Tuesday’s Horse Racing Racecards – 5th March 2024

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Tuesday’s Racecards

Tue 5th Mar 2024
2.02 Lingfield (4 runners)
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Class 4, 2m3½f , Heavy, 4yo+, Win: £4066

3331712138Wolfspear (IRE)811-7Boyden, Oliver (7)Murphy, Olly1241130.802753
1630121P24Ito Ditto (FR)612-0Bowen, Sean PMartin, Miss Nicky17812032494
2068046510In From The Cold (IRE)711-11Anderson, Joe (5)Harris, Miss G14511782415
46P70Bataillon611-0Maxwell, David (3)Hobbs, P J / White, J1781064.501742
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
2.20 Newcastle (3 runners)
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Class 3, 2m7½f , Heavy, 5yo+, Win: £6179

34P223017Twoshotsoftequila (IRE)711-2Hughes, BrianMenzies, Rebecca2612713026
24232126318Your Own Story (IRE)811-2Fox, Derek RRussell, Miss Lucinda V1371271.752930
11111010326Equus Dancer (IRE)1011-6CkPcBowen, James CBowen, P43413142870
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
2.32 Lingfield (4 runners)
Sky Sports Racing Sky 415 Mares Handicap Chase
Class 4, 2m7½f , Heavy, 5yo+, Win: £4700

1163833232Eureka Creek (IRE)812-0Bellamy, TomLavelle, Miss E C941212.502744
211PP2P15Juniper1012-0TTTwiston-Davies, SamHoneyball, A J1551211.382732
40F9590126Fortunefavorsdbold (IRE)611-2CkPcTudor, JackWilliams, Christian1851093.50251D6
3611F47432Eleanor Bob911-7CkPcDeutsch, CharlieWilliams, Miss Venetia17211452293
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
2.40 Thurles (13 runners)
Leugh Beginners Chase
2m5f , Soft, 5yo+, Win: £5841

67000136Folly Master (IRE)611-12Donoghue, K MDreaper, Tom9403.502185
151U475613Bocellis Voice (IRE)811-12CkPcOHanlon, P J (3)McLoughlin, D A148072155
4401132813Duffys Getaway (IRE)711-12TTTorrens, SimonRothwell, P J36827.502148
13421780723Dragons Pass (IRE)811-5Walsh, EFoster,s Denise1489212211C8
8880350Lough Nigara (IRE)711-12Doyle, R ADaly, Matthew A410102043
29U1P48451Brucejack (IRE)711-12OSullivan, M J MFahy, P A4910681944
5P6PF610103Duncarrig (IRE)711-12Mullins, D EMullins, Anthony240121934
734P226835Gaspard Du Seuil (FR)811-12Enright, P TSweeney, Rodger7105.501840
110059P0142Walk In The Dark (IRE)711-12Gilligan, D J (5)Walsh, Brendan M710201723
1066P230554Sea Road Fill (IRE)711-12Gilligan, Jack G (7)Collins, Darren840121675
900005965Perfect Pupil (IRE)611-12McConville, D J (7)McConville, Stephen1770201665
31314863Donacheady Gale (IRE)1011-12King, DRyan, John Patrick270101560
12755000719Fort Randall (IRE)511-10McGarvey, J SHanlon, John Joseph700251319
Last Years Winner
13.03.2023ThurlesMylestown Upper (FR)4.50Elliott, Gordon711-120Gainford, J CYielding To Soft2m5f

Tue 5th Mar 2024
2.50 Newcastle (6 runners)
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Class 4, 2m4½f , Heavy, 4yo+, Win: £4193

2116221P38Esprit Du Potier (FR)511-12Fox, Derek RRussell, Miss Lucinda V1371210.73284D4
15511P38Chosen Templar (IRE)611-12Burke, JonathanJeffreys, D J24402.252394
6719Audreys Pride710-12Dawson, John (3)Collins, Paul590251361
37167Beechmount (IRE)711-5Midgley, Tom (3)Grant, C3601001231
433PP22Court Case (IRE)611-5CkPcAnderson, A (5)Menzies, Rebecca260661213
53102Raceview Road (IRE)611-5Bewley, JonathonBewley, G T8704.501181
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
3.02 Lingfield (5 runners)
Try The Racing App This Afternoon Maiden Hurdle (GBB Race)
Class 4, 2m , Heavy, 4yo+, Win: £4193

