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It is for us to decide on how we use the systems and not rely on others to make our decisions, yes there is a lot of information here but in my opinion it is very good, for me I have backed some winners that I may not have without the systems and in my opinion it pays for itself.

Sunday’s Horse Racing System qualifiers: 7th April 2024.

OSR Horse Racing Systems are not tips, they are runners that meet a certain set of parameters, some are simple and some are complex.


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ALL BACK SYSTEMS (by race time)

Back Systems are Horses that Statistically have a Good Chance of Winning or getting Placed.

One should consider two factors when betting on horse racing: the type of bet and the number of horses in the race. A bet on the horse to win is called an outright win bet, while a bet on the horse to finish in the top positions is called an each-way bet. An each-way bet is advisable only when there are at least eight horses in the race and the horse’s odds are 5/1 or higher. Alternatively, some bettors may choose a 20/80 bet, where they put more money on the horse to place and less money on the horse to win.


  • In horse racing, a Lay System refers to a strategy where one bets against a particular horse with low odds of winning. It is recommended to place a wager on such horses with the expectation that they will not win the race.
  • Even if Laying Horses is not your game simply not betting on these will eliminate a lot of losers.
Slot/Desc/NotesRace TimeTrackNo.HorseJockeyTrainerOddsResults
(74) Losing Combination WIP5.12Leopardstown3Randall Poets Lass (IRE)Kennedy, B PFahey, Seamus16.00 
(74) Losing Combination WIP5.25Bath10Katar (IRE)Ingram, Rhiain BFord, Richenda20.00 
(74) Losing Combination WIP5.25Bath3WillinglyLewis, OwenUsher, M D I8.00 

⚠️ It is possible a horse can qualify in both back systems and lay systems, how you approach these is entirely at your own discretion. ⚠️

One Stop Systems vs One Stop Rating (OSR)

One Stop Systems cross referenced with our unique One Stop Rating (OSR) to produce our Gold, Silver and Bronze System Qualifiers.

It is worth remembering that the higher up the ratings a qualifier is the stronger the bet!

OSR can be found on both One Stop Ratings and One Stop Race Cards.

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Gold Systems are horse racing system qualifiers that are also TOP RANKED on OSR.

Qualifiers that are 40+ on OSR are Highlighted.

Slot/Desc/NotesRace TimeTrackNo.HorseJockeyTrainerOddsResults
(64) April Trainers2.55Leopardstown1A Lilac Rolla (IRE)Lee, W JTwomey, P4.50 
(64) April Trainers3.30Leopardstown1DeeponeLee, W JTwomey, P3.0040+
(16) Soft Hurdlers E/W4.10Exeter1Imperial Saint (FR)Nolan, Michael GHobbs, P J / White, J2.75 


Silver Systems are horse racing system qualifiers that are also RANKED SECOND on OSR

Slot/Desc/NotesRace TimeTrackNo.HorseJockeyTrainerOddsResults
(66) Flat Trainers March / April2.55Leopardstown7Kitty RoseHeffernan, J ALupini, Miss Natalia6.00 
(16) Soft Hurdlers E/W3.00Exeter2Rivers CornerHarney, GearoidHosie, Syd3.50 
(53) Early Birds3.30Leopardstown3Illinois (IRE)Moore, RyanOBrien, A P1.25 


Bronze Systems are horse racing system qualifiers that are also RANKED THIRD on OSR

Slot/Desc/NotesRace TimeTrackNo.HorseJockeyTrainerOddsResults
(64) April Trainers2.20Leopardstown3Bright Stripes (IRE)Lee, W JOliver, Andrew5.00 
(16) Soft Hurdlers E/W4.10Exeter4King Of The LakeDingle, RexScott, J2.75 


Other Systems are horse racing system qualifiers that are NOT IN THE TOP THREE ranked on OSR.

Slot/Desc/NotesRace TimeTrackNo.HorseJockeyTrainerOddsResults
(64) April Trainers2.55Leopardstown2Alpheratz (IRE)Carroll, G FMurphy, Joseph G6.00 
(16) Soft Hurdlers E/W3.00Exeter10Malago Rose (IRE)Best, J AEarle, Simon10.00 
(52) Longshots3.00Exeter10Malago Rose (IRE)Best, J AEarle, Simon10.00 
(66) Flat Trainers March / April3.43Bath12Punchbowl Flyer (IRE)Dobie, GeorgiaOshea, J G M12.00 
(53) Early Birds4.05Leopardstown2Chantilly (IRE)Moore, RyanOBrien, A P3.00 
(16) Soft Hurdlers E/W4.10Exeter6Despereaux (FR)Noonan, David GWilliams,s Jane8.00 
(52) Longshots4.45Exeter5Inchagoill Lady (IRE)Carver, BryanPickard, Kevin10.00 
(52) Longshots4.45Exeter3Lazy SundayGodfrey, BenMitford-Slade, R8.00 
(31) Flat Handicappers E/W4.53Bath11LoughvilleRyan, RossaKing, A10.00 
(59) Sprinters5.25Bath10Katar (IRE)Ingram, Rhiain BFord, Richenda20.00 
(66) Flat Trainers March / April5.25Bath2Some Nightmare (IRE)Morris, LukeOshea, J G M14.00

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