AW (All Weather) favourite sires (rolling) as the name suggests is one of our “rolling systems”.

First, let me explain what a rolling system is.

A rolling system is a system which has a set of rules set out but one of those rules is updated on a regular basis.

RULES and Current Sires

Here are the rules for AW favourite sires (rolling)

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07/06/22 – 09/07/22


Dark Angel (IRE)
Dubawi (IRE)
Exceed And Excel (AUS)
Gutaifan (IRE)
Havana Gold (IRE)
Helmet (AUS)
Lope De Vega (IRE)
New Bay
Siyouni (FR)
The Gurkha (IRE)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
6.07.2022 (3.00)Wings Of A Dove (IRE)Lingfield (LH)5/8Shoemark, Kieran5/16.802.20Spencer, Richard
5.07.2022 (4.30)HachertWolverhampton (LH)11/12Crouch, Hector11/28.002.73Candlish, Jennie
3.07.2022 (3.20)Soft Whisper (IRE)Chelmsford City (LH)1/8Ghiani, Marco13/8F2.621.36Suroor, Saeed Bin
29.06.2022 (6.30)Dubai WelcomeKempton (RH)2/9Dawson, R5/4F2.481.41Suroor, Saeed Bin
24.06.2022 (7.45)IndemnifyNewcastle (Str)2/12Dawson, R5/6F1.911.17Varian, Roger
16.06.2022 (5.50)Bowling Russian (IRE)Lingfield (LH)4/6Cosgrave, Pat11/10F2.281.37Baker, George
16.06.2022 (3.15)Tomouh (IRE)Chelmsford City (LH)PU/8Cox, William (3)7/110.002.74Suroor, Saeed Bin
13.06.2022 (3.00)Sir Henry Cotton (IRE)Lingfield (LH)1/7Hutchinson, Callum (5)3/1F4.481.77Balding, A M

01/05/22 – 06/06/22


Dubawi (IRE)
Exceed And Excel (AUS)
Gutaifan (IRE)
Havana Gold (IRE)
Lope De Vega (IRE)
The Gurkha (IRE)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
24.05.2022 (6.00)Eldar EldarovNewcastle (LH)1/14Egan, David6/4F2.761.31Varian, Roger
19.05.2022 (8.10)Youre CoolChelmsford City (LH)2/8Dawes, Rose (7)11/8F2.401.30Shaw, D
19.05.2022 (4.55)Dark Design (IRE)Chelmsford City (LH)4/9Dawson, R9/26.402.09Spiller, Henry
19.05.2022 (3.20)Nationwide (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)1/8Muscutt, D8/13F1.671.13Butler, John
9.05.2022 (4.10)HachertWolverhampton (LH)2/10Sousa, Silvestre De5/4F2.541.39Candlish, Jennie
4.05.2022 (8.30)Carlos Felix (IRE)Kempton (RH)2/9Sexton, Ryan (7)2/1F3.191.44Kirby, P A
4.05.2022 (7.30)Light LilyKempton (RH)3/7Catton, Luke (5)5/2F3.941.63Butler, John
3.05.2022 (4.35)Alablaq (IRE)Lingfield (LH)3/9Downing, George9/27.572.20Evans, P D