4323336Kilbarry Hill611-5TTBowen, Sean PMurphy, Olly1241101.752494
3233212Home Free (IRE)611-5Skelton, HarrySkelton, Daniel1261150.802322
5426540Wee Tony (IRE)611-5Jones, Ben RPauling, Ben14706.502253
160PP66Bingo Little (IRE)511-5Woods, K KPauling, Ben1470331513
24P25Dance To Fame (IRE)911-5Houlihan, Niall FRowe, R310331041
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
3.10 Thurles (11 runners)
Racing Again March 16th Maiden Hunters Chase
3m1f , Soft, 5yo+, Win: £5310

422102Global Assembly712-0TTONeill, BChristie, D M19801.632031
53647556649God Help Us (IRE)812-0Hurley, J (7)Gallagher, E F710141720
22935544Boss Robin (IRE)812-0Barron, R W (5)Gleeson, John F410101674
110622F33291Carrig Wells (IRE)911-7CkPcFitzgerald, D M (7)Fitzgerald, Martin Paul7192101651
76306Lisleigh Lad (IRE)612-0Murphy, J G M (7)Broderick, Ms Eleanor710141441
105PFP450260Ta Se Rua1112-0Verling, Sarah (7)Healy, P J7101001312
107097400Albaquirky (IRE)612-0Russell, D M (7)Bolger, E410141250
8U54Miners Bridge (IRE)712-0OConnor, DerekCurling, S2707.50921
3noneCicero Grimes (IRE)612-0CkPc TTDoyle, Miss S M (7)Doyle, P M J2706.5010
6noneHeadcorn (IRE)712-0TTKing, P A (5)Phillips, Michael John2701400
9noneRyehill (IRE)712-0Shanahan, L P (7)OSullivan, Ross580500
Last Years Winner
13.03.2023ThurlesDento Des Obeaux (FR)2.75Turley, Patrick1012-00Lavery, D GYielding To Soft3m1½f

Tue 5th Mar 2024
3.20 Newcastle (4 runners)
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Class 4, 2m4f , Heavy, 5yo+, Win: £4700

143F241316So They Say812-0TTFox, Derek RRussell, Miss Lucinda V1371050.732605
4385315621Gipsy Lee Rose (FR)1010-9Vsor TTLynn, Bruce (3)Alexander, N W1358642065
2468607329Libby (IRE)511-10Hamilton, JamieMenzies, Rebecca2610351893
365430P359Torosay (IRE)610-11Mulqueen, SRussell, Miss Lucinda V1378861853
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
3.32 Lingfield (6 runners)
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Class 5, 2m6f , Heavy, 5yo+, Win: £3248

6985257120Valirann Gold (IRE)710-10TTSheehan, GavinBrown, Miss Harriet126872.502407
3276625214Has Troke (FR)711-9BlnkWoods, K KHales, A M10710072314
2445222F31Hunter Legend (FR)711-11Deutsch, CharlieWilliams, Miss Venetia17210242304
11222P8F12Lazy Sunday1012-0CkPc TTNolan, Michael GMitford-Slade, R1651051.88228C5
413PU21P20Call Off The Dogs (IRE)911-6VsorHoulihan, Niall FMoore, G L189714218D1
5552825312Mister Murchan (IRE)1111-2Davies, JamesRowe, R31938198D4
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
3.40 Thurles (17 runners)
ThurlesRaces.ie Maiden Hurdle
2m , Soft, 5yo+, Win: £5310

