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But that’s not all – as a member, you’ll also get exclusive access to our Cheltenham Festival Tips (a tip for every race at The Cheltenham Festival), Aintree Grand National Festival Tips (a tip for every race at The Aintree Grand National Festival), and Royal Ascot Tips (a tip for every race at Royal Ascot). That’s 28 races over 4 days at Cheltenham, 21 races over 3 days at Aintree, and 35 races over 5 days at Royal Ascot!

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Daily horse racing tips from Monday to Saturday, including the best selection (Nap of the Day), each-way picks (Little Earner). Also the Saturday Lucky 15, PLUS tips for all races shown on ITV, ITV4, and ITV3, including Sundays. Also tips for every race at major events like the Cheltenham Festival (28 races, including 14 Grade 1’s), Aintree Grand National Festival (21 races, including 10 Grade 1’s and the Randox Grand National Steeple Chase), and Royal Ascot (35 races, including 8 Group 1’s).

Latest Winners

DateHorse / Odds *Bet**
May 23 2024ROYAL RHYME 1/2Feature Race
May 23 2024GODS OWN GETAWAY 2/1Nap Of The Day
May 21 2024THERAPIST 5/2Nap Of The Day
May 20 2024LOOSE TONGUE 9/1 3rdLittle Earner
May 19 2024WOODHAY WONDER 4/1Feature Race / ITV
May 18 2024GREAT BLASKET 15/2ITV
May 17 2024LEAD ARTIST 13/8ITV
May 16 2024BIG EVS 8/11ITV
May 15 2024SPITALFIELD 9/2Nap Of The Day
May 15 2024SECRET SATIRE 22/1ITV
May 15 2024MILL STREAM 4/1Feature Race
May 15 2024KANSAS DU BERLAIS 11/2 3rdITV
May 12 2024LOS ANGELES 4/5Feature Race
May 11 2024PALAMON 5/2Nap Of The Day
May 11 2024MYSTIC PEARL 18/1 3rdLittle Earner / ITV
May 10 2024PASSENGER 5/2ITV
May 10 2024BOX TO BOX 7/1 (2nd)Little Earner / ITV
May 09 2024CAPULET 5/1ITV
May 08 2024LADY LIGHTNING 11/2 (3rd)Nap Of The Day / ITV
May 08 2024OLD CHUMS 7/1 (3rd)Little Earner / ITV
May 07 2024STAY IF YOU WANT TO 11/8Nap Of The Day
May 06 2024WHITE BIRCH 2/1Feature Race
May 04 2024NO HALF MEASURES 3/1Saturday Lucky 15
May 04 2024DUTCH DECOY 15/2 (2nd)ITV
May 03 2024STATEMAN 2/7Feature Race
May 03 2024BALDOMERO 7/1ITV
May 03 2024DARK THIRTY 13/2 (3rd)Little Earner / ITV
May 02 2024TEAHUPOO 5/6Feature Race
May 02 2024DILIGENT RESDEV 9/1 (3rd)Little Earner
Apr 29 2024MARTY THE PARTY 9/4Feature Race
Apr 28 2024PRYDWEN 3/1Feature Race
Apr 27 2024KNIGHTSWOOD 11/1 (2nd)Saturday Lucky 15
Apr 27 2024JONBON 2/1Feature Race / ITV / Saturday Lucky 15
Apr 26 2024ARABIAN CROWN 100/30ITV
Apr 26 2024TOM CODY 8/1 3rdITV
Apr 26 2024MACK THE MAN 6/1 3rdLittle Earner / ITV
Apr 21 2024ICE MAX 3/1ITV
Apr 21 2024Pallas Lord 11/1 (2nd)ITV
Apr 21 2024Laugh A Minute 7/1 (3rd)ITV
Apr 20 2024THUNDER BALL 10/1 (4th)ITV
Apr 20 2024HAMISH 11/4ITV / Saturday Lucky 15
Apr 17 2024SIR LES PATTERSON 5/2Nap Of The Day
Apr 17 2024ASTRO KING 15/2 (2nd)ITV
Apr 16 2024DUTCH DECOY 9/1 (2nd)Feature Race
Apr 14 2024TRANSMISSION 100/30Feature Race
Apr 13 2024FOUND A FIFTY 13/8Aintree Festival
Apr 13 2024FORWARD PLAN 13/2 (3rd)Little Earner / Aintree Festival
Apr 13 2024BRIGHTERDAYSAHEAD 6/5Aintree Festival
Apr 12 2024MYSTICAL POWER 6/4Aintree Festival
Apr 11 2024BENNY’S KING 8/1 (2nd)Aintree Festival
Apr 11 2024FLASH GORCOMBE 100/30Nap Of The Day
Apr 10 2024GOLDANA 4/9Feature Race
Apr 09 2024PERCY WILLIS 12/1 (2nd)Little Earner
Apr 06 2024PROFITMAN 11/8Saturday Lucky 15
Apr 05 2024DONSO STAR 8/1 (3rd)Feature Race
Apr 05 2024SPEED DAVIS 5/2Nap Of The Day
Apr 04 2024CHOSEN SHANT 9/1 (2nd)Little Earner
Apr 03 2024KNICKS 11/2 (2nd)Little Earner
Apr 02 2024MUHALHEL 13/2 (3rd)Little Earner
Apr 01 2024AL BAREZ 3/1ITV
Apr 01 2024SCARFACE 4/1ITV
* Best of Advised odds or SP (Feature Race generally at SP as odds not quoted)

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