OSR Horse Ratings for Sunday’s races on November 5th, 2023.

OSR Horse Racing Ratings provide four distinct ratings for each horse: Last Race (LR), Horse Score (HS), Speed Rating (SR), and Master Rating (OSR). Well-informed decisions can be made and the likelihood of selecting winning horses can be improved by using these comprehensive ratings.

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OSR Horse Ratings

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Sun 5th Nov 2023 3.00 Curragh (7 runners)
Comer Group International Loughbrown Stakes (Group 3)
Group 3, 2m , Heavy, 3yo+, Win: £29204
2Jesse Evans (IRE)799246753517
4Echoes In Rain (FR)772202753023
1Falcon Eight (IRE)8110196802932.50
7Typewriter (IRE)4912037829314
5Final Gesture (IRE)489186582755
6Powerful Aggie (FR)5521578526216

ANALYSIS: Again it is probably between the top 4 on OSR and the progressive HANROE who will handle the ground gets my vote. What do you think?


Sunday’s OSR Ratings

Sunday’s OSR Ratings

Sun 5th Nov 2023 11.50 Cork (18 runners)
Paddy Power From The Horses Mouth Podcast Maiden Hurdle (Div 1)
2m , Soft, 4yo, Win: £6372
3Dee Capo (FR)476157562522.75
5Intent Approach (IRE)464150732462
13Wandering Rocks467147652228
8Liberated Light (IRE)4431376421725
15Lisamaria (IRE)4411505920933
9Maxi Mac Gold (FR)4461086118310
10One Big Boum (IRE)4431016117620
14Fire Coral4401184816733
18Picture Of You (FR)429725515720
11Pride Of Place (IRE)44311143157100
1Balally Park (IRE)445935115025
2Container Madness (IRE)442984314233
17Phoebes Charm (IRE)4409237134100
16Menrva (IRE)4391002812866
6Johnny Cakes (FR)4349220113100
12The Passing Wife4000303.33
4Harrys Delight (IRE)40001214
7Juke Box Rock (IRE)4000214
19Whale Harbour (IRE)400010
20Touch Me Not (IRE)400010
21Flicker Of Hope (FR)400010

Sun 5th Nov 2023 12.10 Curragh (22 runners)
Castle Star Standing At Capital Stud Irish European Breeders Fund Maiden
1m , Heavy, 2yo, Win: £9027
6Chantilly (IRE)273153502312.50
13Kolachi (IRE)267157432198
22Marvellous Lady (IRE)2561317321325
10Fine Point (IRE)265153522108
3Autumn Winter (IRE)259137582003
4Best Law (IRE)2561245519812
17Solar Saving (IRE)2481325719210
7Cloud Seeker24610565178100
18Total Look (FR)2481125217825
12Judicial Reward (IRE)242985315833
15Moutarde (IRE)242965115750
8Del Posto240944815425
21Jujubella (IRE)2441033615250
1Anyothername (IRE)2429845144100
2Ata Rangi (IRE)20001816
9Dibani (IRE)20001716
14Leinster (IRE)20001310
11I Bid You Ajou (FR)20001014
19Tyder (IRE)2000733
16Puturhandstogether (IRE)2000414
5Bid Up (IRE)2000450
20You Played Well (IRE)2000350

Sun 5th Nov 2023 12.20 Cork (18 runners)
Paddy Power From The Horses Mouth Podcast Maiden Hurdle (Div 2)
2m , Soft, 4yo, Win: £6372
17Rosalys (IRE)455150472315
13Winning Smut (IRE)460159532177.50
12Tippin And Tappin (IRE)4531255218625
8Jouster (FR)4491164215950
1Fenway Park (IRE)440932014310
19Glen Kiln (IRE)43287511390
6Jay Pee M (IRE)432863313166
3Georgian Quarter (IRE)443101012166
15Youmli (IRE)4347922102100
4Golden Reel (IRE)443101010250
7Jigoro (FR)4000352.25
10Meidhreach (IRE)40001533
5Jasmin De Cotte (FR)4000134
16A Great Buzz (IRE)40001214
14Without Exception (IRE)4000833
18Time For Tea (IRE)4000712
11The Dawn (FR)4000550
9Kilbrin Rocco (IRE)4000416
21Diamond Dollar (IRE)400010
20Aboy Joey (IRE)400000