5242002410Ballycallan King (IRE)711-4BlnkFarrell, Sean C (7)Fitzgerald, B J4910952139
1150405445Chosen Witness (IRE)711-12TTOKeeffe, Sean FMullins, W P4904.502003
675121Brave Fortune (IRE)511-4Doyle, JackDoyle, P M J2703.502001
16421Hollow Rodger (IRE)610-11Flanagan, S WOBrien, David M240101981
74070Doctor Glide (FR)611-4TTDonoghue, K MDreaper, Tom94061962
4974856254Answering (IRE)911-4Doyle, D (7)Doyle, Timothy2707.501927
15336Touch Me Not (IRE)511-4Kennedy, J WElliott, Gordon148031901
3367356144Thebeautifulgame511-5Foley, J BCollins, C M148081830
1280244Sharetheknowledge (IRE)511-4Gainford, J CTobin, Paul500121723
140421The Striker Dylan (IRE)611-4Deegan, RCusack, Liam P400661702
2670700729Arthurs Victory (IRE)611-5Brouder, Gavin (5)Nash, J A580501621
1109PP8613Our Chezney (IRE)811-4HoodMcKenna, Liam (5)Markham, Ms Helen P360661555
170021Manhattan Brook (IRE)610-11Walsh, EMurray, Adrian720661382
1380913Storm Ryder (IRE)611-4HoodSmithers, C D (7)Markham, Ms Helen P360661333
90736Matagorda (IRE)611-4Doyle, R ABurke, W J7101001172
800115Kilbrin Rocco (IRE)511-4Heskin, A PWinters, Michael7101001112
10noneMywayorthehighway (IRE)511-4TTOHanlon, P J (3)Rothwell, P J3606640
Last Years Winner
13.03.2023ThurlesThe Gunner Yeats (IRE)0.53Mullins, W P611-40Hayes, BrianSoft2m½f

Non Runners – 3.40 Thurles

Card NoFormNameAgeWeightTrainerOR
1897Win Some Lose Some (IRE)511-4Roche, Padraig0
19PChance Another One (IRE)511-4Duffy, S M0
20noneBodybuilder (GER)611-4Elliott, Gordon0

Tue 5th Mar 2024
3.50 Newcastle (6 runners)
Free Digital Racecard At raceday-ready.com Handicap Hurdle
Class 5, 2m1f , Heavy, 4yo+, Win: £3248

2123053229Geordies Dream911-10Hughes, BrianRobson, Miss P22961.502512
1127423419Beat Box (FR)812-0CkPcMaggs, William (7)Ewart, J P L741006233C3
600705116Call Me Jack510-7Hamilton, JamieWalford, Mark78793.502284
4PPP56319Polisud (FR)811-7TTSmith-Chaston, Emma (3)Hammond, Micky579352145
57PP6P2616Wotyoudunnow Buddy (IRE)610-12BlnkColtherd, Sam WCorbett,s Susan31845.502037
3687390719Monty Nevett (IRE)511-8OFarrell, CHammond, Micky5794201744
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
4.02 Lingfield (8 runners)
Jill Taberner Memorial Handicap Hurdle
Class 4, 2m7f , Heavy, 4yo+, Win: £4066

8345111112Major Fortune (IRE)611-2Skelton, HarrySkelton, Daniel1261012326CD6
56773120How And Ever (IRE)611-6CkPc TTSheehan, GavinSigny, Oliver8110542725
1PP83U1321Movethechains (IRE)1011-13BlnkHargreaves, Rob (7)Moore, G L181127269C6
4511211F22Hill Of Tara711-8Deutsch, CharlieWilliams, Miss Venetia1721073.332666
6P-2441717Im A Starman1111-4Bellamy, TomRimell, M G99103142557
2743260617Sporting Mike (IRE)711-11TTMorgan, Beau (5)Pauling, Ben14711082263
37PU31P6292Carlow Farmer (IRE)1111-10CkPc TTReed, HarryCharlton, Anthony111109202021
7334PPPU53Lucky So And So (IRE)711-4Houlihan, Sean MMartin, Miss Nicky178103201693
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
4.10 Thurles (17 runners)
Killinan Handicap Hurdle (80-95)
2m , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £5310

