Brian Hughes – Maximising Returns

As you would expect Yorkshire based Brian Hughes, who won the British National Hunt Jockey’s Championship in the 2019-2020 season and is champion elect again for 2021-2022 rides a fair few winners.

Hughes has been at the top of his game in recent years and in the almost four years (at time of writing, from 2018 to 2021 he rode a staggering 603 winners from 3329 rides a 18.11% strike rate. However, backing every one of Brian’s mounts blind has a downside in the shape of a level £1 stakes loss of £665.28 at starting price.

There is hope though, by applying a few filters we can turn the figures in our favour.

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Scores on the doors.

The final numbers for the “Brian Hughes – Non-Handicap” system for the years 2018 – March 21st 2022 are:

440 Qualifiers, 172 Winners (39.09%), P/L (SP)126.98 (level stakes), Places 277 (62.95%)

If there are any jockeys or trainers, you would like an analysis of please contact us.

Latest Results (updated 20/03/22)

Date/TimeHorseTrackPosJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
20.03.2022 (1.50)Forpaddytheplumber (IRE)Carlisle (RH)1/4Hughes, Brian3/14.751.35McCain Jnr, D
15.03.2022 (5.10)Glory Bridge (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/7Hughes, Brian3/14.502.24McCain Jnr, D
13.03.2022 (4.58)Red Vision (FR)Bangor (LH)1/5Hughes, Brian85/403.431.29McCain Jnr, D
13.03.2022 (4.23)Silver FlyerBangor (LH)2/3Hughes, Brian5/6F1.891.22McCain Jnr, D
12.03.2022 (2.45)Leitrim Chief (IRE)Ayr (LH)3/7Hughes, Brian2/1F3.251.42Ewart, J P L
10.03.2022 (4.30)Maximilian (GER)Carlisle (RH)1/8Hughes, Brian3/13.581.58McCain Jnr, D
10.03.2022 (3.55)Malpas (IRE)Carlisle (RH)1/6Hughes, Brian1/5F1.201.10McCain Jnr, D
6.03.2022 (1.30)Chase OutlawSedgefield (LH)5/6Hughes, Brian18/140.009.88McCain Jnr, D
2.03.2022 (1.45)Gold MinerMusselburgh (RH)2/6Hughes, Brian17/215.002.66Ellison, B
28.02.2022 (2.10)Masked Crusader (FR)Carlisle (RH)1/6Hughes, Brian4/6F1.701.16McCain Jnr, D
26.02.2022 (2.25)Minella Drama (IRE)Kempton (RH)4/5Hughes, Brian7/4F2.981.67McCain Jnr, D
21.02.2022 (2.25)Silver FlyerCarlisle (RH)2/5Hughes, Brian6/52.441.28McCain Jnr, D
21.02.2022 (1.50)Gold Emery (FR)Carlisle (RH)1/9Hughes, Brian5/24.101.63McCain Jnr, D
18.02.2022 (4.10)Aint No Sunshine (IRE)Kelso (LH)1/7Hughes, Brian5/4F2.241.26Dalgleish, Keith
18.02.2022 (1.30)Grey Skies (IRE)Kelso (LH)1/5Hughes, Brian5/6F1.971.08McCain Jnr, D
11.02.2022 (4.15)Jungle JackBangor (LH)1/8Hughes, Brian5/6F1.871.12McCain Jnr, D
9.02.2022 (1.37)Red Vision (FR)Sedgefield (LH)7/11Hughes, Brian3/14.621.80McCain Jnr, D
7.02.2022 (4.25)Maximilian (GER)Carlisle (RH)1/8Hughes, Brian3/1F4.151.88McCain Jnr, D
7.02.2022 (12.30)Masked Crusader (FR)Carlisle (RH)2/11Hughes, Brian3/14.401.58McCain Jnr, D
6.02.2022 (2.05)Since Day One (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)2/5Hughes, Brian6/4F2.601.58McCain Jnr, D
