Hurdle favourite sires (rolling) as the name suggests is one of our “rolling systems”.

First, let me explain what a rolling system is.

A rolling system is a system which has a set of rules set out, but one of those rules is updated on a regular basis.


Here are the rules for Hurdle favourite sires (rolling)

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04/07/22 – 04/08/22


Masked Marvel
Midnight Legend
No Risk At All (FR)
Shantou (USA)
Sulamani (IRE)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
29.07.2022 (2.35)Last Of A LegendBangor (LH)1/11Burke, Jonathan4/5F1.911.20Fry, Harry
17.07.2022 (2.30)Call The Fairies (IRE)Stratford (LH)PU/6Twiston-Davies, Sam15/213.005.36Newland, Dr R D P
14.07.2022 (7.55)Mr Woody (IRE)Worcester (LH)5/11Twiston-Davies, Sam85/40F3.501.66Newland, Dr R D P
12.07.2022 (8.10)Kentford MallardSouthwell (LH)5/7Nolan, Michael G11/44.101.63Mullins, J W

29/05/22 – 03/07/22


Masked Marvel
Midnight Legend
No Risk At All (FR)
Shantou (USA)
Sulamani (IRE)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
3.07.2022 (3.45)Dragon Rock (IRE)Tramore (RH)1/15Townend, P15/8F2.981.51Mullins, W P
3.07.2022 (2.25)Last Of A LegendMarket Rasen (RH)2/10Burke, JonathanEvensF2.201.23Fry, Harry
30.06.2022 (3.10)Copperwell (IRE)Perth (RH)2/6Bowen, Sean P3/14.402.40Elliott, Gordon
20.06.2022 (3.30)Viking RubySouthwell (LH)5/12Twiston-Davies, Sam16/120.005.20Mulholland, N P
20.06.2022 (3.00)Tardree (IRE)Southwell (LH)1/3Wedge, Adam1/12F1.091.04Morgan, Miss Laura
19.06.2022 (3.05)Chasamax (IRE)Worcester (LH)3/9Boinville, Nico11/4F3.931.73Henderson, N J
18.06.2022 (1.42)Copperwell (IRE)Perth (RH)1/10Bowen, Sean P9/43.751.53Elliott, Gordon
15.06.2022 (5.50)Shantou Lucky (IRE)Wexford (LH)8/14OSullivan, Miss Maxine3/1F4.902.07Cromwell, Gavin Patrick
14.06.2022 (7.30)Plains Indian (IRE)Roscommon (RH)2/3Quirke, C M (7)9/43.501.55Slattery, Andrew
14.06.2022 (3.55)Tardree (IRE)Stratford (LH)2/5Wedge, Adam5/4F2.231.36Morgan, Miss Laura
8.06.2022 (3.20)Good NewsFontwell (LH)1/6Cannon, Tom J6/42.801.58Richards,s L
8.06.2022 (1.35)Our Three Sons (IRE)Fontwell (LH)F/7Fuller, Page7/25.602.66Fuller, Charlotte
4.06.2022 (4.45)Jersey Lady (FR)Worcester (LH)5/6Burke, Jonathan9/43.301.96Sherwood, O
4.06.2022 (1.30)Bird On The Wire (FR)Hexham (LH)3/8Maggs, William (7)7/25.301.93McCain Jnr, D
1.06.2022 (3.20)Barden Bella (IRE)Newton Abbot (LH)1/6Collier, Ellis (7)2/13.351.85Williams, Christian
29.05.2022 (3.40)Direct Image (IRE)Punchestown (RH)1/12Enright, P T5/2F4.351.98Tyner, Robert