102500832150Depeche Mo (IRE)611-4Moore, Niall (7)Larkin, Eric27854.502247
12903589112Pana To Milan (IRE)611-4TTMcKenna, Liam (5)Winters, Michael71855.50222C8
18479P0112Smallcraftwarning (IRE)712-0TTQuail, Toni (7)McCutcheon, Miss Evanna27954218C6
5352453P65Dontdooddson (FR)1111-9Gilligan, Jack G (7)Collins, Darren8490102089
8245100412Mullins Cross (IRE)811-6McGarvey, J SHanlon, John Joseph7087720714
900P2P5989Toon Town (IRE)711-6Mullins, D EWalsh, Brendan M7187141973
13000009812Navy Waves (IRE)611-3CkPcDwan, E (7)Cashin,s Julie278416189CD7
360067335Jay Pee M (IRE)511-12Ewing, SamOSullivan, Daniel William71935.501825
1799750P741Max Time (IRE)710-13King, DMadden, I84805018211
60005R0865Eikonix611-8Fenelon, S (7)Hanlon, John Joseph7089331734
14000400835Thelonglad (IRE)611-2Donovan, Philip (5)McDonagh, Michael J14483251734
20P08080103He Picked Us511-12TTDonoghue, K MCromwell, Gavin Patrick14893251684
116908057142Glencourt Valley (IRE)711-4Foley, J BCusack, Liam P408571656
40P08197569Morepowertoya (FR)611-10Quinlan, Liam (5)Power, Paul509116162D0
150000PP21On The Banks (IRE)611-0Enright, P TTyner, Robert7181331576
704340Getaway Erin (IRE)511-8TTTreacy, R PHanlon, John Joseph7089201453
168079P0P369Champagne Rebel (IRE)910-13OKeeffe, Sean FAherne, Sean7180331040
Last Years Winner
13.03.2023ThurlesMahlers Cove (IRE)11Mangan, James Joseph611-187OConnor, M PSoft2m½f

Non Runners – 4.10 Thurles

Card NoFormNameAgeWeightTrainerOR
180U60Rightfolksplease (IRE)611-4Flynn, Paul W85
198065PCosmic Blizzard (IRE)511-9Curling, S90
209P80Jonny Mansie (IRE)511-6Queally, Declan87

Tue 5th Mar 2024
4.20 Newcastle (10 runners)
Get The Inside Track With raceday-ready.com Novices Handicap Hurdle
Class 5, 2m4½f , Heavy, 4yo+, Win: £3248

1086552335Glory Hights810-12McMenamin, DanielGrant, C368432323
6444843451Ballyquin Bay (IRE)611-5CkPcHamilton, JamieHamilton,s A C639142299
9735F5482Greenhill Gardens511-1Wadge, P (3)Russell, Miss Lucinda V137876.502213
8967924752Line In The Sand (IRE)611-3Bewley, JonathonBewley, G T8789141967
598U03435Scalloway Bay (IRE)811-5TTLynn, Bruce (3)Alexander, N W1359181934
2628952Askmore (IRE)612-0Chapman, RossMenzies, Rebecca2610081894
1929312Ballyvaughan Bay (IRE)712-0Burke, JonathanJeffreys, D J2441006.501853
4062662916All Ways And Ever (IRE)511-9CkPcPower, Jack (7)Thompson, V3595331835
30F221Didnt Ask (IRE)711-9Rabbitt, C (5)Barnes, M A529581792
7944885052Knacker Trapper (IRE)611-4Williamson, Joseph (5)Crook, A5790161684
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
4.32 Lingfield (4 runners)
Support The Injured Jockeys Fund Handicap Hurdle
Class 4, 2m , Heavy, 4yo+, Win: £4066

