OSR Horse Ratings for Sunday’s races on December 10th, 2023.

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OSR Horse Ratings

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TODAY’S FEATURE RACE (the most valuable race of the day)

Sun 10th Dec 2023 2.15 Cork (6 runners)
Bar One Racing Hilly Way Chase (Grade 2)
Grade 2, 2m½f , Soft, 5yo+, Win: £53097
1El Fabiolo (FR)6129296874700.25
5Vanillier (FR)81122286231333
3Fil Dor (FR)588182783067
2Rebel Gold (IRE)10642196129450
6Maskada (FR)747194752908
4Jungle Boogie (IRE)9691605024414

ANALYSIS: Sunday is usually no blurb but it is a no value no brainer EL FABIOLO. What do you think?


Sunday’s OSR Ratings

Sunday’s OSR Ratings

Sun 10th Dec 2023 11.55 Huntingdon (11 runners)
TrustATrader Apply Today Conditional Jockeys Handicap Hurdle
Class 4, 2m4½f , Heavy, 3yo+, Win: £6918
5Immortal Fame (IRE)795198602675
3Fazayte (FR)849171622474.50
9Burrows Hall (FR)684184562464
10Kiss My Face6771606623010
4Edison Kent (IRE)759146662288
7Belles Benefit (IRE)7591487122014
1Just Loose Change6521476421514
6Saturday Song7421396720812
11Lifetime Legend (IRE)5491326420314
8Awesome Foursome641135591997

Sun 10th Dec 2023 12.15 Cork (12 runners)
Bar One Racing Bet 10 Euros Get 50 Euros Sign Up Offer 3-Y-O Maiden Hurdle
Class 4, 2m1f , Soft, 3yo, Win: £6637
10Jeaniemacaroney (IRE)359133592202.50
12Timeless Piece (IRE)354132552103
9Evenings Empire (IRE)3411287220516
11Tasmanian Girl (IRE)3391185117550
4Happenstance (IRE)3391104616266
2Cant Catch Camacho (IRE)3381025415966
7Tom Red (IRE)337964615450
1Blindman (FR)342984714850
3Dougies Double (IRE)3409409950
6Inthenickoftime (IRE)3000910
8Zuzukel (FR)3000312

Sun 10th Dec 2023 12.25 Huntingdon (9 runners)
TrustATrader trustatrader.com Novices Hurdle (GBB Race) (Div 1)
Class 4, 2m , Heavy, 4yo+, Win: £4520
1Balhambar (FR)454147742541.63
9Taras Halls (IRE)544128602072.75
5Kotari (FR)450129562005
3Come To Pass (IRE)4431205218920
7Royal Thunder443120261718
2Ballybay (IRE)63992591667
6Lunar Ocean (IRE)4399456160100
4Crac De Megaudais (FR)44110440149100

Sun 10th Dec 2023 12.45 Cork (24 runners)
Bar One Racing Guaranteed Multiples All Shops Maiden Hurdle
Class 4, 2m1f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £6637
21Western Diego (IRE)652174713001.38
15No Time To Wait (IRE)555149722628
8Houlanbatordechais (FR)653128662248
18Raglan Road (IRE)555140452125
19Teuchters Glory (IRE)751126652057
14Midweek Voices (IRE)4701545120510
10Liberated Light (IRE)4391175518550
17Pirate Island (IRE)5451185417720
3Corballis Flyer (IRE)5391205117333
6Fort Randall (IRE)4491105316916
20The Dawn (FR)4401135016850
16Old Port (IRE)55715201655.50
5Flemens Intrest (IRE)7511164215950
11Lorca (GER)5481004715733
4Dont Tell Tiny (IRE)535875915666
12Lough Nigara (IRE)6481014314625
13Manor Royale (IRE)438994014066
26Georgian Quarter (IRE)444105331380
9Irish Impulse (IRE)5358233131100
2Breakintheclouds (IRE)4409629128100
1Aboy Joey (IRE)4419124124100
24Misty Milan (IRE)4379520122100
23Gentle Anna (IRE)6378633120100
22Flickering Ellie (IRE)5000066
25Wholelotofbusiness (IRE)400000
27Spavango (IRE)400000

Sun 10th Dec 2023 12.55 Huntingdon (9 runners)
TrustATrader trustatrader.com Novices Hurdle (GBB Race) (Div 2)
Class 4, 2m , Heavy, 4yo+, Win: £4520
2Blow Your Horn (IRE)6421297321250
9Sammys Guarantee4491166021114
6Pearl Island445119712108
8Sunset In Paris (IRE)5591515421012
5One Eye On Vegas6441054717614
1Ballynaheer (IRE)4441035316925
4King Of The Road (IRE)438883914733