6.02.2022 (1.32)Inca Prince (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)5/7Hughes, Brian13/8JF2.791.60Jefferson, Ruth
16.01.2022 (2.10)Soft Risk (FR)Kelso (LH)1/10Hughes, Brian2/5F1.491.05Richards, N G
14.01.2022 (3.50)Iceman Dennis (FR)Sedgefield (LH)3/6Hughes, Brian1/4F1.311.09McCain Jnr, D
14.01.2022 (12.20)Sullivans Brow (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)4/8Hughes, Brian9/114.533.23McCain Jnr, D
9.01.2022 (3.30)Tfou (FR)Ayr (LH)2/5Hughes, Brian8/11F1.821.29Richards, N G
3.01.2022 (1.30)Garde Des Champs (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)4/5Hughes, Brian7/24.951.96Dalgleish, Keith
2.01.2022 (1.20)Pats Pick (IRE)Ayr (LH)4/11Hughes, Brian7/26.432.06Crawford, S R B
2.01.2022 (12.15)Land Afar (IRE)Ayr (LH)PU/8Hughes, Brian9/43.601.50Crawford, S R B
1.01.2022 (12.30)Collingham (GER)Musselburgh (RH)3/6Hughes, Brian85/403.211.54McCain Jnr, D
29.12.2021 (3.00)Soft Risk (FR)Kelso (LH)1/9Hughes, Brian2/9F1.271.04Richards, N G
26.12.2021 (1.25)Barnabas Collins (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)F/7Hughes, Brian11/8F2.751.66McCain Jnr, D
26.12.2021 (11.45)Richmond Lake (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/5Hughes, Brian1/7F1.171.05McCain Jnr, D
21.12.2021 (12.30)Parisencore (FR)Ayr (LH)2/9Hughes, Brian11/8F2.501.24Richards, N G
20.12.2021 (3.15)Rose Of Siena (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)2/7Hughes, Brian15/8F3.201.45Richards, N G
20.12.2021 (12.15)River Walk (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)1/5Hughes, Brian10/11F2.161.29McCain Jnr, D
12.12.2021 (12.00)The Big Jetaway (IRE)Carlisle (RH)7/11Hughes, Brian9/4F3.231.56McCain Jnr, D
Date/TimeHorseTrackPosJockeyOdds (SP)Odds(Xch)Odds(Place)Trainer
6.12.2021 (12.45)Collingham (GER)Musselburgh (RH)2/6Hughes, Brian3/14.861.61McCain Jnr, D
6.12.2021 (12.15)Garde Des Champs (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)2/8Hughes, Brian9/29.401.33Dalgleish, Keith
3.12.2021 (3.25)Stroll On By (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)2/11Hughes, Brian100/304.901.89Longsdon, C E
3.12.2021 (2.15)Mister Whitaker (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)2/8Hughes, Brian11/10F2.351.20McCain Jnr, D
3.12.2021 (12.00)Jungle JackSedgefield (LH)1/10Hughes, Brian11/8F2.691.42McCain Jnr, D
29.11.2021 (1.40)Famous Bridge (IRE)Ayr (LH)1/12Hughes, Brian5/24.281.48Richards, N G
29.11.2021 (12.30)Sauce Of Life (IRE)Ayr (LH)3/12Hughes, Brian2/14.101.28Richards, N G
23.11.2021 (3.15)Findthetime (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/12Hughes, Brian15/83.671.26Richards, N G
23.11.2021 (12.40)Creative Control (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/4Hughes, Brian6/4F2.501.38McCain Jnr, D
16.11.2021 (12.30)Soft Risk (FR)Ayr (LH)1/11Hughes, Brian1/2F1.621.16Richards, N G
11.11.2021 (2.47)Tiger Jet (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)2/9Hughes, Brian11/27.982.03Ellison, B
11.11.2021 (12.37)A Different Kind (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/11Hughes, Brian1/4F1.301.08McCain Jnr, D