1466772120Copper Cove (IRE)712-0TTMacey, Benjamin (10)ONeill, Jonjo1141081.202683
2904042122Pickanumber (IRE)612-0Bowen, Sean PMurphy, Olly1241081.50262D4
37473Schelem (FR)711-6Houlihan, Niall FMoore, G L181004.501480
417530P612Grooveur (FR)810-10Cannon, Tom JOBrien, Daniel1990201371
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
4.40 Thurles (13 runners)
Holycross Maiden Hurdle
2m4½f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £5310

16U04567Balally Park (IRE)511-12CkPcMeyler, DCooper, Thomas118051804
20884967Jeronimo De Louch (FR)511-12Gilligan, D J (5)Kennedy, Michael G710101773
3098413John The Diva (FR)711-12Moore, Niall (7)Cahill, Mark279571774
10554531West Clare (IRE)711-12Enright, P TMcMahon, Brian M8404.501750
8080053Tell Us This (IRE)511-12Donoghue, K MCromwell, Gavin Patrick148081684
1265736Sainte Baol (FR)611-5Kennedy, J WElliott, Gordon14804.501593
50660624Lispopple (IRE)611-12Hayes, BrianFenton, Philip270201535
1107613Bee Bright (IRE)711-5Doyle, D (7)Doyle, Timothy270201383
45080P4412Leis Fein (IRE)911-12Noonan, G B (5)OBrien, V T8491121362
78666021Rodney (IRE)511-12Fenelon, S (7)Hanlon, John Joseph700161365
684PF87617Malton Groove (IRE)711-12HoodMaxwell, C DMcLoughlin, D A148041343
909P35Tellmeyourtroubles (IRE)511-12OCallaghan, Shane (5)Kelleher, Gerard710331243
1380512Venturi Effect (IRE)611-5McCurtin, AmbroseDoyle, Timothy270661163
Last Years Winner
13.03.2023ThurlesNo Fussing (IRE)7Doyle, Timothy710-120Moore, NiallSoft2m5f

Non Runners – 4.40 Thurles

Card NoFormNameAgeWeightTrainerOR
14000Gentle Anna (IRE)711-5Grace, James88
150004640Cornmarket (IRE)511-12Flannery, M81
16P880PPStradbally Village (IRE)711-5Flynn, Ms M80

Tue 5th Mar 2024
4.50 Newcastle (12 runners)
Tips For Every Race At raceday-ready.com Open Maiden NH Flat Race (GBB Race)
Class 5, 2m1f , Heavy, 4-6yo, Win: £2451

84253Lawrenny511-5Quinlan, SeanCandlish, Jennie16002.251842
10641Away She Goes (IRE)510-12Wadge, P (3)Ellison, B90081751
4053Do Ye Wanna (IRE)611-5Bewley, JonathonBewley, G T870501231
36373Charizord (IRE)511-5Coltherd, Sam WCorbett,s Susan31050850
11noneMyfavouritesister (IRE)510-12Brooke, HenryNeville, Patrick57012250
6noneForest Blaze511-5Hughes, BrianWalford, Mark7805.50200
5noneFiery Dawn (IRE)511-5Garritty, BillyEasterby, M W78010170
1noneBattle Born Lad511-5Hamilton, JamieWalford, Mark78014160
7noneIndian Poet (IRE)511-5Nichol, CraigRobson, Paul112012150
2noneBlacksammhor511-5Midgley, Tom (3)Grant, C36020130
13noneLong Time Listener (IRE)410-9Easterby, William (3)Easterby, T D900590
12noneFast Fred410-9Brown, Pippa (7)Makin, Phillip570800
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Non Runners – 4.50 Newcastle

Card NoFormNameAgeWeightTrainerOR
97Posh Et Noir511-5Graham, Harriet/Rutherford, Gary0

Tue 5th Mar 2024
5.00 Southwell (5 runners)
Boost Your Acca With BetUK Novice Stakes (GBB Race)
Class 4, 5f , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £6156