Sun 5th Nov 2023 12.25 Lingfield (8 runners)
Best Racing Odds Guaranteed At BetMGM Handicap
Class 6, 1m , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £4056
7Zakram (IRE)374163592432.25
2Neptune Legend (IRE)485153632341.75
1Blue Collar Lad465133622238
3Edmund Ironside3571436221710
8The Game Is Up3541275619310
4Vitesse Du Son6431075918016
9Ricardo Ofworthing (IRE)33594501440

Sun 5th Nov 2023 12.30 Huntingdon (7 runners)
Daily Charged Up Offers At Rhino.Bet Claiming Hurdle
Class 4, 2m , Good To Soft, 4yo+, Win: £3812
2Allbetsoff (IRE)756177722665
1Foveros (FR)848151792582.50
4Saligo Bay (IRE)542129672286
6Vorashann (FR)758142782222.75
5Still Standing (IRE)857124591968

Sun 5th Nov 2023 12.40 Curragh (5 runners)
Sheehy Motors Volkswagen Race
Class 4, 7f , Heavy, 3yo+, Win: £9558
1Big Gossey (IRE)677195772900.67
4Yosemite Valley386183712612.25
2Real Force650156752388
5Alexander John (IRE)3571476722225

Sun 5th Nov 2023 12.45 Carlisle (13 runners)
Beaumont Novices Hurdle (GBB Race)
Class 4, 2m4f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £4955
2Whistle Stop Tour (IRE)589208653051.63
11Yealand (IRE)4611436522910
1Moon Dorange (FR)5461276620910
3Both Barrels5741465320910
7Johnnywho (IRE)67116702001.50
6Iturgeon Du Breuil (FR)5461085016066
13Brasingaman Bella4399352151100
4Glenavaddra (IRE)7429426124100
10Mullys Choice (IRE)547110012225
5Imperial Rule (IRE)60001333
8Le Jeune Bresil60001112
12Belleme Basc (FR)5000850
9Mount Falcon (IRE)5000750

Sun 5th Nov 2023 12.55 Cork (12 runners)
Paddy Power How Many Days Til Christmas Handicap Hurdle (80-116)
Class 4, 2m , Soft, 3yo+, Win: £6372
1Grange Walk (IRE)891218723024
4Skradin (IRE)686180422383
7Marys Pride (IRE)6481505523316
3Pakens Rock (IRE)10481517323214
6Time To Rocco (IRE)650137692318
5Conyers Hill (IRE)584157462244.50
10On The Tide (IRE)5411195618416
2Quirt Evans (IRE)8441145817633
11Premier Queen (IRE)7401144617225
8Poets Cottage (IRE)446109531708
12Young Lucy (IRE)440108491648

Sun 5th Nov 2023 1.00 Lingfield (8 runners)
Stay Golden With BetMGM Safer Gambling Maiden Stakes (GBB Race)
Class 4, 1m , Standard, 2yo, Win: £5292
3Love Warrior (IRE)284197742824
8Times Edition265160732542.75
6Indelible (IRE)262144592304.50
7Rouge Sellier (IRE)259139692235
2Cynosure (IRE)266141632215
5Muy Barato2399450156150
4Magic Rascal2000258
1Alshimali (IRE)2000814

Sun 5th Nov 2023 1.05 Huntingdon (6 runners)
Follow Us On Twitter At BetRhino Juvenile Hurdle (GBB Race)
Class 4, 2m , Good To Soft, 3yo, Win: £4520
1Burdett Road375181602740.67
4Palio (IRE)341116702116
2Cosmic View3521216019512
3Finn Russell (IRE)3411055416610
6Through The Ages34211201335.50

Sun 5th Nov 2023 1.15 Curragh (22 runners)
Mongey Communications Handicap
Class 4, 7f , Heavy, 3yo+, Win: £7965
4Facethepuckout (IRE)7106211743026.50
21Blue Peak (IRE)4842076429314
16Nituna (IRE)387193652688
2All Lies Ahead (IRE)5621657326712
15Mogwli (IRE)6781846925612
22Conversant (IRE)8831866025116
10Sirjack Thomas (IRE)8551437524420
3Cavallo Pazzo (IRE)4511696224310
6Signora Bellissima (IRE)3471616224125
8Rhythm King (IRE)3501626223816
1Spanish Tenor (IRE)9441487423525
13Expressova (IRE)3521526822816
14Randall Poets Lass (IRE)3491476222510
5Loingseoir (IRE)7471516822520
11Clear Quartz (IRE)685147582208
7Frazil (IRE)4471546122010
17Trumble (IRE)5431227521933
9Eastern Wind4481336421125
19Paris Review (IRE)3421235018616
12Takeachancejimmy (IRE)937896216533