28/04/22 – 28/05/22


Califet (FR)
Doyen (FR)
Jeremy (USA)
Masked Marvel
Midnight Legend
No Risk At All (FR)
Sulamani (IRE)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
28.05.2022 (2.33)Heia (FR)Punchestown (RH)1/7Townend, P7/42.761.51Mullins, W P
24.05.2022 (2.11)Maskia (FR)Bangor (LH)4/5Poste, Ben J5/18.042.99Gasson,s Rosemary
20.05.2022 (8.03)Tango Echo Charlie (IRE)Worcester (LH)5/12Hammond, Charlie9/4F3.511.45Newland, Dr R D P
17.05.2022 (5.33)Johnsons Blue (IRE)Hexham (LH)1/8Midgley, Tom15/8JF2.991.37Walford, Mark
16.05.2022 (4.05)Jeremy The Jinn (IRE)Ffos Las (LH)3/5Brennan, P J6/4F3.001.68OBrien, Fergal
15.05.2022 (3.00)Santa Rossa (IRE)Killarney (LH)5/11Donoghue, K M11/10F2.321.30McLoughlin, D A
15.05.2022 (2.30)Marvel De Cerisy (FR)Killarney (LH)1/16Blackmore, Rachael4/7F1.721.14Bromhead, Henry De
13.05.2022 (4.55)Daisy Dufresne (IRE)Kilbeggan (RH)9/11Kennedy, J W3/1F4.481.86Elliott, Gordon
12.05.2022 (7.20)Strong Roots (IRE)Clonmel (RH)3/15Doyle, R A100/304.901.70Fahey, Mark
12.05.2022 (3.55)Notre Pari (IRE)Perth (RH)3/10Stones, Lewis (5)4/16.402.22Murphy, Olly
7.05.2022 (3.05)Vintage FizzHexham (LH)1/8Hammond, Charlie15/8F2.891.47OKeeffe, Jedd
5.05.2022 (3.33)Call The Fairies (IRE)Worcester (LH)4/7Twiston-Davies, Sam5/4F2.321.19Newland, Dr R D P
4.05.2022 (2.15)Goodtimes Badtimes (IRE)Kelso (LH)2/9Mania, Ryan5/2F4.061.68Thomson, A M
3.05.2022 (3.15)TokaramoreAyr (LH)7/9McClung, Alisa (7)13/29.082.74Jardine, I
2.05.2022 (4.30)Midnight CallistoKempton (RH)3/6Dingle, Rex5/16.853.29Honeyball, A J
30.04.2022 (6.50)Fringill Dike (IRE)Hexham (LH)1/12Quinlan, Sean2/5F1.441.10OKeeffe, Jedd

21/03/22 – 27/04/22


Authorized (IRE)
Califet (FR)
Jeremy (USA)
Kayf Tara
Masked Marvel
Sulamani (IRE)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
19.04.2022 (7.20)Earth Business (IRE)Worcester (LH)3/5Twiston-Davies, Sam9/43.601.96Tizzard, C L
18.04.2022 (4.17)EavesdroppingChepstow (LH)1/5Gregory, Fergus6/42.611.35Murphy, Olly
17.04.2022 (3.15)To Be SureFfos Las (LH)4/4Wedge, Adam5/24.001.99Williams, Evan
17.04.2022 (1.45)Copper Nation (IRE)Cork (RH)1/17Allen, D (7)11/43.971.74Coffey, Donal
14.04.2022 (4.40)Runwiththetide (IRE)Exeter (RH)3/13Skelton, HarryEvensF2.091.21Skelton, Daniel
12.04.2022 (3.15)Miss BambyAyr (LH)10/10Doyle, Alan (7)12/115.504.09Mackie, J
12.04.2022 (1.30)Tfou (FR)Ayr (LH)3/8Quinlan, Sean6/4F2.621.36Richards, N G
7.04.2022 (2.35)Mad About Sally (IRE)Taunton (RH)4/10Bass, David10/112.503.68Signy, Oliver
7.04.2022 (1.35)Howdilyoudo (IRE)Ffos Las (LH)3/7Sheehan, Gavin7/25.561.90Snowden, Jamie
4.04.2022 (1.50)Masked Crusader (FR)Kelso (LH)1/6Hughes, Brian1/14F1.071.04McCain Jnr, D
1.04.2022 (3.05)Black PoppyNewbury (LH)2/6Burke, Jonathan11/43.872.04Lee, Miss Kerry
1.04.2022 (1.55)KincardineNewbury (LH)2/4Boinville, Nico11/102.301.27Henderson, N J
29.03.2022 (2.30)Arizona CardinalUttoxeter (LH)1/5Gethings, Ciaran5/6F2.041.26Edmunds, Stuart
28.03.2022 (4.40)Kayf TaoiLudlow (RH)2/4Cobden, Harry7/42.921.48Nicholls, P F
26.03.2022 (3.46)Sultans PrideKelso (LH)2/5Gillard, T (3)13/29.053.35Boanas, Miss G
26.03.2022 (2.18)Ballybeen (IRE)Stratford (LH)4/11Deutsch, Charlie11/8F2.431.39Thomas, Sam
25.03.2022 (4.05)Hold Onto The Line (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)1/7Doyle, Alan (7)100/30F4.802.56Ewart, J P L
24.03.2022 (1.00)Jeremy The Jinn (IRE)Huntingdon (RH)1/9Brennan, P JEvensF2.131.12OBrien, Fergal
23.03.2022 (4.50)Piccadilly LillyFfos Las (LH)4/5Cannon, Tom J9/26.803.35King, A
22.03.2022 (1.00)Presuming Ed (IRE)Market Rasen (RH)UR/6Bellamy, A (3)11/8F2.501.68West, Adam