10.11.2021 (3.30)BarrichelloBangor (LH)1/11Hughes, Brian13/82.661.23McCain Jnr, D
10.11.2021 (2.30)Richmond Lake (IRE)Bangor (LH)1/11Hughes, Brian100/304.301.53McCain Jnr, D
9.11.2021 (12.52)Master Malachy (IRE)Hereford (RH)2/4Hughes, Brian14/116.063.38McCain Jnr, D
8.11.2021 (2.10)Minella Drama (IRE)Carlisle (RH)2/6Hughes, BrianEvensF2.061.40McCain Jnr, D
8.11.2021 (12.30)The Big Jetaway (IRE)Carlisle (RH)3/15Hughes, Brian9/27.002.32McCain Jnr, D
6.11.2021 (3.50)Rose Of Siena (IRE)Kelso (LH)3/10Hughes, Brian2/13.521.63Richards, N G
3.11.2021 (1.50)Collingham (GER)Musselburgh (RH)1/6Hughes, Brian8/11F1.850.00McCain Jnr, D
31.10.2021 (3.40)Barrule ParkCarlisle (RH)10/10Hughes, Brian5/2F3.951.86McCain Jnr, D
31.10.2021 (12.20)Gredin (FR)Carlisle (RH)1/10Hughes, Brian5/2F3.601.56McCain Jnr, D
31.10.2021 (11.50)Famous Bridge (IRE)Carlisle (RH)2/12Hughes, Brian9/4F3.601.60Richards, N G
30.10.2021 (4.23)Kopa Kilana (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)1/5Hughes, Brian100/304.902.34Menzies, Rebecca
30.10.2021 (1.00)Minella Plus (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)1/4Hughes, BrianEvens2.161.08McCain Jnr, D
29.10.2021 (1.03)Mr Tg (IRE)Uttoxeter (LH)PU/14Hughes, Brian50/1150.0034.00Mackie, J
26.10.2021 (5.30)Largy ReachBangor (LH)2/8Hughes, Brian17/212.233.35McCain Jnr, D
26.10.2021 (2.13)Bobs Bar (IRE)Bangor (LH)3/12Hughes, Brian100/304.961.50McCain Jnr, D
23.10.2021 (1.34)Creative Control (IRE)Kelso (LH)5/11Hughes, Brian14/123.005.30McCain Jnr, D
21.10.2021 (2.30)Tupelo Mississippi (IRE)Carlisle (RH)2/2Hughes, Brian1/5F1.270.00Ellison, B
21.10.2021 (1.55)Mister Whitaker (IRE)Carlisle (RH)2/11Hughes, Brian8/13F1.651.12McCain Jnr, D
17.10.2021 (5.15)A Different Kind (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/7Hughes, Brian8/11F1.861.33McCain Jnr, D
17.10.2021 (4.05)Minella Plus (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)2/12Hughes, Brian5/17.602.27McCain Jnr, D
15.10.2021 (1.55)Geromino (FR)Uttoxeter (LH)1/10Hughes, Brian7/25.101.66McCain Jnr, D
14.10.2021 (5.20)Stroll On By (IRE)Carlisle (RH)2/11Hughes, Brian6/5F2.501.36Longsdon, C E
14.10.2021 (2.30)Malpas (IRE)Carlisle (RH)1/8Hughes, Brian13/8F2.751.31McCain Jnr, D
6.10.2021 (1.38)Spiritofthenorth (FR)Sedgefield (LH)2/11Hughes, Brian12/120.413.55Ryan, K A
3.10.2021 (4.50)Ibbenburen (GER)Kelso (LH)1/3Hughes, Brian10/11F2.120.00McCain Jnr, D
29.09.2021 (4.10)Minella Plus (IRE)Bangor (LH)2/9Hughes, Brian13/28.882.21McCain Jnr, D
29.09.2021 (2.10)Fruit N Nut (IRE)Bangor (LH)1/11Hughes, Brian11/8F2.591.33McCain Jnr, D
28.09.2021 (5.20)A Different Kind (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/10Hughes, Brian11/10F2.401.38McCain Jnr, D
28.09.2021 (2.35)Gordons Jet (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)3/9Hughes, Brian15/83.291.19Ellison, B
15.09.2021 (7.00)Grazeon ItKelso (LH)4/7Hughes, Brian15/8F3.131.35Quinn, J J