27/03/22 – 30/04/22


Dark Angel (IRE)
Gleneagles (IRE)
Iffraaj Lethal Force (IRE)
Lope De Vega (IRE)
Night Of Thunder (IRE)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
29.04.2022 (6.10)Ghost Rider (IRE)Newcastle (LH)3/5Donohoe, Stephen11/27.612.46Horton, James
29.04.2022 (4.35)Lopes Dancer (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)1/4McSweeney, O (5)9/43.771.57Bethell, Harriet
28.04.2022 (2.30)Court Of SessionLingfield (LH)1/7Doyle, James1/2F1.541.23Crisford, Simon
28.04.2022 (2.00)Covert Mission (FR)Lingfield (LH)1/7Sayette, B D L (7)13/8F2.981.76Foy, Kevin
27.04.2022 (4.30)Across The NileWolverhampton (LH)5/5Doyle, Hollie15/8JF2.941.63Loughnane, Daniel Mark
25.04.2022 (4.20)Blue Flame (IRE)Lingfield (LH)1/8Ghiani, Marco8/13F1.651.14Dunlop, E A L
20.04.2022 (6.30)Shibori (IRE)Lingfield (LH)2/8Havlin, Robert6/4F2.961.38Gosden, J H M
20.04.2022 (5.30)Queen Of BurgundyLingfield (LH)6/6Probert, David9/25.652.88Appleby, M
19.04.2022 (7.35)Vintage Choice (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)2/11Marquand, Tom5/6F2.061.14Haggas, W J
18.04.2022 (5.21)Carlos Felix (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)2/7Sexton, Ryan (7)7/4F2.861.70Kirby, P A
18.04.2022 (4.05)My Astra (IRE)Kempton (RH)3/7Marquand, Tom5/4F2.301.52Haggas, W J
18.04.2022 (1.51)Ghost Rider (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)2/8Sexton, Ryan15/8F3.451.48Horton, James
17.04.2022 (3.07)Quiet Thunder (IRE)Southwell (LH)3/7Doyle, Hollie7/26.202.86Hollinshead, Sarah
15.04.2022 (3.45)Highfield Princess (FR)Newcastle (Str)1/7Hart, Jason15/8JF2.971.71Quinn, J J
8.04.2022 (8.00)SuanniKempton (RH)4/8Probert, David5/2F3.941.64Holland, Darryll
8.04.2022 (7.00)Across The NileKempton (RH)1/9Doyle, Hollie11/28.152.38Loughnane, Daniel Mark
2.04.2022 (5.50)Dark Kris (IRE)Lingfield (LH)2/9Edmunds, Lewis13/8F2.791.44Furtado, Ivan
1.04.2022 (6.40)Kiritimati IslandSouthwell (LH)4/7Hart, Jason4/15.492.69Furtado, Ivan
1.04.2022 (6.10)Kaasirr (IRE)Southwell (LH)5/12Mitchell, Jack10/11F1.961.23Crisford, Simon
31.03.2022 (6.15)Blue Flame (IRE)Chelmsford City (LH)5/9Ghiani, Marco100/30F4.921.94Dunlop, E A L