Sun 10th Dec 2023 1.15 Cork (5 runners)
Singletons SuperValu Stayers Novice Hurdle (Grade 3)
Grade 3, 3m , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £15929
1Solitary Man (IRE)5107218793263
2What Path (FR)689170783194
4Search For Glory (IRE)677193703043.50
3Mahons Way (IRE)589175642681.25
5Sarah Beara (IRE)5521345921866

Sun 10th Dec 2023 1.20 Wolverhampton (11 runners)
BetMGM: Its Showtime Handicap
Class 6, 7f , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £5339
6Intoxicata (FR)368178652784
4Diamondsinthesand (IRE)685182632732.75
8Sir Titan977170732625.50
11Pop Favorite5611656223710
5King Of Speed (IRE)4631486123012
7Global Warning7601287221512
1Ravenglass (IRE)440124672048
9Hawajes (IRE)3551175519625
3Moai (FR)5441047318620
10River Wharfe5391045916725
12Rebelle Lady (IRE)336106551630

Sun 10th Dec 2023 1.25 Huntingdon (9 runners)
TrustATrader Fully Vetted Tradespeople Juvenile Maiden Hurdle (GBB Race)
Class 4, 2m , Heavy, 3yo, Win: £4753
2Great Valley (FR)350109521985
6Whispering Royal (IRE)358138251884
3Karaktere Denfer (FR)34094681712.50
8All Blues (IRE)3441045216950
1Cannon Rock37012701461.75
7Wilpena Pound (IRE)335924113850
5Truth Will Out34495011112
4Sir Cilia33990010050

Sun 10th Dec 2023 1.45 Cork (5 runners)
OFlynn Group Irish EBF Mares Novice Chase (Grade 2)
Grade 2, 2m½f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £22566
5Zenta (FR)4129282904171.10
2Hauturiere (FR)685207613264
1Harmonya Maker (FR)680173722941.63
4Silent Approach (IRE)5871826426933
3Heia (FR)6521377823416

Sun 10th Dec 2023 1.50 Wolverhampton (9 runners)
Boost Your Acca At BetMGM Maiden Stakes (GBB Race)
Class 4, 7f , Standard, 2yo, Win: £6480
3First Encore (IRE)276150702372.50
5Jackson Street (IRE)257113602006
6Keen Interest (IRE)248113581898
4Fortydegree (IRE)234834713833
8Angel Of Gold2337947134100

Sun 10th Dec 2023 1.55 Huntingdon (6 runners)
TrustATrader Peterborough Chase (Grade 2) (GBB Race)
Grade 2, 2m4f , Heavy, 4yo+, Win: £42712
3Jetoile (IRE)81422718038612
5Al Dancer (FR)10117260793758
4Solo (FR)71132227534510
6First Flow (IRE)11101223813455
2Janidil (FR)975176752681.88

Sun 10th Dec 2023 2.15 Cork (6 runners)
Bar One Racing Hilly Way Chase (Grade 2)
Grade 2, 2m½f , Soft, 5yo+, Win: £53097
1El Fabiolo (FR)6129296874700.25
5Vanillier (FR)81122286231333
3Fil Dor (FR)588182783067
2Rebel Gold (IRE)10642196129450
6Maskada (FR)747194752908
4Jungle Boogie (IRE)9691605024414

Sun 10th Dec 2023 2.20 Wolverhampton (11 runners)
BetUK. Home Of The Acca-Fenwa Handicap
Class 6, 5f , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £5339
1Darlo Pride386203622882.50
7Nellie French (IRE)670165642497
8Doctor Mozart (IRE)3551356122710
6Gustav Graves571149652214
4Hes An Angel3411426121310
2Another Angel (IRE)9451186819716
5Lil Wade (IRE)3601165618912
9Rockley Point10371065918333
11Doc Sportello (IRE)11461057118320

Sun 10th Dec 2023 2.25 Huntingdon (8 runners)
TrustATrader You Can Trust Our Traders Handicap Hurdle
Class 3, 2m , Heavy, 3yo+, Win: £16424
6Arqoob (IRE)5109229773342.75
5Matchless (IRE)586215703184.50
3Swaffham Bulbeck (IRE)9621937530410
2Nayati (FR)9591677828510
8Mr Mackay (IRE)485169692766
7Javert Allen (FR)483169692653.33
1Teddy Blue (GER)557170792638
4Baron De Midleton (IRE)10581607223510

