Flat Favourite Trainers (Rolling) as the name suggests is one of our “rolling systems”.

First, let me explain what a rolling system is.

A rolling system is a system which has a set of rules set out, but one of those rules is updated on a regular basis.


Here are the rules for Flat Favourite Trainers (Rolling)

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03/06/22 – 09/07/22


Appleby, Charlie
Boughey, George
Charlton, Roger/Harry
Dascombe, Tom
Evans, P D
Haggas, W J
Morrison, H
Oshea, J G M
Palmer, Hugo
Walker, Ed


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
9.07.2022 (4.53)Roman DragonChester (LH)1/7Jamin, Pierre-Louis (3)5/2JF3.721.55Palmer, Hugo
9.07.2022 (4.10)Warren PointAscot (RH)2/3Marquand, Tom5/24.510.00Appleby, Charlie
9.07.2022 (3.15)Victory Dance (IRE)Newmarket (July) (Str)2/5Buick, William5/4F2.371.53Appleby, Charlie
9.07.2022 (2.40)Bay Of Honour (IRE)Newmarket (July) (Str)5/8Buick, William5/17.642.56Appleby, Charlie
9.07.2022 (2.05)Kidwah (IRE)Newmarket (July) (Str)3/8Fallon, Cieren100/305.031.91Haggas, W J
8.07.2022 (7.00)Box To Box (IRE)Chester (LH)1/6Mullen, Andrew11/4F4.372.20Palmer, Hugo
8.07.2022 (6.15)Dundory (IRE)Chepstow (LH)4/8Coakley, Ross5/2F4.001.51Oshea, J G M
8.07.2022 (4.36)First RulerAscot (RH)1/6Davies, Harry (5)4/15.802.98Appleby, Charlie
8.07.2022 (3.25)Cosmic DesertAscot (RH)4/9Davies, Harry (5)100/305.201.98Appleby, Charlie
8.07.2022 (3.00)Candleford (IRE)Newmarket (July) (RH)8/16Marquand, Tom3/1F4.021.73Haggas, W J
8.07.2022 (2.50)SoulcombeAscot (RH)1/4Fallon, Cieren6/4JF2.641.47Haggas, W J
8.07.2022 (1.50)New London (IRE)Newmarket (July) (RH)1/12Buick, William6/4F2.711.44Appleby, Charlie
7.07.2022 (8.08)Wagga Wagga (IRE)Newbury (LH)1/8Kingscote, Richard4/6F1.781.17Morrison, H
7.07.2022 (4.30)PersistCarlisle (RH)2/6Donohoe, Stephen7/42.961.30Haggas, W J
5.07.2022 (5.50)Monsieur Fantaisie (IRE)Ffos Las (Str)9/9Mangan, Gina (3)11/4F3.901.73Oshea, J G M
2.07.2022 (8.00)HoloceneNottingham (LH)3/5Donohoe, StephenEvensF2.081.38Haggas, W J
2.07.2022 (4.55)Spirit Of Nguru (IRE)Haydock (LH)2/8Fallon, Cieren5/2F3.651.68Haggas, W J
2.07.2022 (4.05)Serenity (IRE)Beverley (RH)8/8Curtis, B A2/1F3.551.74Haggas, W J
2.07.2022 (3.15)Gaassee (IRE)Haydock (LH)3/17Fallon, Cieren11/8F2.571.48Haggas, W J
2.07.2022 (2.25)Sinjaari (IRE)Sandown (RH)1/11Shoemark, Kieran7/25.101.88Charlton, Roger/Harry
1.07.2022 (4.05)Addeybb (IRE)Sandown (RH)3/7Marquand, Tom11/8F2.451.69Haggas, W J
1.07.2022 (3.30)Golden VoiceSandown (RH)1/7Marquand, Tom6/4F2.861.65Haggas, W J
30.06.2022 (3.30)SubstantialHaydock (LH)1/9Marquand, Tom7/2CF5.102.04Haggas, W J
30.06.2022 (3.20)Western Writer (IRE)Yarmouth (Str)2/4Davies, Harry (5)2/13.321.73Appleby, Charlie
30.06.2022 (3.00)Thunder Legend (IRE)Haydock (LH)3/7Marquand, Tom2/1F3.061.93Haggas, W J
29.06.2022 (7.20)Zulu Tracker (IRE)Bath (LH)1/5Marquand, Tom11/8F2.281.36Walker, Ed
28.06.2022 (3.50)Judys ParkHamilton (Str)7/8Buick, William11/27.502.70Boughey, George
27.06.2022 (3.15)Wagga Wagga (IRE)Pontefract (LH)1/11Buick, William6/5F2.481.38Morrison, H
25.06.2022 (3.40)Hebrides (IRE)Chester (LH)2/7Norton, Francis5/4F2.401.62Haggas, W J
25.06.2022 (3.20)My Oberon (IRE)Windsor (F8)1/4Donohoe, Stephen11/44.181.84Haggas, W J
25.06.2022 (3.10)NavelloChester (LH)1/4Cosgrave, Pat5/4F2.121.40Boughey, George
25.06.2022 (2.40)Rebels Romance (IRE)Newmarket (July) (RH)1/4Buick, William9/4F3.492.04Appleby, Charlie