Sun 5th Nov 2023 1.20 Carlisle (6 runners)
Gordon Richards Novices Limited Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
Class 3, 2m4f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £8450
3Brandy Mcqueen (IRE)6108203692925
2Conkwell Legend987197712863.50
5Blue Fin (IRE)643126702335
4Hermes Du Gouet (FR)658142692318
6Presenting Jeremy (IRE)8671507522810

Sun 5th Nov 2023 1.30 Cork (18 runners)
Paddy Power Dear Lord Ive Left The Immersion On Mares Maiden Hurdle
Class 3, 2m4f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £6372
1Abis Champ (IRE)571177642840.83
19Tilloughna (IRE)582154532090
7Mag Dillane (IRE)562123581917
5Jetaway To Getaway (IRE)5441165517450
8Milanaway (IRE)5461164217125
17Pebble Bleu (IRE)4551074516025
12Barryroe Madam (FR)4511084615833
15Kilbarry Saint (FR)4471063615133
13Calendar House (IRE)43810434144100
3Boblere (IRE)54510239143100
10Smile Again (IRE)6459641137100
4Ivy Park (IRE)8419230128100
11Victorious Bay (IRE)6419627125100
16Onebrightbluerose (IRE)44189089100
9Queens Vic (IRE)6000354
2Banprionsa (IRE)5000302.75
6Karacole (FR)7000416
14Fourleaf Shamrock (IRE)4000333
18Western Rock (IRE)4000050

Sun 5th Nov 2023 1.35 Lingfield (4 runners)
Boost Your Acca-Fenwa With BetUK Handicap
Class 6, 2m , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £4004
4Royal Athena353136672250.80
1Fred Bear (IRE)543129541973
3A Poets Secret343116531925
2Notability (IRE)347104661797

Sun 5th Nov 2023 1.40 Huntingdon (7 runners)
Premier League Offers At Rhino.Bet Novices Limited Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
Class 3, 3m , Good To Soft, 4yo+, Win: £6535
3Hitching Jacking (FR)645162892896
6Bridge North (IRE)753173772756
2Stellar Magic (IRE)8641748127410
1Captain Morgs (IRE)7591528227012
5Fair Frontieres (IRE)863156802552.25
7Edison Kent (IRE)7501547424716

Sun 5th Nov 2023 1.50 Curragh (14 runners)
Cavalor Equine Nutrition Handicap
Class 3, 5f , Heavy, 3yo+, Win: £8496
1Laugh A Minute8712197932412
8Greek Flower (IRE)497210703016
2Screen Siren (IRE)593202692815
4Mickey The Steel592199722786
11Rathbranchurch (IRE)379195652788
3Stag Night (IRE)598193712714.50
6Wave Machine (FR)3551777226014
9Magical Vision (IRE)6671826325812
7Two Stars (IRE)380180612568
12Transcendental (FR)5741756725516
10Curraheen Princess (IRE)5641697325314
13Mymomentintime (USA)4621726624612
5Gordon Bennett (IRE)5521417522220

Sun 5th Nov 2023 1.55 Carlisle (11 runners)
Cumbria Cricket Over 50s Team Day Handicap Hurdle
Class 4, 2m1f , Soft, 3yo+, Win: £5281
1Ibbenburen (GER)752138712518
8Malangen (IRE)8691566723610
5Noble Affair (IRE)780154642364
3Dunnet Head (IRE)572155642322
2Applaus (GER)11481237122020
11Frightened Rabbit (USA)11591236621425
6V Twelve (IRE)454125622057
4Diamand De Vindecy (FR)444107621848
9Kopa Kilana (IRE)6411145917925
10A Cheap Thrill (IRE)6471174416325