07/02/22 – 20/03/22


Authorized (IRE)
Califet (FR)
Coastal Path
Jeremy (USA)
Kayf Tara
Shantou (USA)
Sulamani (IRE)


Date/TimeHorseTrackPosJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
20.03.2022 (4.10)Whitehotchillifili (IRE)Chepstow (LH)3/5Bowen, Sean P2/1F3.451.85Fry, Harry
20.03.2022 (2.00)Super Survivor (IRE)Chepstow (LH)2/6Sheehan, Gavin4/5F1.961.22Snowden, Jamie
19.03.2022 (4.37)Unexpected Depth (IRE)Thurles (RH)2/5Browne, Barry9/43.481.64McKiernan, Oliver
19.03.2022 (3.43)Jetoile (IRE)Newcastle (LH)2/4Quinn, Caoilin (7)11/44.001.88Potter, R D
19.03.2022 (1.00)Notre Pari (IRE)Fontwell (LH)1/4Stones, Lewis (6)2/13.151.58Murphy, Olly
18.03.2022 (4.00)Lounge LizardDoncaster (LH)2/3OBrien, T J2/9F1.271.06Daly, H D
15.03.2022 (1.30)Dysart Dynamo (IRE)Cheltenham (LH)F/9Townend, P9/4JF3.231.62Mullins, W P
14.03.2022 (3.30)RestandbethankfulStratford (LH)7/7Heskin, A P11/27.803.50Murphy, Olly
14.03.2022 (2.10)Kansas City Chief (IRE)Plumpton (LH)1/5Malzard, Victoria (7)5/2JF3.401.96Mulholland, N P
12.03.2022 (5.51)Ballycamus (IRE)Hereford (RH)1/6Twiston-Davies, Sam100/304.871.65Twiston-Davies, N A
12.03.2022 (2.31)Milan Bridge (IRE)Hereford (RH)1/7Buckley, Tom (5)5/2F3.812.48Nicholls, P F
11.03.2022 (3.30)No No TonicExeter (RH)5/14Gillard, Fergus (3)7/25.302.08Gillard, Mark
10.03.2022 (4.55)Lanspark (IRE)Wincanton (RH)4/13Powell, Brendan7/25.212.19Tizzard, C L
10.03.2022 (2.45)Taragrace (IRE)Carlisle (RH)1/6Kavanagh, Peter J (7)7/4F2.831.36McCain Jnr, D
9.03.2022 (4.00)Flexi Furlough (IRE)Catterick (LH)3/5Midgley, Tom (5)9/4JF3.491.81Boanas, Miss G
8.03.2022 (1.00)Tfou (FR)Newcastle (LH)4/10Hughes, Brian9/43.481.44Richards, N G
7.03.2022 (3.20)KyntaraSouthwell (LH)2/10Bass, David1/2F1.551.12Bailey, K C
7.03.2022 (2.45)WashingtonSouthwell (LH)1/7Gregory, Fergus4/11F1.381.05Murphy, Olly