Sun 10th Dec 2023 2.45 Cork (12 runners)
Bar One Racing Guaranteed Overnight Prices Handicap Hurdle
Class 3, 2m1f , Soft, 3yo+, Win: £6106
11Mcgrath From Clune (IRE)796193522653
8Skinnider (IRE)677175532424.50
7Ricky Bobby (IRE)886183492364
3The Banger Doyle (IRE)773159612326
6Secret Rock (IRE)455164512247
9Derry Lad (IRE)5501484520616
2Bestaline (FR)4531247119910
1Cafe Con Leche (IRE)7561385619616
4Pride Of Place (IRE)4491154718625
10Moulane West (IRE)7421135217525
5Cregane Ned (IRE)9461165016816
12Billy Lee Swagger (IRE)4401143816320

Sun 10th Dec 2023 2.50 Wolverhampton (12 runners)
Find More Big Deals At BetUK Handicap
Class 6, 1m4f , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £5339
1Blue Hawaii (IRE)886185652642.50
11The Craftymaster370130572043
8Corsican Caper (IRE)3361116519616
2Velvet Vulcan4451225719310
6Sociologist (FR)8371116217820
9Decoration Of War (IRE)8381056017450
3Typical Man5371105917112
10Foshan (IRE)4521174516714
5Baileys Warrior542936015916
12Pink Walls336912812266

Sun 10th Dec 2023 2.55 Huntingdon (10 runners)
TrustATrader Henrietta Knight Mares Open NH Flat Race (Listed) (GBB Race)
Listed Race, 2m , Heavy, 4-5yo, Win: £11390
3Listentoyourheart (IRE)478183843112.25
5Magical Annie (IRE)476178642732.50
1Future Fortune (IRE)475175692688
6One Colour (IRE)472163642636
8Rula Bula (IRE)476152612455
4Looking As You Are4621446523614
10The Secret Pearl (IRE)4601415120620
2Irish Chorus4421096920125
9Sans Choix (IRE)536865815766
7Rialannah (IRE)40001033

Sun 10th Dec 2023 3.15 Cork (22 runners)
Greenvalley Transport Novice Handicap Hurdle (80-102)
Listed Race, 2m4f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £5575
6Magic Conqueror (IRE)681180572665.50
2Duke Otto (IRE)5761905025010
9Cest Rien (IRE)669174562408
13Blossom De Mai (FR)696161582245
11Gold Haven (IRE)5391226319616
16Thelonglad (IRE)578130521938
3West Away (IRE)5491205918825
21Glorious Singer (IRE)8601375118816
19Aodhan May (IRE)7471305318520
20Tingarran Express (IRE)6511264918516
22Miala Araya (IRE)8681295418525
4One Big Bang (IRE)5421185218020
7Arthor (IRE)6501204617920
8Barryroe Madam (FR)4541214917716
1Champagne Mahler (IRE)56714101675.50
17Ivy Park (IRE)8471044014925
10Knocknaconnery (IRE)7381003614420
5Lodilomoco (IRE)561132014325
14Colline Fleurie (IRE)537894413825
18Mason Lady (IRE)4521033013650
15Didyouseethelight (IRE)639913813433
12Tullabrack Lad (IRE)4399509525

Sun 10th Dec 2023 3.20 Wolverhampton (12 runners)
Build Your Acca With BetUK Handicap
Class 6, 1m1½f , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £5339
5Get Set Jet376157622363.50
1Mr Trick (IRE)577152662343
10Annalee Lass (IRE)355155592257
2Neptune Legend (IRE)452136632165
6Come To Pass (IRE)4431206220816
11Hes Our Star (IRE)8371026219625
12Reformed Character (IRE)752129591956
8Prince Hector (IRE)5441286019112
7Seattle King4421026317733
3A Mhacin436954714825

Sun 10th Dec 2023 3.25 Huntingdon (5 runners)
trustatrader.com Handicap Chase
Class 4, 2m7½f , Heavy, 4yo+, Win: £5809
2Special Acceptance1082175662723.50
5Rockinastorm (IRE)699182662671.88
1Motion In Limine (IRE)880161642523
4Jacks Touch (IRE)856166612404
3Anglers Crag8561435823210

Sun 10th Dec 2023 3.50 Wolverhampton (11 runners)
Bet 10 Get 40 At BetMGM Handicap
Class 5, 1m½f , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £5993
4Eagle Day (IRE)391175712823.50
10Finn Russell (IRE)386180642695
5Measured Moments472181672686
8Prince Ali577187682647
6Goldsmith (IRE)479178652624
2Cosmos Raj5531476824914
7Green Power8731576723612
1Kaaranah (IRE)5441456722214
9Locked N Loaded6501217521933
11Ciara Storm3621226319920