2.09.2021 (3.55)October StormSedgefield (LH)1/4Hughes, Brian15/83.311.12McCain Jnr, D
30.08.2021 (5.20)Sacre Pierre (FR)Cartmel (LH)1/4Hughes, Brian4/9F1.511.14McCain Jnr, D
28.08.2021 (2.50)Ibbenburen (GER)Cartmel (LH)3/5Hughes, Brian2/13.201.34McCain Jnr, D
26.08.2021 (7.20)Kensington ArtSedgefield (LH)2/6Hughes, Brian5/4F2.401.45McCain Jnr, D
26.08.2021 (4.45)October StormSedgefield (LH)2/8Hughes, Brian11/44.901.26McCain Jnr, D
30.07.2021 (2.45)Ibbenburen (GER)Bangor (LH)1/7Hughes, Brian5/4F2.411.22McCain Jnr, D
25.07.2021 (1.10)Sacre Pierre (FR)Uttoxeter (LH)1/6Hughes, Brian11/116.504.70McCain Jnr, D
23.07.2021 (4.20)Beyond The CloudsUttoxeter (LH)2/5Hughes, Brian7/43.051.45Longsdon, C E
19.07.2021 (1.20)Willy Nilly (IRE)Cartmel (LH)6/9Hughes, Brian4/16.601.91McCain Jnr, D
27.06.2021 (1.40)Durragh (IRE)Cartmel (LH)3/7Hughes, Brian8/112.005.30McCain Jnr, D
10.06.2021 (8.40)Durragh (IRE)Uttoxeter (LH)2/8Hughes, Brian100/305.251.75McCain Jnr, D
2.06.2021 (1.55)Blueberry Wine (IRE)Cartmel (LH)6/7Hughes, Brian9/116.623.30McCain Jnr, D
30.05.2021 (1.57)Willy Nilly (IRE)Kelso (LH)5/13Hughes, Brian12/122.004.90McCain Jnr, D
15.05.2021 (5.05)Durragh (IRE)Bangor (LH)2/10Hughes, Brian4/15.882.11McCain Jnr, D
15.05.2021 (1.10)Chuvelo (IRE)Bangor (LH)1/9Hughes, BrianEvensF2.021.21McCain Jnr, D
11.05.2021 (3.07)Beyond The CloudsSedgefield (LH)1/7Hughes, Brian15/83.151.37Longsdon, C E
11.05.2021 (1.00)Geromino (FR)Sedgefield (LH)3/9Hughes, BrianEvensF2.201.12McCain Jnr, D
10.05.2021 (6.50)Glencassley (IRE)Southwell (LH)1/4Hughes, Brian5/6F1.961.24Longsdon, C E
5.05.2021 (4.35)Karismatik (FR)Kelso (LH)7/13Hughes, Brian10/111.504.12Ewart, J P L
4.05.2021 (5.10)Soft Risk (FR)Ayr (LH)1/8Hughes, Brian3/14.601.60Richards, N G
4.05.2021 (4.40)Largy TrainAyr (LH)1/9Hughes, Brian100/30F5.161.99Crawford, S R B
4.05.2021 (1.15)The CaretakerAyr (LH)2/10Hughes, Brian4/16.861.84Ewart, J P L
20.04.2021 (1.00)Malpas (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)F/10Hughes, Brian2/13.531.38McCain Jnr, D
18.04.2021 (5.20)Vina Ardanza (IRE)Ayr (LH)1/10Hughes, Brian15/29.632.64Crawford, S R B
13.04.2021 (3.10)Kensington ArtSouthwell (LH)3/13Hughes, Brian9/26.402.04McCain Jnr, D
13.04.2021 (1.25)Onthefrontfoot (IRE)Southwell (LH)2/5Hughes, Brian3/14.701.34McCain Jnr, D
11.04.2021 (5.11)Well Educated (IRE)Kelso (LH)3/13Hughes, Brian10/11F2.061.29Quinn, J J
11.04.2021 (2.00)Presentandcounting (IRE)Kelso (LH)2/12Hughes, Brian8/11F2.001.17McCain Jnr, D
3.04.2021 (2.48)Wetlands (IRE)Carlisle (RH)1/8Hughes, Brian10/112.261.06Richards, N G
28.03.2021 (5.45)Largy Gift (IRE)Carlisle (RH)7/10Hughes, Brian3/1JF4.461.88Crawford, S R B
27.03.2021 (3.50)Ceejaythedeejay (IRE)Kelso (LH)4/10Hughes, Brian9/26.402.29Crawford, S R B
26.03.2021 (5.15)Gazwah (FR)Musselburgh (RH)4/6Hughes, Brian9/43.801.72Crawford, S R B
26.03.2021 (1.55)Mackenberg (GER)Musselburgh (RH)2/7Hughes, Brian2/5F1.531.08McCain Jnr, D
25.03.2021 (2.52)Heartbreak Kid (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)2/4Hughes, Brian15/83.151.06McCain Jnr, D