33222210Moonstone Boy (IRE)39-7Mulrennan, PaulJardine, I3218831.632581
4310Orchard Park39-2Tudhope, DanielBurke, K R511200.732581
196610Kipp Kelly39-7Mason, JoannaShaw, D23275251983
55105Unforgettable Fire (IRE)39-2HoodLoughnane, BillyMeehan, B J11630251551
2noneKodenza (IRE)39-7Allan, DavidEasterby, T D491014120
Last Years Winner
7.03.2023SouthwellCrimson Angel1.88Cox, C G39-50Fahy, J PStandard5f

Tue 5th Mar 2024
5.10 Thurles (11 runners)
Thurles Handicap Hurdle
2m7½f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £8496

1912318229Shannon Royale (IRE)612-0BlnkKennedy, J WElliott, Gordon1481324.502875
8208121031Ishan (FR)610-7Enright, P TCurling, S2711162726
4801062568West Is Awake (IRE)811-0HoodByrnes, P (5)Cawley, Edward14811882635
5230190730Almuhit (IRE)510-10CkPc TTClarke, Conor (7)Mullins, Emmet4911482542
250F50359Zoffanien (IRE)711-5King, DHogan, Denis Gerard27123142444
6492268Native Speaker (IRE)610-10Blackmore, RachaelBromhead, Henry De501146.502443
3858256129Linden Arden (IRE)611-3Hayes, BrianMullins, W P491212.252422
10452344416Power Hour (IRE)810-5Moore, Niall (7)Gunn, M A27109122314
9523U35283Rowdy Romeo (IRE)710-7Slevin, J JMcCaldin,s Caroline66111102174
79225750Insouciant Dallier (FR)610-7TTFlanagan, S WDoyle, Miss Elizabeth79111141675
1131803070Ballycairn (IRE)910-0Quirke, C M (5)McCaldin,s Caroline6690501381
Last Years Winner
13.03.2023ThurlesPapal Lodge (IRE)10Fahey, Peter711-1114Flanagan, S WSoft3m

Tue 5th Mar 2024
5.30 Southwell (12 runners)
Build Your Acca With BetUK Novice Stakes
Class 4, 1m4f , Standard, 4yo+, Win: £6156

1224362213Eleanor Cross48-13Murphy, OisinBalding, A M9144752.502794
2223129Caustic49-10TTProbert, DavidBurrows, Owen713203272D2
81112228Secret Squirrel59-5Ryan, RossaMorrison, H3128052710
415614P131Marble Sands (FR)89-5Loughnane, BillyKillahena, David / Mcpherson, Graeme6102052430
161503Cannon Rock49-10Keeley, Aidan (3)Owen, J P1085082200
363182455Little Peter69-5Catton, Luke (5)Berry, John4850142142
11303512Storm Spirit59-0HoodMullen, AndrewHammond, Micky51100331861
6340629Ridge Hill59-5Doyle, HollieWatson, Archie21310661751
511074Mr Zippi59-5Mason, JoannaEnder, Miss S J11910201660
74P14244159Rotten Row (IRE)79-5CkPc TTGordon, JosephineHanmer, G D11110251330
95322Emaculate Soldier (GER)49-4TTDavies, HarryCrisford, Simon8850161280
105026Royal Observatory49-4Sanderson, Benjamin (3)Frost, Kevin128050920
Last Years Winner
7.03.2023SouthwellStar Angel0.36Boughey, George48-1382Stott, KevinStandard1m4f

Tue 5th Mar 2024
5.40 Thurles (11 runners)
Ballagh Flat Race
2m , Soft, 5yo+, Win: £5310

1283656823Barton Snow (IRE)712-0HoodMcElligott, Miss M M (7)Murphy, William P490101647
5660755616Dream Shaper (IRE)512-0OConnor, Miss A B (3)Madden, I840251388
40738Dairy Force (IRE)512-0Cavanagh, S (7)Mullins, Anthony240251272
2369Blaze The Way (IRE)612-0Hamilton, TMullins, Ms Margaret240101161
8535Machismo (IRE)512-0Swan, H C (5)Elliott, Gordon148051141
3816Brooklyn Bridge (FR)712-0Harvey, A (7)Connell, Sarah500331111
6435Eastbank Warrior (IRE)612-0Barron, R W (5)Sweeney, Jonathan71041061
9510Nelson Eddie (IRE)512-0ONeill, BRath, R P79050991
11noneRed Hugh (IRE)612-0Mullins, P WMullins, Emmet4902.25170
10noneNet Boy (FR)512-0Maguire, FConnell, B580350
7noneLynchy Boy (IRE)512-0OBrien, E P (5)Fenton, Philip2701610
Last Years Winner
13.03.2023ThurlesZaidi (FR)0.80Elliott, Gordon612-00Codd, J JSoft2m½f