15/01/22 – 06/02/22


Authorized (IRE), Califet (FR), Jeremy (USA), Kayf Tara, Mahler, Shantou (USA), Shirocco (GER), Sulamani (IRE) and Yeats (IRE)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
4.02.2022 (1.20)Current MoodChepstow (LH)1/12Williams, Isabel (5)6/4F2.671.24Williams, Evan
3.02.2022 (3.50)Pats Pick (IRE)Kelso (LH)3/5Hughes, Brian3/14.452.20Crawford, S R B
2.02.2022 (4.45)Bean In TroubleExeter (RH)4/10Brogan, Kevin (3)7/2JF5.211.94ONeill, Jonjo
1.02.2022 (3.40)Sienne Dor (IRE)Limerick (RH)6/14Condon, R J (4)9/4F4.101.83Fahy, P A
1.02.2022 (1.30)Onward Route (IRE)Newcastle (LH)F/8Hughes, Brian6/5F2.221.22Menzies, Rebecca
31.01.2022 (1.30)Kayf TaoiHereford (RH)2/6Cobden, Harry11/8JF2.481.40Nicholls, P F
31.01.2022 (1.00)Black PoppyHereford (RH)1/9Powell, Brendan5/6F1.971.21Lee, Miss Kerry
30.01.2022 (3.30)Stokes (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)2/9Woods, K K7/4F2.841.47Pauling, Ben
29.01.2022 (12.38)Arizona CardinalUttoxeter (LH)4/10Gethings, Ciaran3/14.621.47Edmunds, Stuart
26.01.2022 (4.20)Grosvenor CourtWincanton (RH)3/11Cannon, Tom J6/5F2.701.24King, A
26.01.2022 (1.50)Shiroccos Dream (IRE)Wincanton (RH)6/10Powell, Brendan5/17.472.45Tizzard, C L
22.01.2022 (3.10)The Brimming Water (IRE)Haydock (LH)3/8Twiston-Davies, Sam3/1F4.161.86Drinkwater, S W
20.01.2022 (2.00)Mumbo Jumbo (IRE)Ludlow (RH)3/12Bellamy, Tom11/8F2.701.26Lavelle, Miss E C
19.01.2022 (2.25)Fine Casting (IRE)Newbury (LH)1/11Woods, K K5/2F3.821.78Pauling, Ben
17.01.2022 (1.40)Sure TouchFakenham (LH)3/5Coleman, A15/8F3.081.88Murphy, Olly
15.01.2022 (3.35)Riggs (IRE)Warwick (LH)PU/7Skelton, Harry85/40F3.101.93Skelton, Daniel
15.01.2022 (1.39)Release The Kraken (IRE)Wetherby (LH)4/7Hughes, Brian9/25.803.11Richards, N G

17/12/21 – 14/01/22


Authorized (IRE), Califet (FR), Gold Well, Jeremy (USA), Kayf Tara, Mahler, Milan, Saint Des Saints (FR), Shirocco (GER) and Sulamani (IRE)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
14.01.2022 (12:20)Mahler Mission (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/8Bowen, James C13/82.861.33McConnell, John C
13.01.2022 (3.30)Eaton Collina (IRE)Bangor (LH)2/5Patrick, Richard5/24.172.10Lee, Miss Kerry