25.06.2022 (1.30)Ashky (IRE)Newmarket (July) (Str)1/5Buick, William15/8F2.911.79Charlton, Roger/Harry
24.06.2022 (8.35)Box To Box (IRE)Chester (LH)1/5Fallon, Cieren6/4F2.611.68Palmer, Hugo
24.06.2022 (3.30)Air To AirYarmouth (Str)1/5Shoemark, Kieran13/8F2.821.69Boughey, George
23.06.2022 (6.15)I Am The SeaLeicester (RH)2/7Donohoe, StephenEvensF2.531.64Haggas, W J
23.06.2022 (3.10)Sea Tsarina (IRE)Newmarket (July) (Str)3/5Marquand, Tom2/7F1.401.11Haggas, W J
23.06.2022 (1.45)ApheliosNottingham (Str)2/4Sayette, B D L (5)11/8F2.391.52Charlton, Roger/Harry
22.06.2022 (3.55)Oscula (IRE)Carlisle (RH)1/12Curtis, B A15/8F3.311.66Boughey, George
20.06.2022 (7.35)La YakelWindsor (F8)3/10Marquand, Tom5/6F2.131.16Haggas, W J
20.06.2022 (2.45)Jackmeister RudiChepstow (Str)9/12Probert, David2/1F3.701.67Evans, P D
19.06.2022 (4.45)BartzellaPontefract (LH)5/7Tudhope, Daniel11/10F2.171.56Haggas, W J
18.06.2022 (6.00)Sea On Time (IRE)Haydock (LH)1/4Fallon, Cieren1/4F1.271.05Haggas, W J
18.06.2022 (2.42)First RulerNewmarket (July) (Str)2/10Barzalona, Mickael6/5F2.471.22Appleby, Charlie
18.06.2022 (2.07)Glory And GoldNewmarket (July) (Str)9/11Donohoe, Stephen7/2F6.202.30Haggas, W J
17.06.2022 (7.45)ThundersquallGoodwood (RH)3/6Muscutt, D6/5F2.411.37Appleby, Charlie
17.06.2022 (7.04)Cosmic DesertNewmarket (July) (Str)2/8Barzalona, Mickael6/5F2.401.33Appleby, Charlie
17.06.2022 (6.00)Valsad (IRE)Goodwood (RH)4/5Whelan, Trevor2/1JF2.951.70Charlton, Roger/Harry
17.06.2022 (5.21)So Smart (IRE)Redcar (Str)2/7Egan, John9/4JF3.501.88Evans, P D
16.06.2022 (3.40)Sea Silk Road (IRE)Ascot (RH)2/6Marquand, Tom15/8F3.001.92Haggas, W J
16.06.2022 (3.25)CommonsensicalRipon (RH)2/4Lee, Clifford4/15.622.09Palmer, Hugo
15.06.2022 (6.00)California GemRipon (Str)1/10Norton, Francis5/17.252.08Boughey, George
15.06.2022 (5.15)Prince Of Persia (IRE)Hamilton (RH)9/9Gray, S A2/1JF3.101.49Palmer, Hugo
15.06.2022 (4.40)Glittering ChoiceHamilton (RH)5/8Eaves, Tom9/4F3.911.60Palmer, Hugo
12.06.2022 (3.50)Nahaarr (IRE)Salisbury (Str)2/6Marquand, Tom6/5F2.311.60Haggas, W J
11.06.2022 (3.05)KemariYork (LH)4/6Buick, William100/304.592.52Appleby, Charlie
11.06.2022 (2.25)Spangled Mac (IRE)Bath (LH)3/8Curtis, B A2/13.081.27Boughey, George
10.06.2022 (5.49)Simply Sondheim (IRE)Goodwood (RH)1/10Curtis, B A4/5F2.011.25Boughey, George
10.06.2022 (3.30)Mohaafeth (IRE)York (LH)6/6Crowley, JimEvensF1.991.37Haggas, W J
10.06.2022 (1.35)Macs Dilemma (IRE)Chepstow (Str)3/9Mangan, Gina (5)6/111.002.64Oshea, J G M
9.06.2022 (3.40)Bearaway (IRE)Newbury (Str)6/8Moore, Ryan9/4F3.981.66Morrison, H
9.06.2022 (3.10)Stay AlertNewbury (LH)1/6Gordon, Josephine11/43.931.95Morrison, H
8.06.2022 (3.30)Queen AminatuHaydock (LH)3/9Fallon, Cieren5/4F2.441.45Haggas, W J
8.06.2022 (1.45)Time LockHaydock (LH)2/5Buick, William8/13F1.621.11Charlton, Roger/Harry
7.06.2022 (2.00)Jackmeister RudiBrighton (LH)1/7Callan, N11/8F2.501.29Evans, P D
5.06.2022 (2.40)Dunnington Lad (IRE)Goodwood (Str)1/4Cosgrave, Pat5/4F2.381.39Evans, P D
4.06.2022 (3.10)Modern NewsEpsom (LH)2/6Buick, William3/14.122.13Appleby, Charlie
4.06.2022 (2.35)BashkirovaEpsom (LH)1/10Marquand, Tom2/1F3.251.63Haggas, W J
3.06.2022 (8.26)Warren PointDoncaster (LH)1/9Doyle, James4/6F2.001.16Appleby, Charlie
3.06.2022 (6.41)Dhahabi (IRE)Doncaster (LH)2/7Doyle, James9/4JF3.321.53Appleby, Charlie
3.06.2022 (5.10)Oscula (IRE)Epsom (LH)2/7Buick, William11/44.002.13Boughey, George