Tue 5th Mar 2024
6.00 Southwell (10 runners)
BetMGM: Its Showtime Handicap
Class 3, 1m , Standard, 4yo+, Win: £7851

5126153825Master Of Combat (IRE)69-1Ryan, RossaFrost, Kevin888010308D6
4185584535Gincident (IRE)49-3Orr, OisinFahey, R A191826295D4
6543142221Leap Day48-10CkPcAllan, DavidEasterby, T D791752.75290CD6
2802269545Tropez Power (IRE)59-11Hart, JasonQuinn, J J291906288CD2
3582915215Borgi (IRE)59-6Havlin, RobertWoods, S P C385854286C5
12131P285Assessment59-11Doyle, HollieWatson, Archie10131904254D0
7582027010Perseverants (FR)68-10ONeill, K TDixon, Scott5975332461
10716826634Three Yorkshiremen (IRE)48-4Farragher, Adam JWigham, M48569251972
9516300718Life On The Rocks (IRE)68-5Hardie, CameronFahey, R A69170161941
8642447840Vecchio (IRE)48-7Morris, LukeDixon, Scott9972251891
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
6.30 Southwell (12 runners)
Win 2,000,000 With BetMGMs Golden Goals Handicap
Class 6, 1m , Standard, 4yo+, Win: £3664

5353453122King Of Speed (IRE)59-5TTLoughnane, BillyLoughnane, Daniel Mark586583.502736
656721237Daafy (USA)79-5VsorHardie, CameronShaw, D1032586262CD5
3546986119Perfect Swiss89-7BlnkAllan, DavidEasterby, T D891602.75261CD4
2097004228Candy Warhol (USA)59-7TTSwift, DaleDixon, Scott1196042403
1299963367Spring Romance (IRE)99-0Vsor TTMorris, LukeAppleby, M1239538224C6
1196671177Mintnthat59-1Vsor TTBrookes, Aiden (5)Hammond, Micky91105420209D4
7646660916Art Collection (FR)119-4Hornby, RobHollinshead, Sarah16057251962
8974574724Amaysmont79-4Pinna, Andrea (7)Frost, Kevin785716196D4
1026869711Kessaar Power (IRE)49-9HoodEgan, JohnMcEntee, P S48562251826
10040750815Ciara Storm49-2BlnkONeill, K TDixon, Scott3955501824
9380090719Mickey Mongoose49-3Fentiman, DuranWilliams, Olly24256331663
408732The Follower (IRE)49-6Farragher, Adam JBarron, T D610159141611
Last Years Winner
7.03.2023SouthwellAthmad (IRE)28Carr,s R A79-869Mulrennan, PaulStandard1m

Tue 5th Mar 2024
7.00 Southwell (10 runners)
BetUK. Home Of The Acca Handicap
Class 5, 2m½f , Standard, 4yo+, Win: £4187