13.01.2022 (2.30)Reilly (IRE)Bangor (LH)4/5Skelton, Harry6/5F2.461.35Skelton, Daniel
11.01.2022 (3.20)Come On Gruff (IRE)Doncaster (LH)6/14Burke, Jonathan5/17.602.46George, T R
11.01.2022 (1.20)Kissesforkatie (IRE)Exeter (RH)4/6Williams, Lorcan11/4JF3.902.07Scott, J
11.01.2022 (12.35)Lily GlittersDoncaster (LH)9/11Stevens, Miss A (3)4/16.832.52Daly, H D
6.01.2022 (12.40)Marco Island (IRE)Chepstow (LH)2/11Coleman, A11/44.151.68Honeyball, A J
6.01.2022 (12.20)La Prima Donna (FR)Clonmel (RH)2/13Townend, P5/24.201.54Mullins, W P
1.01.2022 (3.40)Henschke (IRE)Fakenham (LH)F/6Scudamore, Tom11/43.832.12Greatrex, W J
1.01.2022 (3.10)Brewinupastorm (IRE)Cheltenham (LH)F/6Coleman, A9/4F3.522.12Murphy, Olly
1.01.2022 (12.15)I Am Maximus (FR)Cheltenham (LH)2/7Boinville, Nico11/8F2.521.75Henderson, N J
31.12.2021 (3.07)Brooksway Fair (IRE)Uttoxeter (LH)4/13Wedge, Adam2/1F3.371.73Williams, Evan
31.12.2021 (2.05)No Word Of A LieUttoxeter (LH)2/6Andrews, Jack (5)3/14.502.24Signy, Oliver
31.12.2021 (12.55)Rootless Tree (IRE)Uttoxeter (LH)8/13Tudor, Jack (3)4/16.142.61Williams, Christian
30.12.2021 (3.30)Tip Top Cat (IRE)Taunton (RH)1/11Harrison, Liam (3)5/2F3.941.91OBrien, Fergal
30.12.2021 (2.25)Rainyday WomanTaunton (RH)1/9Cobden, HarryEvensF2.211.23Nicholls, P F
30.12.2021 (1.35)Transfer Friendly (IRE)Haydock (LH)5/7Heskin, A P5/2F4.791.59Whittington, H
29.12.2021 (12.28)Arizona CardinalDoncaster (LH)PU/10Gethings, Ciaran13/8F2.861.33Edmunds, Stuart
28.12.2021 (3.10)Miss Tempo (IRE)Limerick (RH)5/18OConnor, M P (5)100/305.561.84Bromhead, Henry De
27.12.2021 (2.05)Eric Bloodaxe (IRE)Limerick (RH)1/10Cooper, Bryan J11/8F2.511.34OBrien, Joseph Patrick
26.12.2021 (2.17)Pyramid Place (IRE)Fontwell (LH)PU/7Reed, Harry2/1F3.151.42Harris, M F
26.12.2021 (12.40)Last RoyalHuntingdon (RH)F/8Davies, JamesEvensF2.181.13Burke, Kieran
21.12.2021 (1.40)Bill Baxter (IRE)Ayr (LH)5/8Quinn, Caoilin (7)10/11F2.021.17Greatrex, W J
21.12.2021 (12.30)Ballycoose (IRE)Ayr (LH)1/9Bowen, James C4/16.561.70Crawford, S R B
19.12.2021 (12.20)Cool StoneFakenham (LH)2/2Cannon, Tom J1/7F1.130.00King, A
18.12.2021 (2.25)Thyme HillAscot (RH)2/8OBrien, T J5/2F4.061.60Hobbs, P J
17.12.2021 (12.50)Come On Gruff (IRE)Uttoxeter (LH)1/14Burke, Jonathan3/1JF4.701.65George, T R

