Horse Racing Ratings for Thursday’s races on 30th May, 2024.

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OSR Horse Ratings

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TODAY’S FEATURE RACE (the most valuable race of the day)

Thu 30th May 2024 5.45 Limerick (12 runners)
Connollys RED MILLS Irish EBF Auction Maiden Hurdle
Class 6, 2m½f , Good To Firm, 4yo+, Win: £10619
1Arctic Gale (IRE)5521535422616
4Drumgill (IRE)575152522122.75
11Pampar Lady (IRE)542132542091.75
10Field A Thistles (IRE)565139552098
7Mill House Creek6541206219216
8Milan Dollar Lady (IRE)543974716433
3Break The Boundary (IRE)56915001587
5Half A Chance (IRE)5481182614733
2Monty Cross (IRE)644993114566
9Vroomvroomboo (IRE)642944714420
6Kanpai (IRE)4368409616
12Savante (IRE)5000410

ANALYSIS: It is always a poor day of racing when a maiden get the accolade of most valuable race of the day. Top 3 on OSR is the place to look and PAMPAR LADY who was travelling well and well in touch when falling last time will be thereabouts as will ARCTIC GALE who was pitched into a decent race at Punchestown on hurdle debut and gets an easier task here, my pick though is DRUMGILL, runner up twice in last 3 starts, can go one better.

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Thursday’s Ratings

Thursday’s Ratings

Thu 30th May 2024 2.20 Lingfield (9 runners)
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Class 5, 2m , Standard, 4yo+, Win: £3716
7Wannabe Brave (IRE)586190692873
2Abraaj (FR)686168702804.50
1Greek Giant (IRE)456165702777
3African Star (IRE)470162722648
4Daaris (IRE)567158582377
8Dotties Star5631507223614
5Kojin (IRE)674161522335
9Ship To Shore6721546023010

Thu 30th May 2024 2.28 Ffos Las (13 runners)
Adept GRP Cabinets Maiden Hurdle (GBB Race)
Class 4, 2m , Good, 4yo+, Win: £4193
1Boyles Hill (IRE)557134612214
5Guard Duty742118692122.25
10Double Dragon458124732097
3Easter Icon5401156119525
8Pub Crawl (IRE)5421046219350
2Country Park (IRE)54698741928
4Full Metal Jacket6441086018712
6Nowmelad (IRE)555117611866
12Razzle Dazzle Boy (IRE)40001220
7Pooroldmackley (IRE)5000025

Thu 30th May 2024 2.40 Ripon (6 runners)
British Stallion Studs EBF Fillies Novice Stakes (GBB Race)
Class 5, 6f , Soft, 2yo, Win: £4711
1Substitute (IRE)279185712991.75
3Midnight Starlight235826015833
2Beronia (IRE)2000182.50
5Royalty Bay (IRE)2000167
4Pretty Thing (IRE)2000104
6Sunshine Soul (IRE)200097

Thu 30th May 2024 2.50 Lingfield (6 runners)
Get Raceday Ready Claiming Stakes (AWT)
Class 5, 1m , Standard, 3yo+, Win: £3942
5Poetic Force (IRE)1068159732551.88
4Smart Deal560166702544.50
6Forever Proud485154572140
2Lafan (IRE)639124692057
7No Sinner341934814714

Thu 30th May 2024 3.00 Ffos Las (9 runners)
Remembering Phillip Mick Martin Handicap Chase
Class 4, 2m3½f , Good, 5yo+, Win: £4700
3Ballinsker (IRE)996174652624.50
1Dans Chosen (IRE)955167682535
9Boston Joe (IRE)848164572463.33
8Iron Heart743157662416
4Magic Dancer12561366922810
5Exmoor Forest (IRE)7661536422710
6Jack The Savage7711446821610
2Steppenwolf (FR)654131562156
7Blue Shark (IRE)7461166321520

Thu 30th May 2024 3.15 Ripon (4 runners)
North East Gunners Cup Handicap
Class 5, 1m2f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £4711
3Jewel Maker (IRE)953144712322.75
2Chilled Out (IRE)591151602310.91
1Man Of Aan (IRE)4401073917712

Thu 30th May 2024 3.25 Lingfield (13 runners)
Free Digital Racecard At Maiden Fillies Stakes (GBB Race)
Class 5, 7f , Good, 2yo, Win: £3402
11Tearaway Two2461207220616
7Its Life2441036217320
8Kate Be Quick233783013225
6Gonna Fly Now (USA)2000264.50
3Del Ray2000245.50
1Biniorella Bay20002114
13Wathbah (IRE)2000206.50
5Fouette (IRE)20001810
2Calaxy (IRE)20001214
4Earthy (IRE)2000910

