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Introducing Horse Ratings from One Stop Racing

Are you tired of feeling drained due to persistent uncertainty in your betting decisions and squandering funds on horse races? Your quest for a solution is over, as OSR Horse Ratings welcomes you!

What distinguishes us from our rivals?

Our rating system offers four distinctive evaluations for each horse, including Last Race, Horse Score, Speed Rating, and Master Rating, which collectively enable you to make informed decisions and boost your chances of selecting successful horses.

  • Last Race Rating (LR): Analysing the horse’s performance in its last race to identify any strengths or weaknesses.
  • Horse Score Rating (HS): Evaluating the horse’s overall form and consistency in past performances.
  • Speed Rating (SR): Measuring the horse’s speed and pace in previous races to determine its potential for future success.
  • Master Rating (OSR): Our proprietary algorithm that takes into account all the previous ratings and additional factors such as track conditions and jockey performance to provide the most accurate prediction of the horse’s chances of winning.

We take pride in our accurate and reliable ratings, backed by years of experience and expertise in the horse racing industry. Our ratings help countless bettors like you make informed decisions every single day.

The result of our computer analysis is that the Master Rating (OSR) on average produces the winner 55% of the time from the top 3 rated.

For non-handicaps that figure rises to 66% for the top 3 rated and 35% of winners from the top rated alone.

Thank you for considering OSR Horse Ratings as your partner in horse racing.

But that’s not all! As a One Stop Racing Ratings member, you’ll receive daily emails with possible bets and lays, completely free of charge.

And the bonuses? They’re worth over £22.50 per month!

Bonus #1 is a free download of “The Secrets of Horse Racing Ratings” eBook, which is truly priceless when it comes to gaining an edge in the horse racing industry.

Bonus #2 includes free daily horse racing tips, which are valued at £15.00.

Bonus #3 provides free access to One Stop Racecards, which would typically cost £7.50.

Our aim is to make horse racing enjoyable and profitable for you. So why not join us and become a One Stop Ratings member today? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your chances of winning.

Best regards,

Keith Bond

One Stop Racing Team

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Bonus #2 – FREE! Daily Horse Racing Tips

Daily Horse Racing Tips (Monday to Saturday)


  • Nap of the Day
  • Little Earner (Our Each Way)
  • Saturday Lucky 15
  • Tips for All Races shown on ITV, ITV4 and ITV (Including Sunday’s)
  • Cheltenham Festival Tips – A Tip for Every Race at The Cheltenham Festival (4 Days – 28 Races including 14 Grade 1’s)
  • Aintree Grand National Festival Tips – A Tip for Every Race at The Aintree Grand National Festival (3 Days – 21 Races including 10 Grade 1’s and The Randox Grand National Steeple Chase (Grade 3)
  • Royal Ascot Tips – A Tip for Every Race at Royal Ascot (5 Days – 35 Races including 8 Group 1’s)

Bonus #3 – FREE! One Stop Racecards

“Daily Race Cards for British and Irish Horseracing with our Unique One Stop Rating Included (OSR).”



Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the book and our ratings service!

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