02/05/22 – 02/06/22


Charlton, Roger/Harry
Dascombe, Tom
Morrison, H
Oshea, J G M
Tuer, Grant
Wall, C F
Watson, Archie


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
2.06.2022 (1.35)Nusa DuaLeicester (RH)4/6Buick, William15/83.221.71Morrison, H
1.06.2022 (2.30)BeggarmanNottingham (LH)3/7Steward, Louis2/1F3.211.37Morrison, H
31.05.2022 (7.29)Twelfth Knight (IRE)Yarmouth (Str)2/6Morris, Luke7/26.202.70Watson, Archie
30.05.2022 (7.00)Arctic EmperorAyr (LH)2/6Mullen, Andrew100/305.082.62Watson, Archie
30.05.2022 (6.30)Cathayensis (IRE)Ayr (LH)7/9Stammers, Oliver (3)11/8F2.421.31Tuer, Grant
27.05.2022 (6.55)Our JesterHaydock (LH)4/9Buick, William11/8F2.481.24Morrison, H
27.05.2022 (5.25)Amalfi BayChepstow (LH)3/4Davies, Harry (7)8/13F1.701.27Charlton, Roger/Harry
27.05.2022 (2.30)Monsieur Fantaisie (IRE)Chepstow (Str)2/8Mangan, Gina (5)6/4F2.561.34Oshea, J G M
23.05.2022 (5.10)ApheliosWindsor (Str)1/8Shoemark, Kieran5/23.851.54Charlton, Roger/Harry
21.05.2022 (3.03)Eddies BoyMusselburgh (Str)2/4Mulrennan, Paul6/5F2.381.35Watson, Archie
20.05.2022 (8.43)StalingradCatterick (LH)2/6James, S H9/4F3.281.98Tuer, Grant
16.05.2022 (7.20)Maggie And MeLeicester (Str)5/8Shoemark, Kieran6/17.601.98Charlton, Roger/Harry
10.05.2022 (3.10)Son And Sannie (IRE)Beverley (Str)8/9Sayette, B D L (7)2/1F3.521.65Watson, Archie
10.05.2022 (2.20)Macs Dilemma (IRE)Chepstow (Str)1/15Doyle, Hollie11/4F4.702.02Oshea, J G M
10.05.2022 (1.15)Dundory (IRE)Chepstow (Str)4/14McNamara, Adam5/2F3.671.68Oshea, J G M
3.05.2022 (5.40)Mountbatten (IRE)Wetherby (LH)1/7Doyle, Hollie8/11F1.851.13Watson, Archie
2.05.2022 (4.01)Excel Power (IRE)Windsor (F8)1/5Doyle, Hollie6/5F2.351.43Watson, Archie
2.05.2022 (3.26)Majeski Man (IRE)Windsor (Str)3/10Doyle, Hollie9/4F3.651.57Oshea, J G M

21/03/22 – 01/05/22


Burrows, Owen
Charlton, Roger/Harry
Cox, C G
Dascombe, Tom
Morrison, H
Tuer, Grant
Wall, C F


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
28.04.2022 (5.05)Twilight SecretMusselburgh (RH)3/7James, S H5/2F4.012.36Tuer, Grant
25.04.2022 (2.15)UnashamedAyr (Str)3/13James, S H11/8F2.501.44Tuer, Grant
23.04.2022 (6.05)Spirit Of The Bay (IRE)Doncaster (Str)2/6Crouch, Hector11/10F2.221.55Cox, C G
17.04.2022 (5.05)Mines A DoubleNewbury (Str)5/7Moore, Ryan15/8JF2.921.42Cox, C G
11.04.2022 (4.50)BeggarmanPontefract (LH)2/10Hart, Jason7/25.202.06Morrison, H

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