Thu 30th May 2024 3.35 Ffos Las (8 runners)
Adept GRP Cabinets Handicap Chase
Class 4, 2m , Good, 5yo+, Win: £4700
2Nibras Gold (IRE)658169762825
4Fearless (IRE)986169762673
6The Gypsy Davey (IRE)660167682613.50
1Give Me A Moment (IRE)971149672377
7Bob Bob Ricard (IRE)645132772305
5Rathmacknee (IRE)8571297520925
3Showbusiness (FR)744140542086.50
8Silver Shade (FR)6501226320714

Thu 30th May 2024 3.50 Ripon (9 runners)
Sky Sports Racing Sky 415 Handicap
Class 6, 1m , Soft, 3yo, Win: £3664
1Bitcoin Profit (IRE)339144562146
6Blenheim Star (IRE)348138612084.50
3Medician Star (IRE)338109531904.50
9First Encounter373128461844
2Lady Of Time355109481736
8Hope Joanna (IRE)335904616112
5Marton Heads338924415212
4Angelica Catalani336905114414

Thu 30th May 2024 4.00 Lingfield (14 runners)
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Class 6, 6f , Good, 3yo, Win: £2983
2Dame Darcey (IRE)366134602185
10Call Me The Breeze365133602126.50
4Edergoles Gift (IRE)358122632038
1Pannonica (IRE)350128592024.50
11War Zone (IRE)3611304918912
3Outer Edge3461045217410
7Cherryblossom Time (IRE)3361055116516
14Another Jack (IRE)3431024716150
9Lady Twilight345965015310
12The Carligation340905315316
13Pearl Of Rowdown336865015210
8Ash Wednesday335884914712
5Dominant Force336934013916

Thu 30th May 2024 4.08 Ffos Las (10 runners)
Mali Robyn Novices Limited Handicap Hurdle
Class 5, 2m , Good, 4yo+, Win: £3248
6Thatza Dazzler678186632672.50
4Ocean Heights759146542285.50
3Come To Pass (IRE)559139662226
1Mersey Street (IRE)644110611927
5Record Art (FR)557120591906
9Deal Em High7451125717925
2Dannys Friend (IRE)555118481734
8Seren Y Teigr (IRE)5421014917033
10Howdy Partner (IRE)8411005015533
7Melton Mossy (IRE)537975415316

Thu 30th May 2024 4.20 Ripon (8 runners)
Ripon Cathedral Handicap
Class 3, 1m2f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £9277
3Loyal Touch (IRE)480207733093
9Ey Up Its The Boss592197662744.50
6Cockalorum (IRE)972152742606
8Titian (IRE)669163762557
2Zarabanda (IRE)5521337724210
7Bodorgan (IRE)447151692240
1Bennetot (IRE)5511256121910
5Rogue Sea447127672156

Thu 30th May 2024 4.30 Lingfield (5 runners)
Get The Inside Track With Novice Stakes (GBB Race)
Class 5, 6f , Good, 3yo+, Win: £3942
1Dorney Lake376175712810.44
5The Cutest (IRE)349126702254.50
3Moakadd (IRE)360128642168
2King Of Codes334793914133
4Balmoral Lady (IRE)30002610

Thu 30th May 2024 4.40 Ffos Las (9 runners)
Peter Bowen Racing Club Handicap Hurdle
Class 4, 2m4f , Good, 4yo+, Win: £4066
5Jasmin De Grugy (FR)594206673161.38
1Kepagge (IRE)10451237123416
7Crossbeau (IRE)575154582255.50
4Chancycourt (IRE)858122822195.50
8Coup De Gold (IRE)8471326719910
2Mourzouk (IRE)7461216419133
9Prince Rhinegold (IRE)6451085216625

Thu 30th May 2024 4.50 Ripon (9 runners)
Ripon Races Ladies Day 20th June Handicap
Class 5, 6f , Soft, 3yo, Win: £4711
2Raft Up (IRE)394176602514
5Better (IRE)352132612268
7La La Lucrative (IRE)373145592153
8Vintage Love358129602077
6Woodleigh (IRE)355136602066
3Mutasawi (IRE)3421204820212
1Act Of Violence3431185418912
4War Memorial33599571785
9Ishe Worth Agamble337875415520