08/02/22 – 26/03/22


Dandy Man (IRE)
Dark Angel (IRE)
Gleneagles (IRE)
Lethal Force (IRE)
Night Of Thunder (IRE)
Sepoy (AUS)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
25.03.2022 (7.45)Hot Diggity Dog (IRE)Newcastle (Str)2/6Rodriguez, Callum11/10F2.121.49Dalgleish, Keith
19.03.2022 (8.30)Magical Mile (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)8/11Donohoe, Stephen3/1F4.712.06Mohammed, Ismail
19.03.2022 (6.30)Highfield Princess (FR)Wolverhampton (LH)2/6Sullivan, James P2/13.211.72Quinn, J J
18.03.2022 (6.15)The Cola KidNewcastle (Str)3/6ONeill, K T9/4F3.802.16Haynes, Alice
17.03.2022 (6.00)Majeski Man (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)3/11Walker, S5/6F2.001.25Oshea, J G M
17.03.2022 (5.00)KhathakSouthwell (LH)2/10Kirby, Adam7/25.951.70Appleby, Charlie
14.03.2022 (6.30)Eternal SummerWolverhampton (LH)5/9Havlin, Robert3/14.721.33Gosden, J H M
14.03.2022 (6.00)Three PlatoonWolverhampton (LH)2/8Donohoe, Stephen9/26.542.24Menzies, Rebecca
14.03.2022 (5.30)Sweet Bertie (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)6/12McEntee, Grace (3)7/2F5.602.34Butler, John
12.03.2022 (2.40)Misty Grey (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)3/10Kingscote, Richard4/15.302.02Dascombe, Tom
12.03.2022 (2.21)King Of Time (IRE)Lingfield (LH)1/10Buick, William4/11F1.481.07Appleby, Charlie
10.03.2022 (8.30)KaahiraNewcastle (Str)6/6Ryan, Rossa4/16.453.46Loughnane, David
10.03.2022 (4.39)Army Of India (IRE)Southwell (Str)6/8Lee, G3/1F4.601.91Camacho, Miss J A
9.03.2022 (5.30)Mellys FlyerKempton (RH)6/6Howarth, Christian2/1F3.432.02Scott, George
8.03.2022 (7.30)Civil Law (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)1/5Mitchell, Jack7/4F2.941.71Teal, R A
8.03.2022 (7.00)Across The NileWolverhampton (LH)2/5Doyle, Hollie13/82.751.52Loughnane, Daniel Mark
8.03.2022 (6.00)Dark Kris (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)4/11Edmunds, Lewis5/4F2.501.34Furtado, Ivan
7.03.2022 (8.00)King Of The South (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)4/8Shepherd, Callum7/4F2.991.42Knight, W J
5.03.2022 (7.30)Whittle Le WoodsSouthwell (LH)1/8Watson, Jason11/4F4.511.66Appleby, M
5.03.2022 (7.00)Prince Abu (IRE)Southwell (LH)2/9Hardie, Cameron3/14.191.74Shaw, D
5.03.2022 (1.24)Surrey PrincessLingfield (LH)6/9Whelan, Trevor3/14.301.81Baker, George
4.03.2022 (8.00)JunctureDundalk (LH)1/8Keane, C T10/11F1.991.21Lyons, G M
3.03.2022 (3.46)Imperium (IRE)Newcastle (LH)3/6Kingscote, Richard9/26.572.83Charlton, Roger/Harry
2.03.2022 (3.55)Shadow Angel (IRE)Lingfield (LH)6/9Reed, Sophie (7)3/1F4.961.97Tuite, Joseph
2.03.2022 (3.20)Axel JacklinLingfield (LH)5/8McEntee, Grace15/8F3.291.42Banham, Chelsea
26.02.2022 (7.45)Dubai Emperor (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)1/9Spencer, Jamie11/8F2.671.49Simcock, D M
25.02.2022 (6.45)Across The NileWolverhampton (LH)1/8Doyle, Hollie7/112.002.35Loughnane, Daniel Mark
25.02.2022 (5.10)Sweet Bertie (IRE)Lingfield (LH)2/8McEntee, Grace (3)9/4F3.401.56Butler, John
25.02.2022 (3.30)Emblem Empire (IRE)Lingfield (LH)2/5Havlin, Robert15/8F3.161.69Gosden, J H M
24.02.2022 (4.57)Chase The DollarSouthwell (LH)2/11Ryan, Rossa11/8F2.381.35Loughnane, David
23.02.2022 (6.30)Blue Flame (IRE)Kempton (RH)2/8Ghiani, Marco7/4F2.801.36Dunlop, E A L
23.02.2022 (3.45)Internationalangel (IRE)Newcastle (Str)1/5Tart, Robert4/15.882.81Chapple-Hyam, Jane
19.02.2022 (4.20)Whittle Le WoodsLingfield (LH)4/8Watson, Jason4/16.661.91Appleby, M
16.02.2022 (6.30)Lafan (IRE)Kempton (RH)2/10Ryan, Rossa2/1F3.271.55Hannon (Jnr), Richard
16.02.2022 (4.00)Daintree (IRE)Dundalk (LH)6/6Crosse, Nathan (3)15/211.004.30Coogan, J G
14.02.2022 (5.30)Axel JacklinWolverhampton (LH)2/9Haynes, Joey7/4F2.801.49Banham, Chelsea
13.02.2022 (3.20)Chase The DollarSouthwell (LH)1/7Ryan, Rossa11/4F3.802.17Loughnane, David
12.02.2022 (7.15)ExistentWolverhampton (LH)1/7Ghiani, Marco5/6F1.891.46Williams, S C
11.02.2022 (8.15)Surrey PrincessChelmsford City (LH)1/11Walker, S13/8F2.901.49Baker, George
11.02.2022 (5.15)Little Raven (IRE)Chelmsford City (LH)6/10Davies, Harry (7)4/15.632.06Boughey, George
11.02.2022 (5.00)Fox Leicester (IRE)Dundalk (LH)4/13Bowen, S D (7)4/15.622.24Hogan, Denis Gerard
11.02.2022 (2.10)Prince Abu (IRE)Southwell (LH)3/8Hardie, Cameron11/10F2.131.20Shaw, D