25.03.2021 (2.22)Away At Dawn (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)2/4Hughes, Brian11/28.431.72McCain Jnr, D
22.03.2021 (3.10)Word Has It (IRE)Kelso (LH)1/12Hughes, Brian2/11F1.221.11McCain Jnr, D
21.03.2021 (1.50)The Mighty Arc (IRE)Carlisle (RH)2/6Hughes, Brian15/83.311.59Longsdon, C E
13.03.2021 (5.30)Arlo (FR)Ayr (LH)2/4Hughes, Brian100/305.002.10Crawford, S R B
7.03.2021 (1.50)Malpas (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)F/6Hughes, Brian3/15.901.17McCain Jnr, D
6.03.2021 (4.25)Donaire (IRE)Kelso (LH)2/10Hughes, Brian11/44.351.69Crawford, S R B
6.03.2021 (1.30)Bareback Jack (IRE)Kelso (LH)4/7Hughes, Brian6/17.913.83McCain Jnr, D
6.03.2021 (12.25)Magna Moralia (IRE)Kelso (LH)1/9Hughes, Brian3/14.651.59Quinn, J J
3.03.2021 (12.45)Presentandcounting (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)2/7Hughes, Brian8/13F1.851.12McCain Jnr, D
28.02.2021 (5.20)Bobs Bar (IRE)Hereford (RH)3/8Hughes, Brian6/19.002.52McCain Jnr, D
22.02.2021 (1.00)Cellar VieCarlisle (RH)4/8Hughes, Brian12/119.092.42Ewart, J P L
22.02.2021 (12.30)Word Has It (IRE)Carlisle (RH)1/12Hughes, Brian6/5F2.601.30McCain Jnr, D
19.02.2021 (4.52)Arthurs Seat (IRE)Kelso (LH)1/9Hughes, Brian100/305.501.54Dalgleish, Keith
19.02.2021 (1.20)Malpas (IRE)Kelso (LH)3/13Hughes, Brian13/213.572.41McCain Jnr, D
16.02.2021 (4.05)Gazwah (FR)Carlisle (RH)4/5Hughes, Brian5/4F2.641.21Crawford, S R B
16.02.2021 (2.05)Dreams Of Home (IRE)Carlisle (RH)1/10Hughes, Brian4/5F1.881.10McCain Jnr, D
11.02.2021 (4.15)Beyond The CloudsKempton (RH)12/14Hughes, Brian100/306.402.57Longsdon, C E
7.02.2021 (3.25)Bareback Jack (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)1/7Hughes, Brian5/23.951.45McCain Jnr, D
7.02.2021 (1.55)FiveandtwentyMusselburgh (RH)1/8Hughes, Brian6/4F2.641.32McCain Jnr, D
6.02.2021 (12.57)Gaelik Coast (FR)Musselburgh (RH)1/6Hughes, Brian85/403.391.91McCain Jnr, D
23.01.2021 (3.35)Waiting Patiently (IRE)Ascot (RH)3/8Hughes, Brian5/23.821.54Jefferson, Ruth
23.01.2021 (12.40)PunctuationAscot (RH)4/10Hughes, Brian12/122.153.52Longsdon, C E
22.01.2021 (4.05)Fruit N Nut (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)1/10Hughes, Brian9/27.622.47McCain Jnr, D
18.01.2021 (4.05)Everyday Champagne (IRE)Ayr (LH)4/8Hughes, Brian5/4F2.351.31Richards, N G
1.01.2021 (12.45)FiveandtwentyMusselburgh (RH)1/9Hughes, Brian1/4F1.301.09McCain Jnr, D
22.12.2020 (3.25)Good Look Charm (FR)Sedgefield (LH)1/8Hughes, Brian100/304.801.77Moffatt, James
22.12.2020 (12.55)Time Leader (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)3/5Hughes, Brian13/28.922.76McCain Jnr, D
22.12.2020 (12.25)Word Has It (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)2/8Hughes, Brian4/17.201.25McCain Jnr, D
21.12.2020 (3.15)Sauce Of Life (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)1/10Hughes, Brian4/15.301.97Richards, N G
21.12.2020 (12.15)Moon King (FR)Musselburgh (RH)1/8Hughes, Brian10/11F2.081.20Longsdon, C E