Sun 5th Nov 2023 2.05 Cork (7 runners)
Paddy Power I Still Call It Twitter Irish EBF Novice Hurdle (Listed)
Listed Race, 3m , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £14602
7Desert Heather (IRE)791227643004
2Solitary Man (IRE)579194702862.50
5Pinyon Jay (FR)465159682656
1What Path (FR)641151622631.88
3The Shantou King (IRE)6821563620412
6Ah Fuhgeddaboudit (IRE)5431087219425
4Brave Fortune (IRE)453124012314

Sun 5th Nov 2023 2.10 Lingfield (5 runners)
Bet 10 Get 40 At BetMGM Novice Stakes (GBB Race)
Class 4, 6f , Standard, 2yo, Win: £5292
1Golden Arrow (IRE)282192742851.38
2Thunder Blue260182832821.50
5The Cutest (IRE)258136702226
4Its Showtime (IRE)255129662196.50
3New York Bob241955817350

Sun 5th Nov 2023 2.15 Huntingdon (10 runners)
Download The Rhino.Bet App Mares Novices Hurdle (GBB Race)
Class 4, 2m4f , Good To Soft, 4yo+, Win: £4520
1Della Casa Lunga (IRE)563174782726
6Take No Chances (IRE)551143832588
5Iliade Allen (FR)543128632112.75
9Mrs Tabitha475175020410
7After Many Days4501178420225
2Miss Oreo (IRE)58615601832.25
8Lucky Punch437866716625
10Phone Home445107014120
4Cheap Flights644103011725
3Brief Statement (IRE)5000156.50

Sun 5th Nov 2023 2.25 Curragh (14 runners)
Tote Athgarvan Handicap
Class 4, 1m , Heavy, 3yo+, Win: £26549
11No More Porter (IRE)594215763086
7Simply Sideways (IRE)663204702947
8San Aer (IRE)593205702924.50
6Grey Leader (IRE)384187632905
1Martinstown (IRE)477184692827
3Current Option (IRE)7441677725720
2Flame Of Eire (IRE)4671717825714
14Indigo Five (IRE)497176602516
9Soaring Monarch (IRE)6521597324516
12Excuzio Joe (IRE)6431396221910
10Arniemac (IRE)4411376020512
13Mr Rango (IRE)5471206319420

Sun 5th Nov 2023 2.30 Carlisle (6 runners)
Colin Parker Memorial Intermediate Chase (Listed) (GBB Race)
Listed Race, 2m4f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £17085
5Monbeg Genius (IRE)7104236743552.50
2Bill Baxter (IRE)7119245773538
6Thunder Rock (IRE)795204873174
1Beauport (IRE)757161892827
4Mahler Mission (IRE)761186702732
3Bass Rock (FR)7561528126412

Sun 5th Nov 2023 2.40 Cork (7 runners)
Paddy Power Feel Like A Favourite Irish EBF Novice Chase (Grade 3)
Grade 3, 2m4f , Soft, 5yo+, Win: £16726
5Perceval Legallois (FR)677226703364
4Mighty Tom (IRE)898243763256
2Letsbeclearaboutit (IRE)886221833242.75
6Power Of Pause (IRE)888192663105
3Lucid Dreams (IRE)8701867028610
1Solness (FR)592182692766
7Senecia (IRE)694185712655.50

Sun 5th Nov 2023 2.45 Lingfield (6 runners)
BetUK. Its Where The UK Bets Handicap
Class 6, 6f , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £4056
1Mumayaz (IRE)472173662551.63
3Sir Rodneyredblood666145692505
2Glamorous Express (IRE)456154622328
4Lahina Bay (IRE)3401295921325

Sun 5th Nov 2023 2.50 Huntingdon (7 runners)
Discover Whats Trending At Rhino.Bet Casino Handicap Chase
Class 4, 2m½f , Good To Soft, 4yo+, Win: £6337
7Forget The Way661161682572.75
5New Found Fame (IRE)757142672253.50
6Clonakilty (IRE)643127662183.50
3Desque De Lisle (FR)1042136582148
1Mr Grey Sky (IRE)942116661996.50
2Showbusiness (FR)642129501928
4Orange Diamond (FR)5000310