14/01/22 – 07/02/22


Australia, Fastnet Rock (AUS), Gutaifan (IRE), Kingman, Lethal Force (IRE) and Swiss Spirit


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
7.02.2022 (8.30)Scarborough CastleWolverhampton (LH)4/11Shepherd, Callum11/4F3.831.69Simcock, D M
7.02.2022 (4.55)Dark Design (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)3/12Howarth, Christian9/4F3.651.65Spiller, Henry
3.02.2022 (5.30)InterventionChelmsford City (LH)3/9Watson, Jason11/43.951.60Appleby, M
1.02.2022 (6.20)Whittle Le WoodsWolverhampton (LH)1/7Watson, Jason6/5F2.531.50Appleby, M
28.01.2022 (6.30)Boyne RiverDundalk (LH)1/13Sheehy, M P6/4F2.561.34OBrien, Joseph Patrick
24.01.2022 (8.00)Scarborough CastleWolverhampton (LH)2/9Shepherd, Callum6/5F2.381.28Simcock, D M
24.01.2022 (2.45)Whittle Le WoodsKempton (RH)2/8Watson, Jason10/11F2.021.21Appleby, M
24.01.2022 (2.30)Kingson (IRE)Southwell (LH)6/12Garritty, Billy (3)5/2F4.201.73Fahey, R A
24.01.2022 (2.00)Fernando RahSouthwell (Str)4/6Fahy, J P10/11F1.951.36Cox, C G
22.01.2022 (5.30)Dark FlyerWolverhampton (LH)4/10Bryan, Joshua11/4F4.501.70Ward, Tom
20.01.2022 (7.00)InterventionNewcastle (Str)4/12Larson, Frederick (7)8/11F1.811.21Appleby, M
16.01.2022 (3.30)Kiritimati IslandSouthwell (LH)3/11ONeill, K T11/10F2.481.40Furtado, Ivan
15.01.2022 (5.45)ExistentChelmsford City (LH)1/9Kingscote, Richard7/25.072.24Williams, S C
15.01.2022 (1.10)InterventionLingfield (LH)2/12Watson, Jason11/8F2.701.40Appleby, M

12/12/21 – 13/01/22


Australia, Fastnet Rock (AUS), Gutaifan (IRE), Kingman, Lethal Force (IRE) and Swiss Spirit


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
13.01.2022 (7.00)Whittle Le WoodsChelmsford City (LH)1/7Watson, JasonEvensF1.991.45Appleby, M
13.01.2022 (5.00)Oasis IrlandesChelmsford City (LH)1/10Probert, David5/4F2.361.28Murphy, Amy
10.01.2022 (4.00)Dark Design (IRE)Wolverhampton (LH)3/11Howarth, Christian (7)11/44.541.90Spiller, Henry
5.01.2022 (5.30)Swiss Rowe (IRE)Kempton (RH)2/11Cherchi, Stefano (3)7/25.201.95Butler, John
4.01.2022 (6.30)Whittle Le WoodsNewcastle (Str)2/9Watson, JasonEvensF2.091.42Appleby, M
4.01.2022 (3.00)Three PlatoonNewcastle (LH)3/7Donohoe, Stephen5/2F4.582.33Menzies, Rebecca
1.01.2022 (4.00)King Of The South (IRE)Southwell (LH)1/11Shepherd, Callum7/25.151.95Knight, W J
31.12.2021 (1.15)Fox Duty Free (IRE)Lingfield (LH)RR/6Hornby, Rob2/13.661.95Beckett, R M
16.12.2021 (5.30)Sky Power (IRE)Chelmsford City (LH)1/5Hornby, Rob13/83.101.67Beckett, R M

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