18.12.2020 (1.10)Tupelo Mississippi (IRE)Uttoxeter (LH)1/6Hughes, Brian4/7F1.671.08Ellison, B
14.12.2020 (2.15)Marown (IRE)Ayr (LH)1/4Hughes, Brian6/5F2.371.33Richards, N G
14.12.2020 (12.05)Wetlands (IRE)Ayr (LH)1/10Hughes, Brian1/5F1.251.05Richards, N G
13.12.2020 (3.10)Hollymount (IRE)Carlisle (RH)1/11Hughes, Brian11/8F2.581.53Crawford, S R B
13.12.2020 (12.00)Bird On The Wire (FR)Carlisle (RH)4/7Hughes, Brian12/117.905.10McCain Jnr, D
11.12.2020 (3.10)Minella Drama (IRE)Bangor (LH)1/8Hughes, Brian30/100F1.371.05McCain Jnr, D
7.12.2020 (3.15)Kinnegad Lad (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)1/9Hughes, Brian11/44.501.46Crawford, S R B
7.12.2020 (1.45)FiveandtwentyMusselburgh (RH)1/7Hughes, Brian11/8F2.541.72McCain Jnr, D
4.12.2020 (3.25)Native Choice (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)5/8Hughes, Brian9/43.901.51Menzies, Rebecca
4.12.2020 (2.15)Finisk RiverSedgefield (LH)2/8Hughes, Brian11/45.041.10McCain Jnr, D
4.12.2020 (12.00)OttonianSedgefield (LH)3/10Hughes, Brian5/23.921.47McCain Jnr, D
30.11.2020 (1.00)Cellar VieAyr (LH)6/10Hughes, Brian25/167.665.57Ewart, J P L
30.11.2020 (12.30)Castle Rushen (IRE)Ayr (LH)1/7Hughes, Brian8/13F1.681.22Richards, N G
29.11.2020 (1.20)Wetlands (IRE)Carlisle (RH)2/7Hughes, Brian6/4F2.701.66Richards, N G
24.11.2020 (1.46)Minella Drama (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/12Hughes, Brian4/7F1.721.13McCain Jnr, D
24.11.2020 (12.15)Cest Le Bonheur (FR)Sedgefield (LH)1/8Hughes, Brian10/11F1.961.09Newland, Dr R D P
23.11.2020 (11.35)Luck Of CloverMusselburgh (RH)2/8Hughes, Brian11/29.002.20McCain Jnr, D
12.11.2020 (2.32)Cest Le Bonheur (FR)Sedgefield (LH)2/10Hughes, Brian5/42.401.16Newland, Dr R D P
12.11.2020 (11.50)Heartbreak Kid (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/11Hughes, Brian5/24.011.59McCain Jnr, D
11.11.2020 (1.10)Aquitaine Boy (FR)Ayr (LH)PU/8Hughes, Brian14/121.373.30Ewart, J P L
9.11.2020 (4.00)BarrichelloCarlisle (RH)3/8Hughes, Brian3/14.541.75McCain Jnr, D
9.11.2020 (12.50)Word Has It (IRE)Carlisle (RH)3/12Hughes, Brian14/119.963.35McCain Jnr, D
4.11.2020 (3.50)Roxanya (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)7/13Hughes, Brian28/148.288.84Crawford, S R B
4.11.2020 (1.20)Clay RegazzoniMusselburgh (RH)8/9Hughes, Brian15/211.502.80Dalgleish, Keith
4.11.2020 (12.20)Bareback Jack (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)1/13Hughes, Brian100/305.001.83McCain Jnr, D
1.11.2020 (2.40)Windsor Avenue (IRE)Carlisle (RH)2/6Hughes, Brian11/27.143.42Ellison, B
1.11.2020 (1.05)Tupelo Mississippi (IRE)Carlisle (RH)2/9Hughes, Brian13/8JF2.721.28Ellison, B
31.10.2020 (4.02)AkentrickAyr (LH)5/5Hughes, Brian100/304.602.18McCain Jnr, D
31.10.2020 (12.32)Castle Rushen (IRE)Ayr (LH)1/6Hughes, Brian4/5F1.911.37Richards, N G
28.10.2020 (3.02)Gaelik Coast (FR)Fakenham (LH)1/4Hughes, Brian5/16.992.58McCain Jnr, D
28.10.2020 (1.02)Train Hill (IRE)Fakenham (LH)4/6Hughes, Brian11/28.543.22Longsdon, C E