10221111123The Craftymaster48-12Carson, WilliamCarroll, A W7103644.50321D6
9451112129Eagles Realm69-4TTLoughnane, BillyKillahena, David / Mcpherson, Graeme10102674302CD4
8332623213De Vegas Warrior (IRE)59-4BlnkRyan, RossaAppleby, M8396762895
3816111282Tradesman (IRE)59-10BlnkTurner, HayleySimcock, D M585736.502862
1410044410Award Dancer (IRE)69-12Stammers, OliverTuer, Grant210575102704
25P0101910Caldwell79-10Croot, Elle-May (7)Furtado, Ivan1427312251CD5
72124548148Bulldog Spirit (IRE)49-7Doyle, HollieMenzies, Rebecca613673122270
5918684377Champagne City119-8CkPcGordon, JosephineBrookhouse, B485718226D1
4452519722Military Tycoon (IRE)49-9CkPcMurphy, OisinMulholland, N P91567572110
680753P5377Pianissimo89-7Blnk TTProbert, DavidCarson, Anthony38570121980
Last Years Winner
31.01.2023SouthwellDubai Jeanius (IRE)1.50Herrington,M59-960Eaves, TomStandard1m4f

Tue 5th Mar 2024
7.30 Southwell (10 runners)
BetUK. Its Where The UK Bets Handicap
Class 4, 1m3f , Standard, 4yo+, Win: £6281

3753121342Bringbackmemories (FR)59-8TTMulrennan, PaulJardine, I6218773.50285C3
10496984320Fox Flame48-13VsorHart, JasonJohnston, Charlie3110686262C5
5464219625Ninth Life (USA)49-6HoodRyan, RossaNewland, Dr R D P9937572593
8136637622Tiger Beetle69-3Hornby, RobRimell, M G71297262547
17535726187Isle Of Sark (USA)69-11Shepherd, CallumOsborne, J A51318072510
7970000718Southern Voyage (FR)69-3Orr, OisinFahey, R A19172142265
9943329920Absolute Queen (IRE)49-3CkPcLoughnane, BillyBoughey, George4857282183
22749100121Signora Bellissima (IRE)49-11James, S HTutty, Gemma810580142140
451988Parish Councillor (IRE)49-7Farragher, Adam JBarron, T D101017652011
60245934Golden Delite49-3CkPc TTMorris, LukeAppleby, M23972251861
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
8.00 Southwell (9 runners)
Find More Big Deals At BetUK Handicap (Div 1)
Class 6, 1m6f , Standard, 4yo+, Win: £5339

113116417Destinado610-0VsorKeeley, Aidan (3)Owen, J P385601.38281C7
3850742519Billy Bathgate89-6Hart, JasonWhillans, Ewan62145262325
5060735329Young Endless59-1BlnkRyan, RossaThomas, Sam81914742193
4566876329Socialist Agenda89-3BlnkMason, JoannaMorgan, Miss Laura5244952102
2156764725Basilette (IRE)59-7Downing, GeorgeMullins, J W416253122062
780400947Sociologist (FR)99-0BlnkONeill, K TDixon, Scott994610200C6
6613807029King Athelstan (IRE)99-0Vsor TTLoughnane, BillyEnder, Miss S J7914625180C3
868058087Tiger Touch (USA)79-0Hardie, CameronShaw, D23246331703
950567F028Northern Rose (IRE)48-12TTGordon, JosephineHanmer, G D111146331610
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

Tue 5th Mar 2024
8.30 Southwell (9 runners)
Find More Big Deals At BetUK Handicap (Div 2)
Class 6, 1m6f , Standard, 4yo+, Win: £5339

1532254417Louisiana Bay (IRE)59-9Murphy, OisinJones, Jack385552.502456
300842212Stolen Encounter49-5BlnkDoyle, HollieWatson, Archie81315322352
69085311Midnight Shimmer69-0Turner, HayleyMulholland, N P21564641922
4733244822Fandabidozi (IRE)69-1CkPc TTGordon, JosephineHanmer, G D911147121902
2535259842Prince Abu (IRE)79-7Hardie, CameronShaw, D7325310188CD5
9958211Reign Of Thunder48-12HoodHeard, Tyler (3)Usher, M D I113246101694
5405708929Sugarpiehoneybunch (IRE)69-1Morris, LukeWest, S G611047331623
7362798612Buford69-0TTJary, Alex (5)Williamson,s L49046661623
8973867617Broctune Azure69-0Brookes, Aiden (5)Boanas, Miss G512046161602
Last Years Winner
No corresponding race

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