Sun 5th Nov 2023 3.00 Curragh (7 runners)
Comer Group International Loughbrown Stakes (Group 3)
Group 3, 2m , Heavy, 3yo+, Win: £29204
2Jesse Evans (IRE)799246753517
4Echoes In Rain (FR)772202753023
1Falcon Eight (IRE)8110196802932.50
7Typewriter (IRE)4912037829314
5Final Gesture (IRE)489186582755
6Powerful Aggie (FR)5521578526216

Sun 5th Nov 2023 3.05 Carlisle (10 runners)
Castletown Handicap Hurdle (GBB Race)
Class 2, 2m4f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £20812
6Fingals Hill (IRE)7102226612973
2Alberts Back974193702975.50
7Theme Tune (IRE)8611836627910
8Shallow River (IRE)782190712745.50
4Baron De Midleton (IRE)10551877126716
10The King Of May (FR)9741497523212
5Carcaci Castle (IRE)759165392245
9Polisud (FR)750117011833

Sun 5th Nov 2023 3.15 Cork (14 runners)
Paddy Power Cork Grand National Handicap Chase (0-150) (Listed)
Listed Race, 3m4f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £23894
3Royal Thief (IRE)979186732974.50
2Champagne Platinum (IRE)9711857628812
6Walk Away (IRE)1068177792877
5Flash De Touzaine (FR)8102223402777
14Call The Tune (IRE)9801886427610
12Glenquin Castle (IRE)989200602767
9Fairyhill Run (IRE)8931797327112
1Diol Ker (FR)981186592578
7The Little Yank (IRE)8561557624620
4Cavalry Master (IRE)9581547824425
13History Of Fashion (IRE)9451457022720
11Salmanino (FR)747150602247
10Sir Bob (IRE)11451444820120

Sun 5th Nov 2023 3.20 Lingfield (7 runners)
BetUK. Home Of The Acca-Fenwa Handicap
Class 6, 5f , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £4056
4So Sleepy353159632564
3Boom The Groom (IRE)1252154812556
7Lion Ring (IRE)586157662493
5Cuban Grey339143652424
2Just That Lord1044140772333.50
6Man On A Mission4501257122510
1Pablo Del Pueblo (IRE)5401127018825

Sun 5th Nov 2023 3.25 Huntingdon (6 runners)
Rhino.Bet Handicap Hurdle
Class 5, 3m1½f , Good To Soft, 4yo+, Win: £4901
5Top Cloud694201572781.20
7For Gina588175662712.75
2Legal Rights (GER)6481347522210
3Kiss My Face651135672090
4Chris Cool7491205719110
6Flashy Boy (IRE)650114601758

Sun 5th Nov 2023 3.35 Curragh (11 runners)
Start Your Racing TV Free Trial Now Finale Stakes (Listed)
Listed Race, 1m4f , Heavy, 3yo+, Win: £21239
1Chally Chute (IRE)594218703246
2Hans Andersen3109197853142.25
4Prairie Dancer (IRE)51162077229625
7Vischio (IRE)61032087329320
3Helvic Dream (IRE)689186732884.50
6Queen Of Seduction (IRE)4941836726225
11Time To Tell (IRE)3731796725410
8Erato (IRE)3811606423512
10High Chieftess (IRE)3461227421020

Sun 5th Nov 2023 3.40 Carlisle (12 runners)
Cumberland Handicap Chase
Class 3, 3m2f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £20812
10Wasdell Dundalk (FR)889232723338
7Flower Of Scotland (FR)881201833087
9Houston Texas (IRE)9941877230014
3Yes Indeed (FR)698201662926
8Apple Rock (IRE)9761767227114
11Glittering Love (IRE)11471507226616
5Haute Estime (IRE)659152752604.50
1Laskalin (FR)858166702526
6Phantom Getaway (IRE)657151692427
12Rath An Iuir (IRE)10551517023333
4Mario De Pail (FR)8611355421012
2Street Value (IRE)869149351977