27.10.2020 (2.35)Minella Drama (IRE)Bangor (LH)2/12Hughes, Brian12/116.003.33McCain Jnr, D
26.10.2020 (1.05)Wetlands (IRE)Ayr (LH)3/6Hughes, Brian10/110.884.31Richards, N G
24.10.2020 (1.25)Hart Of Steel (IRE)Kelso (LH)1/10Hughes, Brian2/13.551.34McCain Jnr, D
24.10.2020 (12.50)Chuvelo (IRE)Kelso (LH)5/10Hughes, Brian4/9F1.491.12McCain Jnr, D
22.10.2020 (2.15)Ribble Valley (IRE)Carlisle (RH)1/4Hughes, Brian8/15F1.571.21Richards, N G
22.10.2020 (1.08)YorvikCarlisle (RH)7/11Hughes, Brian16/123.454.70McCain Jnr, D
22.10.2020 (12.35)OHanrahan Bridge (IRE)Carlisle (RH)2/12Hughes, Brian11/44.001.36McCain Jnr, D
21.10.2020 (5.20)MontenayHereford (RH)1/9Hughes, Brian14/116.004.20Mackie, J
18.10.2020 (5.40)Master Malachy (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)6/12Hughes, Brian10/113.003.60McCain Jnr, D
18.10.2020 (4.00)Highland Sky (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)PU/12Hughes, Brian7/25.892.25Ellison, B
18.10.2020 (2.15)Time Voyage (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)5/8Hughes, Brian4/9F1.601.15Quinn, J J
15.10.2020 (1.52)Mackenberg (GER)Carlisle (RH)1/10Hughes, Brian9/26.242.12McCain Jnr, D
15.10.2020 (1.20)Blakeney PointCarlisle (RH)9/11Hughes, Brian7/25.691.69McCain Jnr, D
7.10.2020 (1.15)Rikoboy (FR)Sedgefield (LH)4/12Hughes, Brian100/304.891.79Newland, Dr R D P
4.10.2020 (4.35)Moon King (FR)Kelso (LH)4/10Hughes, Brian5/23.801.61Longsdon, C E
30.09.2020 (3.20)Chuvelo (IRE)Bangor (LH)3/9Hughes, Brian5/6F1.991.30McCain Jnr, D
30.09.2020 (2.45)Presentandcounting (IRE)Bangor (LH)2/10Hughes, Brian3/13.951.72McCain Jnr, D
29.09.2020 (2.50)Finisk RiverBangor (LH)2/9Hughes, Brian5/23.481.38McCain Jnr, D
28.09.2020 (2.40)Hasanabad (IRE)Newton Abbot (LH)3/7Hughes, Brian11/10F2.301.44Williams, Ian
16.09.2020 (4.10)Cest Le Bonheur (FR)Kelso (LH)3/9Hughes, Brian9/43.991.49Newland, Dr R D P
4.09.2020 (5.30)The Blame Game (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/7Hughes, Brian11/10F2.231.27Ewart, J P L
4.09.2020 (4.30)Operatic Export (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/6Hughes, BrianEvensF2.111.51Newland, Dr R D P
3.09.2020 (6.30)Hasanabad (IRE)Southwell (LH)1/9Hughes, Brian10/11F2.061.33Williams, Ian
3.09.2020 (5.00)EmmarelliSouthwell (LH)7/9Hughes, Brian6/18.202.20Newland, Dr R D P
27.08.2020 (1.20)The Blame Game (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)2/6Hughes, Brian11/112.992.20Ewart, J P L
27.08.2020 (12.50)Marine OneSedgefield (LH)1/8Hughes, Brian4/6F1.781.18Newland, Dr R D P
24.08.2020 (3.20)Totally Rejected (IRE)Southwell (LH)3/9Hughes, Brian2/1JF3.251.34McCain Jnr, D
23.08.2020 (12.45)Away At Dawn (IRE)Cartmel (LH)2/6Hughes, Brian5/6F1.981.31McCain Jnr, D
22.08.2020 (12.30)Stamina Chope (FR)Uttoxeter (LH)5/9Hughes, Brian15/219.581.83Newland, Dr R D P
17.08.2020 (2.10)Hurricane Ali (IRE)Uttoxeter (LH)5/12Hughes, Brian50/196.009.00Mackie, J
10.08.2020 (3.15)Perfect GraceSouthwell (LH)4/14Hughes, Brian6/4F2.831.42Frost, Kevin