Sun 10th Dec 2023 4.20 Wolverhampton (12 runners)
BetUK. Its Where The UK Bets Handicap (Div 1)
Class 6, 6f , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £5339
4Ben Dikduk (IRE)373155612353.50
8Katar (IRE)366147672286
5Wee Fat Mac459138652217
11Aclaim To Fame (IRE)370149582194
2Autumn Angel (IRE)4431286419716
12Merry Secret (IRE)5381196418914
9Noble Captain3401146118210
3Boom Boom Pow3371055617420
6Marinakis (IRE)341964915825
10Heartlander (IRE)337884914433

Sun 10th Dec 2023 4.50 Wolverhampton (12 runners)
BetUK. Its Where The UK Bets Handicap (Div 2)
Class 6, 6f , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £5339
3Port Noir682170652633.50
7Della Mare771162682588
9Churchill Bay576169672517
6Water Of Leith (IRE)568150752386
8My Boy Jack472141672318
10Rebel Redemption6381096818433
12Deep Spirit3401165818433
4Cuban Grey3391086318220
Top Ranked OSR + Points Clear

Top Ranked OSR 40+ (possible win bets)

Also known as the 40+ Method, these horses are Top Ranked on OSR and have a clear lead of 40 points or more. Please remember it is important to conduct your own research by examining the race and forming your own opinion, as THESE ARE NOT TIPS.

TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
12.25HuntingdonNovices Hurdle (Class 4)No. 1Balhambar (FR)471.63
12.55HuntingdonNovices Hurdle (Class 4)No. 3Junkanoo440.57
1.45CorkNovices Chase (Grade 2)No. 5Zenta (FR)911.10
2.15CorkChase (Grade 2)No. 1El Fabiolo (FR)1570.25
2.50WolverhamptonHandicap (Class 6)No. 1Blue Hawaii (IRE)492.50

⚠️“BEWARE OF THE NED’s” ⚠️ Races where there is no form data for over 20% of the runners.

Top Ranked OSR 1-5 (possible lays)

We have had some success laying horses (BETTING THAT THEY WILL LOSE) that are ranked highest on OSR but only marginally ahead of the second-ranked ones.

TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
1.20WolverhamptonHandicap (Class 6)No. 6Intoxicata (FR)54.00
3.20WolverhamptonHandicap (Class 6)No. 5Get Set Jet23.50
3.25HuntingdonHandicap Chase (Class 4)No. 2Special Acceptance53.50
4.50WolverhamptonHandicap (Class 6)No. 3Port Noir53.50


ALL Top Ranked OSR in Race Order.

Horses with a rating of 40 points or higher above the second-ranked are bolded.


TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
12.15CorkMaiden Hurdle (Ire)No. 5Harsh61.63
12.25HuntingdonNovices Hurdle (Class 4)No. 1Balhambar (FR)471.63
12.45CorkMaiden Hurdle (Ire)No. 21Western Diego (IRE)381.38
12.55HuntingdonNovices Hurdle (Class 4)No. 3Junkanoo440.57
1.15CorkNovices Hurdle (Grade 3)No. 1Solitary Man (IRE)73.00
1.25HuntingdonMaiden Hurdle (Class 4)No. 2Great Valley (FR)105.00
1.45CorkNovices Chase (Grade 2)No. 5Zenta (FR)911.10
1.50WolverhamptonMaiden (Class 4)No. 3First Encore (IRE)222.50
1.55HuntingdonChase (Grade 2)No. 3Jetoile (IRE)1112.00
2.15CorkChase (Grade 2)No. 1El Fabiolo (FR)1570.25
2.55HuntingdonNH Flat (Listed Race)No. 3Listentoyourheart (IRE)382.25


TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
11.55HuntingdonHandicap Hurdle (Class 4)No. 5Immortal Fame (IRE)205.00
1.20WolverhamptonHandicap (Class 6)No. 6Intoxicata (FR)54.00
2.20WolverhamptonHandicap (Class 6)No. 1Darlo Pride392.50
2.25HuntingdonHandicap Hurdle (Class 3)No. 6Arqoob (IRE)162.75
2.45CorkHandicap Hurdle (Ire)No. 11Mcgrath From Clune (IRE)233.00
2.50WolverhamptonHandicap (Class 6)No. 1Blue Hawaii (IRE)492.50
3.15CorkHandicap Novices Hurdle (Ire)No. 6Magic Conqueror (IRE)165.50
3.20WolverhamptonHandicap (Class 6)No. 5Get Set Jet23.50
3.25HuntingdonHandicap Chase (Class 4)No. 2Special Acceptance53.50
3.50WolverhamptonHandicap (Class 5)No. 4Eagle Day (IRE)133.50
4.20WolverhamptonHandicap (Class 6)No. 7Catesby138.00
4.50WolverhamptonHandicap (Class 6)No. 3Port Noir53.50

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