin
Lyons, G M
Suroor, Saeed Bin
Varian, Roger


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
3.07.2022 (3.20)Soft Whisper (IRE)Chelmsford City (LH)1/8Ghiani, Marco13/8F2.621.36Suroor, Saeed Bin
29.06.2022 (6.30)Dubai WelcomeKempton (RH)2/9Dawson, R5/4F2.481.41Suroor, Saeed Bin
24.06.2022 (7.45)IndemnifyNewcastle (Str)2/12Dawson, R5/6F1.911.17Varian, Roger
16.06.2022 (8.00)Divine JewelLingfield (LH)1/4Atzeni, Andrea10/11F2.161.40Varian, Roger
16.06.2022 (3.15)Tomouh (IRE)Chelmsford City (LH)PU/8Cox, William (3)7/110.002.74Suroor, Saeed Bin
2.06.2022 (6.35)Dubai Hope (IRE)Chelmsford City (LH)5/7Costello, Dougie11/4F3.822.32Suroor, Saeed Bin

01/05/22 – 31/05/22


Brisland, Robyn
Crisford, Simon
Prescott, Sir Mark


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
28.05.2022 (5.55)TherehegoesChelmsford City (LH)6/10Ryan, Rossa2/1F3.701.54Brisland, Robyn
5.05.2022 (7.30)FiguresChelmsford City (LH)2/5Coakley, Ross5/4F2.461.50Crisford, Simon

27/03/22 – 30/04/22


Cox, C G
Hannon (Jnr), Richard
Prescott, Sir Mark


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
28.04.2022 (6.20)Symphony Perfect (IRE)Chelmsford City (LH)2/12Moore, Ryan3/1F5.202.01Hannon (Jnr), Richard
15.04.2022 (5.00)Flintstone (IRE)Chelmsford City (LH)3/11Moore, Ryan3/15.302.05Hannon (Jnr), Richard
6.04.2022 (8.00)Lafan (IRE)Kempton (RH)5/9Levey, S M6/17.492.48Hannon (Jnr), Richard
31.03.2022 (3.00)Safety FirstLingfield (LH)6/9Fahy, J P4/16.241.86Cox, C G

08/02/22 – 26/03/22


Cox, C G
Hannon (Jnr), Richard
Lyons, G M
Prescott, Sir Mark


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
26.03.2022 (2.05)Fancy Man (IRE)Kempton (RH)5/8Hansen, Thore6/4F2.701.30Hannon (Jnr), Richard
19.03.2022 (7.30)Night Narcissus (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)1/6Keniry, L P5/2F3.702.12Cox, C G
4.03.2022 (8.00)JunctureDundalk (LH)1/8Keane, C T10/11F1.991.21Lyons, G M
16.02.2022 (6.30)Lafan (IRE)Kempton (RH)2/10Ryan, Rossa2/1F3.271.55Hannon (Jnr), Richard
13.02.2022 (2.50)Night Narcissus (IRE)Southwell (Str)6/9Kirby, Adam9/25.802.19Cox, C G
9.02.2022 (5.30)Exceling (IRE)Kempton (RH)4/9Ryan, Rossa5/17.572.39Hannon (Jnr), Richard

14/01/22 – 07/02/22


Balding, A M, Brown, D H, Gosden, John and Thady & Simcock, D M


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
7.02.2022 (8.30)Scarborough CastleWolverhampton (LH)4/11Shepherd, Callum11/4F3.831.69Simcock, D M
26.01.2022 (6.30)MorlaixKempton (RH)2/4Turner, Hayley10/11F1.991.33Simcock, D M
24.01.2022 (8.00)Scarborough CastleWolverhampton (LH)2/9Shepherd, Callum6/5F2.381.28Simcock, D M
22.01.2022 (3.05)War In Heaven (IRE)Lingfield (LH)1/5Probert, David9/4F3.301.84Balding, A M
20.01.2022 (6.00)Antiphon (IRE)Newcastle (Str)4/4Probert, David11/8JF2.471.47Balding, A M
16.01.2022 (12.25)La Hulotte (IRE)Southwell (LH)5/5Probert, David5/23.551.95Balding, A M

17/12/21 – 13/01/22


Balding A M, Brisland Robyn, Prescott Sir Mark, Simcock D M and Williams S C


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
14.01.2022 (12.40)Coolagh MagicLingfield (LH)1/10Davies, Harry (7)2/1JF3.302.14Brisland, Robyn
6.01.2022 (4.00)Alhammaam (IRE)Chelmsford City (LH)2/8Atzori, Lorenzo (5)11/4JF4.151.64Williams, S C
4.01.2022 (12.30)HowzakLingfield (LH)9/10Probert, David9/26.602.42Brisland, Robyn
3.01.2022 (3.10)Kodiac Harbour (IRE)Lingfield (LH)9/10Morris, Luke100/30F4.501.87Brisland, Robyn
3.01.2022 (2.10)Antiphon (IRE)Lingfield (LH)5/9Probert, David5/4F2.381.31Balding, A M
30.12.2021 (5.30)TherehegoesWolverhampton (LH)9/12Probert, David7/25.001.95Brisland, Robyn
22.12.2021 (4.05)Sword Exceed (GER)Wolverhampton (LH)10/12Keenan, Darragh7/2F5.502.47Brisland, Robyn
18.12.2021 (3.10)Forge Valley LadLingfield (LH)3/8Morris, Luke9/4F3.441.56Simcock, D M
17.12.2021 (6.45)MindspinKempton (RH)7/8Morris, Luke33/146.007.67Simcock, D M

15/11/21 – 16/12/21


Balding A M, Gosden J H M, Knight W J, Murphy Mike, Simcock D M and Teal R A.


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
16.12.2021 (5.00)Jabbar (IRE)Chelmsford City (LH)5/7Probert, David9/4F3.532.08Balding, A M
15.12.2021 (5.45)Park StreetKempton (RH)1/6Havlin, Robert6/4F2.781.64Gosden, J H M
11.12.2021 (2.20)Coltrane (IRE)Newcastle (LH)6/6Hornby, Rob6/4F2.821.64Balding, A M
4.12.2021 (6.00)King Of The South (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)1/6Shepherd, CallumEvensF2.141.44Knight, W J
1.12.2021 (1.25)Authors DreamLingfield (LH)5/6Shepherd, Callum9/26.002.70Knight, W J
29.11.2021 (4.10)Scarborough CastleKempton (RH)4/12Shepherd, Callum13/8F2.811.45Simcock, D M
27.11.2021 (5.00)Never In FourthWolverhampton (LH)1/5Rooke, George (3)5/23.612.14Teal, R A
24.11.2021 (7.45)Red Square (IRE)Kempton (RH)6/8Havlin, Robert100/304.801.77Gosden, J H M
20.11.2021 (5.30)May NightWolverhampton (LH)1/12Carver, William (3)7/25.502.00Balding, A M

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