10.08.2020 (2.45)WintonSouthwell (LH)7/11Hughes, Brian9/26.352.07Bethell, J D
7.08.2020 (12.50)Finisk RiverCartmel (LH)1/11Hughes, Brian10/11F2.081.17McCain Jnr, D
4.08.2020 (6.30)Ferry All (FR)Southwell (LH)PU/14Hughes, Brian20/136.257.88Ellison, B
29.07.2020 (12.30)Blakeney PointBangor (LH)1/11Hughes, BrianEvensF2.061.32McCain Jnr, D
29.07.2020 (12.00)Away At Dawn (IRE)Bangor (LH)1/11Hughes, Brian11/28.201.66McCain Jnr, D
26.07.2020 (12.50)Totally Rejected (IRE)Cartmel (LH)1/11Hughes, Brian11/28.312.48McCain Jnr, D
16.07.2020 (4.25)Snafee TigerUttoxeter (LH)9/10Hughes, Brian50/1100.0012.32Frost, Kevin
16.07.2020 (12.15)Steinkraus (IRE)Uttoxeter (LH)5/11Hughes, Brian40/170.1310.39McCain Jnr, D
14.07.2020 (2.20)Perfect GraceSouthwell (LH)1/8Hughes, Brian20/149.093.92Frost, Kevin
12.07.2020 (3.15)Finisk RiverBangor (LH)3/11Hughes, Brian7/19.172.40McCain Jnr, D
1.07.2020 (1.10)Snafee TigerSouthwell (LH)9/12Hughes, Brian40/143.789.98Frost, Kevin
16.03.2020 (2.10)FoxeyKelso (LH)4/9Hughes, Brian7/26.001.45Ewart, J P L
7.03.2020 (5.20)Castle Rushen (IRE)Ayr (LH)2/5Hughes, Brian8/13F1.621.17Richards, N G
7.03.2020 (3.40)Marown (IRE)Ayr (LH)1/5Hughes, Brian8/11F1.801.25Richards, N G
1.03.2020 (2.40)Baron De Midleton (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/4Hughes, Brian4/16.401.19Ellison, B
29.02.2020 (1.37)Beat Box (FR)Kelso (LH)3/4Hughes, Brian4/15.541.72Ewart, J P L
26.02.2020 (2.10)Quart De Garde (FR)Musselburgh (RH)2/3Hughes, Brian5/42.590.00McCain Jnr, D
20.02.2020 (2.33)Heartbreak Kid (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/2Hughes, Brian11/27.140.00McCain Jnr, D
18.02.2020 (5.05)Malpas (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)6/11Hughes, Brian7/110.953.00McCain Jnr, D
18.02.2020 (2.00)Pull Green (IRE)Musselburgh (RH)PU/12Hughes, Brian4/17.341.93McCain Jnr, D
17.02.2020 (2.50)OHanrahan Bridge (IRE)Carlisle (RH)2/7Hughes, Brian15/83.001.50McCain Jnr, D
17.02.2020 (2.15)Sao Maxence (FR)Carlisle (RH)1/10Hughes, Brian4/9F1.561.14Ewart, J P L
7.02.2020 (4.50)Mackenberg (GER)Bangor (LH)4/10Hughes, Brian9/25.751.77McCain Jnr, D
7.02.2020 (4.20)Gaelik Coast (FR)Bangor (LH)1/11Hughes, Brian3/15.921.58McCain Jnr, D
4.02.2020 (3.30)Briardale (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)2/7Hughes, Brian13/28.712.72Bethell, J D
4.02.2020 (2.25)Evander (IRE)Sedgefield (LH)1/5Hughes, Brian13/8F2.851.64Greenall, Oliver
3.02.2020 (1.50)Goobinator (USA)Carlisle (RH)1/12Hughes, Brian8/15F1.621.11McCain Jnr, D
2.02.2020 (1.45)Three CastlesMusselburgh (RH)5/7Hughes, Brian40/163.797.28Dalgleish, Keith
27.01.2020 (4.15)Master Malachy (IRE)Kelso (LH)7/7Hughes, Brian9/43.691.94McCain Jnr, D
27.01.2020 (3.45)Black PirateKelso (LH)1/13Hughes, Brian5/42.391.23Ewart, J P L
19.01.2020 (1.50)Glinger Flame (IRE)Ayr (LH)1/5Hughes, Brian15/82.961.69Richards, N G
19.01.2020 (12.40)Mayo Star (IRE)Ayr (LH)1/8Hughes, Brian7/24.961.49Richards, N G

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