15/11/21 – 16/12/21


Arcadio (GER), Authorized (IRE), Califet (FR), Gold Well, Jeremy (USA), Kayf Tara, Mahler, Milan, Passing Glance, Saint Des Saints (FR), Shirocco (GER) and Sulamani (IRE)


Date/TimeHorseTrackResultsJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
15.12.2021 (2.15)Jetoile (IRE)Leicester (RH)1/8Jacob, Daryl11/8F2.481.24Potter, R D
12.12.2021 (2.25)Peltwell (IRE)Southwell (LH)1/6Twiston-Davies, Sam4/15.892.90Mulholland, N P
11.12.2021 (12.05)Message Personnel (FR)Cheltenham (LH)5/10Skelton, Harry100/304.301.94Skelton, Daniel
9.12.2021 (2.50)Contemplatemyfaith (IRE)Newcastle (LH)4/10Gregory, Fergus (3)6/4F2.851.35Murphy, Olly
7.12.2021 (1.00)Dorisa QueenUttoxeter (LH)1/16Skelton, Harry5/2F3.921.70Skelton, Daniel
6.12.2021 (12.15)Thunder Rock (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)1/8Heskin, A P1/5F1.211.06Murphy, Olly
5.12.2021 (3.20)Temptationinmilan (IRE)Cork (RH)3/17Foley, J B (5)5/2JF3.851.54Byrnes, C
5.12.2021 (1.10)Churchstonewarrior (IRE)Cork (RH)2/8ORegan, Denis6/5F2.341.30Sweeney, Jonathan
5.12.2021 (12.03)Kavanaghs Cross (IRE)Kelso (LH)1/7Houlihan, Niall F (5)13/8F2.841.23Jardine, I
4.12.2021 (3.15)Tamar Bridge (IRE)Aintree (LH)1/13Heskin, A P2/1F3.281.73Murphy, Olly
4.12.2021 (1.02)Bean In TroubleWetherby (LH)1/10Kennedy, W T7/2F4.862.01ONeill, Jonjo
3.12.2021 (12.35)Latino Fling (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)3/11Hughes, Brian2/1F3.181.50McCain Jnr, D
2.12.2021 (2.37)Ballybough Mary (IRE)Leicester (RH)5/13Twiston-Davies, Sam11/4F3.891.72Twiston-Davies, N A
2.12.2021 (12.30)Salamanca Bay (IRE)Clonmel (RH)2/16Fogarty, M P13/8F2.831.49Fogarty, Jonathan
1.12.2021 (1.15)Another Brown Bear (IRE)Haydock (LH)PU/8Bowen, James C9/4F3.551.67Henderson, N J
1.12.2021 (12.40)OHanrahan Bridge (IRE)Haydock (LH)6/10Gillard, T (3)5/17.692.46McCain Jnr, D
30.11.2021 (2.30)Calidad (IRE)Southwell (LH)5/10Jacob, Daryl4/5F1.891.19Whittington, H
29.11.2021 (2.10)Operation Overlord (IRE)Ayr (LH)1/12Fox, Derek R100/30F4.542.03Russell, Miss Lucinda V
28.11.2021 (1.55)Reilly (IRE)Leicester (RH)2/3Skelton, Harry4/11F1.401.07Skelton, Daniel
27.11.2021 (2.46)Rodaniche (IRE)Fairyhouse (RH)7/8Russell, D N100/305.001.93Elliott, Gordon
26.11.2021 (1.05)Lyrical Genius (IRE)Doncaster (LH)1/6Quinlan, Sean7/25.512.90Longsdon, C E
25.11.2021 (2.25)An Tailliur (FR)Taunton (RH)1/7ONeill, Jonjo (Jr)9/25.903.51ONeill, Jonjo
25.11.2021 (1.45)Duke Of RockinghamLingfield (LH)2/17Coleman, A7/2JF6.202.40Murphy, Olly
23.11.2021 (2.55)What A GlanceSouthwell (LH)3/6Bass, David11/44.002.21Dennis, David
23.11.2021 (1.00)Gentleman JoePunchestown (RH)4/20Blackmore, Rachael5/6F2.121.33Bromhead, Henry De
22.11.2021 (1.35)Curramore (IRE)Ayr (LH)3/7Mania, Ryan5/4F2.311.27Thomson, A M
22.11.2021 (1.00)Hidden Commander (IRE)Ayr (LH)5/12Dowson, Thomas14/121.625.58Kirby, P A
21.11.2021 (1.10)Bootlegger (IRE)Uttoxeter (LH)2/6Quinlan, Sean6/5F2.251.42Davidson, Tristan
20.11.2021 (1.30)Martha BraeAscot (RH)6/8Andrews, Bridget85/40F3.151.54Skelton, Daniel
20.11.2021 (1.15)Our Surprise (IRE)Haydock (LH)3/8Bowen, Sean P3/1JF4.201.66Fry, Harry
19.11.2021 (3.25)ValentinoChepstow (LH)4/11Houlihan, Sean M7/4F3.051.63Plessis, Miss J Du
19.11.2021 (2.40)Captain Morgs (IRE)Ascot (RH)1/9Boinville, Nico7/4F2.781.55Henderson, N J
18.11.2021 (3.50)Noble Savage (IRE)Wincanton (RH)2/8Lambert, Finn (3)5/2F3.911.69Twiston-Davies, N A
18.11.2021 (1.22)Jesuitique (FR)Market Rasen (RH)2/8Leonard, Cillin (5)6/4F3.041.45Newland, Dr R D P
18.11.2021 (1.15)Grosvenor CourtWincanton (RH)2/7Cannon, Tom J5/4JF2.601.47King, A
18.11.2021 (1.07)Abington ParkNewcastle (LH)11/12Bannister, Harry A A9/4F3.451.63Hales, A M
16.11.2021 (2.30)Coole Arcade (IRE)Limerick (RH)4/14Twomey, Miss E (7)6/4F2.801.55Bromhead, Henry De
16.11.2021 (1.05)Be The Difference (IRE)Ayr (LH)1/14Dowson, Thomas11/8F2.581.44Kirby, P A

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  • One Stop Systems
    • Over 40 fully researched systems
    • Systems vs Ratings – All of the System Qualifiers ranked by the position they appear on our Master Rating the ONE STOP RATING (OSR).
    • How the system work complete with historical results
    • Daily System Selections both to back and lay
    • Results Archive
  • One Stop Trends – 10 Year Trends for many Major Races.
  • One Stop Academy – Racecourse statistics and articles such general racing information. Strategies for punters, and secrets the bookmakers would rather you did not know.
  • All races televised by ITV previewed, this includes all Saturday racing plus major festivals.

Includes Free Tips :

  • Nap of the Day
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  • Saturday Lucky 15

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