Sun 5th Nov 2023 3.50 Cork (18 runners)
Buy Tickets At www.corkracecourse.ie Handicap Hurdle (80-109)
Class 3, 2m4f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £5841
13Temptationinmilan (IRE)765198622798
6Fill The Tank (IRE)995200532734
4Como Park (IRE)482172612688
2Gorgeous Suspect (FR)784160652525
16Tomjackwilliam (IRE)689179612507
17Chapel Street (IRE)8941705524312
7Bents Hollow (IRE)6681586222910
1From The Ashes (IRE)6491535921712
11Great Island (IRE)792155532108
5Ena Baie (FR)9631385620416
8Money Heist (IRE)641121432018
10Dr Val (IRE)5511305219520
14Joy Of Life (IRE)6491274419433
12Knockraha Lass (IRE)6521304619020
19Early Arrival (IRE)852136531900
15Hazran (IRE)74410054174100
9Puntastic (IRE)4401016216514
3Criminal Mischief (IRE)6481164316166
20Simply Shabra (IRE)842109491580
21Moonlight Getaway (IRE)747105531570
18He Picked Us443111011833

Sun 5th Nov 2023 3.55 Lingfield (11 runners)
Boost Your Acca At BetMGM Handicap
Class 6, 7f , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £4056
7Intoxicata (FR)384172622614
5Doves Of Peace (IRE)366148632376
4No News (IRE)354151592364.50
1Porterinthejungle (IRE)773151622275
10Endless Season (IRE)4521486122514
6Ok Pal3471325720212
3So Chic (IRE)3431176519125
8Delagate The Lady758119571908
11Warrior Square447896316616

Sun 5th Nov 2023 4.00 Huntingdon (7 runners)
Price Boosts On Football At Rhino.Bet Handicap Hurdle
Class 5, 2m4f , Good To Soft, 3yo+, Win: £4357
2Pileup (IRE)666175672512.50
6Jack Sprat (IRE)546131582243.50
7Star Legend (IRE)455127772227.50
3Blazing Court (IRE)556148662177.50
1Tip Top Tonto (IRE)7481115719412
4Ferrybridge (IRE)551132221548

Sun 5th Nov 2023 4.10 Curragh (12 runners)
Watch Racing TV Free For 31 Days Maiden
Class 5, 1m4f , Heavy, 3yo+, Win: £7965
6Neptunes Staircase (IRE)375156632394
5How About No (FR)360140592135
10Johanna Whitty (IRE)361143602108
7Queenstown (IRE)358123582090.73
12Taymura (IRE)358136592056
11Struck By Churchil3481225418433
2Spanish John (IRE)53711238153100
1Cornmarket (IRE)46011823145100
8Betty Grey (IRE)339994114366
4Golden Goose (IRE)3409433134100
3Vodka Warlord (IRE)5438541127150
9Ciorcal (IRE)3367909750

Sun 5th Nov 2023 4.15 Carlisle (12 runners)
Braithwaite Open NH Flat Race (GBB Race)
Class 5, 2m1f , Soft, 4-5yo, Win: £2722
7Panhandle Slim (IRE)463147712512.50
12Western Glen (IRE)434807116850
9Wolfburg (IRE)433774313433
3Cave Hill430803712320
6Mister Meggit (IRE)5000244.50
8Wal Bucks (FR)4000248
5Great Warford (IRE)40001920
4Denemethy (IRE)5000193
2Askmore (IRE)5000128
11She Wont Mind5000714
10Ideal Vision4000333
Top Ranked OSR + Points Clear

Top Ranked OSR 40+ (possible win bets)

⚠️“BEWARE OF THE NED’s” ⚠️ Races where there is no form data for over 20% of the runners.

TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
12.20CorkMaiden Hurdle (Ire)No. 2Flamborough943.33
12.45CarlisleNovices Hurdle (Class 4)No. 2Whistle Stop Tour (IRE)761.63
12.55CorkHandicap Hurdle (Ire)No. 1Grange Walk (IRE)644.00
1.05HuntingdonHurdle (Class 4)No. 1Burdett Road440.67
1.20CarlisleHandicap Novices Chase (Class 3)No. 1Trelawne581.75
1.30CorkMaiden Hurdle (Ire)No. 1Abis Champ (IRE)750.83
3.00CurraghNon-Handicap (Group 3)No. 2Jesse Evans (IRE)417.00
4.15CarlisleNH Flat (Class 5)No. 7Panhandle Slim (IRE)832.50

Also known as the 40+ Method, these horses are Top Ranked on OSR and have a clear lead of 40 points or more. Please remember it is important to conduct your own research by examining the race and forming your own opinion, as THESE ARE NOT TIPS.

Top Ranked OSR 1-5 (possible lays)

We have had some success laying horses (BETTING THAT THEY WILL LOSE) that are ranked highest on OSR but only marginally ahead of the second-ranked ones.

TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
1.55CarlisleHandicap Hurdle (Class 4)No. 1Ibbenburen (GER)18.00
2.10LingfieldNovices (Class 4)No. 1Golden Arrow (IRE)31.38
2.30CarlisleChase (Listed Race)No. 5Monbeg Genius (IRE)22.50
2.45LingfieldHandicap (Class 6)No. 1Mumayaz (IRE)51.63
3.05CarlisleHandicap Hurdle (Class 2)No. 1Cheddleton56.00
3.20LingfieldHandicap (Class 6)No. 4So Sleepy14.00


ALL Top Ranked OSR in Race Order.

Horses with a rating of 40 points or higher above the second-ranked are bolded.


TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
11.50CorkMaiden Hurdle (Ire)No. 3Dee Capo (FR)62.75
12.10CurraghMaiden (Ire)No. 6Chantilly (IRE)122.50
12.20CorkMaiden Hurdle (Ire)No. 2Flamborough943.33
12.30HuntingdonClaimer Hurdle (Class 4)No. 2Allbetsoff (IRE)85.00
12.40CurraghNon-Handicap (Ire)No. 3Verhoyen167.00
12.45CarlisleNovices Hurdle (Class 4)No. 2Whistle Stop Tour (IRE)761.63
1.00LingfieldMaiden (Class 4)No. 3Love Warrior (IRE)284.00
1.05HuntingdonHurdle (Class 4)No. 1Burdett Road440.67
1.30CorkMaiden Hurdle (Ire)No. 1Abis Champ (IRE)750.83
2.05CorkNovices Hurdle (Listed Race)No. 7Desert Heather (IRE)144.00
2.10LingfieldNovices (Class 4)No. 1Golden Arrow (IRE)31.38
2.15HuntingdonNovices Hurdle (Class 4)No. 1Della Casa Lunga (IRE)146.00
2.30CarlisleChase (Listed Race)No. 5Monbeg Genius (IRE)22.50
2.40CorkNovices Chase (Grade 3)No. 5Perceval Legallois (FR)114.00
3.00CurraghNon-Handicap (Group 3)No. 2Jesse Evans (IRE)417.00
3.35CurraghNon-Handicap (Listed Race)No. 1Chally Chute (IRE)106.00
4.10CurraghMaiden (Ire)No. 6Neptunes Staircase (IRE)264.00
4.15CarlisleNH Flat (Class 5)No. 7Panhandle Slim (IRE)832.50


TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
12.25LingfieldHandicap (Class 6)No. 7Zakram (IRE)92.25
12.55CorkHandicap Hurdle (Ire)No. 1Grange Walk (IRE)644.00
1.15CurraghHandicap (Ire)No. 4Facethepuckout (IRE)96.50
1.20CarlisleHandicap Novices Chase (Class 3)No. 1Trelawne581.75
1.35LingfieldHandicap (Class 6)No. 4Royal Athena280.80
1.40HuntingdonHandicap Novices Chase (Class 3)No. 3Hitching Jacking (FR)106.00
1.50CurraghHandicap (Ire)No. 1Laugh A Minute2312.00
1.55CarlisleHandicap Hurdle (Class 4)No. 1Ibbenburen (GER)18.00
2.25CurraghHandicap (Ire)No. 11No More Porter (IRE)146.00
2.45LingfieldHandicap (Class 6)No. 1Mumayaz (IRE)51.63
2.50HuntingdonHandicap Chase (Class 4)No. 7Forget The Way322.75
3.05CarlisleHandicap Hurdle (Class 2)No. 1Cheddleton56.00
3.15CorkHandicap Chase (Listed Race)No. 3Royal Thief (IRE)94.50
3.20LingfieldHandicap (Class 6)No. 4So Sleepy14.00
3.25HuntingdonHandicap Hurdle (Class 5)No. 5Top Cloud71.20
3.40CarlisleHandicap Chase (Class 3)No. 10Wasdell Dundalk (FR)258.00
3.50CorkHandicap Hurdle (Ire)No. 13Temptationinmilan (IRE)68.00
3.55LingfieldHandicap (Class 6)No. 7Intoxicata (FR)244.00
4.00HuntingdonHandicap Hurdle (Class 5)No. 2Pileup (IRE)272.50

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