Thu 30th May 2024 5.00 Lingfield (8 runners)
Tips For Every Race At Handicap
Class 6, 5f , Good, 3yo, Win: £2983
3So Obsessed (IRE)370172592622.50
2Musical Diva (IRE)373157662424
1Milliethemollie (IRE)356138612256
9Ten Oclock (IRE)359124511846
8Kohana Girl (IRE)3481035616925

Thu 30th May 2024 5.10 Ffos Las (12 runners)
Evelyn Maisie Kent Mares Handicap Hurdle
Class 5, 3m , Good, 4yo+, Win: £3248
4Valentine Getaway (IRE)676163672524.50
6Bridget Mary (IRE)680162622434
1Of Course You Can672150652374.50
3Jolie Baie (FR)580167622375.50
2Faerie Cutlass671159612266.50
7Rubys Reward8611336421914
10Milanese Rose (IRE)8491246119116
5If I Say (IRE)7431206118514
12Luna Run (IRE)5581225118410
9Lady Harriett534945217125
8Miss Arvico743985515920

Thu 30th May 2024 5.15 Limerick (14 runners)
Download The New Tote App Claiming Hurdle
Class 5, 2m½f , Good To Firm, 5yo+, Win: £5575
2Felix Desjy (FR)1149165852742.50
14Vado Forte (FR)1157138762284
7Clever Currency (IRE)752151582178
6Tom Mcgreevy (IRE)954137662065.50
4Circus Act (IRE)5561375120314
11Kendancer (FR)851119581978
10Gino Drummer Boy (IRE)8471136218812
3Sirekoff (IRE)5581216018612
8Simply Shabra (IRE)9421245418520
13Sefton Warrior7461055916420
5Knockaneleigh Girl (IRE)7461074215620
9Cathy West (IRE)627724412733
1And Still I Rise (IRE)733784712650
12Molly Molone (IRE)533772010433

Thu 30th May 2024 5.25 Ripon (11 runners)
Graeme Dand At theformanalyst Celebration Handicap
Class 6, 6f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £3664
4Run This Way686154642512.25
3Fircombe Hall6521596024510
5Protest Rally (IRE)458138612357
8Variety Island561160642316
11Hard Solution8601416122412
7Ernest Rutherford561129642107
10Fylingdale (IRE)5641345520610
6Tilsworth Turf4431354719220
9West End Lass4511156119033
2Gunnerside (IRE)7351065918512

Thu 30th May 2024 5.30 Fairyhouse (18 runners)
House Restaurant Apprentice Handicap (47-75)
Class 6, 1m2f , Good, 4yo+, Win: £5841
3Encosta (IRE)497179652623.33
15Storm Eric (IRE)572177572466
4Master Dunraven (IRE)492169672454.50
16Power Drive990179572415.50
2Complete Fiction (IRE)7461636423710
1Alma Libre (FR)6461486723010
6French Company (IRE)6531606122612
17Lady Christa (IRE)4621416221312
19Epaulawn (IRE)673155582130
10Morning Soldier (IRE)5531375820025
8Hasten Slowly (IRE)4471375819725
12Qasbaz (IRE)7501275819620
5Moonlit Mist (IRE)4561296219433
9Gunsight (IRE)4491286019416
14Mr Mills (IRE)6371355419312
7Out On Friday (IRE)8411156118420
11Blackberry Jack (IRE)7411146418133
13Cu Chulainn6421096717950
18Barrys Rock (IRE)9381086117725

Thu 30th May 2024 5.45 Limerick (12 runners)
Connollys RED MILLS Irish EBF Auction Maiden Hurdle
Class 6, 2m½f , Good To Firm, 4yo+, Win: £10619
1Arctic Gale (IRE)5521535422616
4Drumgill (IRE)575152522122.75
11Pampar Lady (IRE)542132542091.75
10Field A Thistles (IRE)565139552098
7Mill House Creek6541206219216
8Milan Dollar Lady (IRE)543974716433
3Break The Boundary (IRE)56915001587
5Half A Chance (IRE)5481182614733
2Monty Cross (IRE)644993114566
9Vroomvroomboo (IRE)642944714420
6Kanpai (IRE)4368409616
12Savante (IRE)5000410

Thu 30th May 2024 5.55 Carlisle (11 runners)
Euro2024 Daily Giveaways On Rhino.Bet Amateur Jockeys Handicap
Class 5, 5f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £3974
8Giselles Izzy (IRE)591171662414
6Burj Malinka (IRE)668167672365
4Huddle Up (IRE)667149692225.50
3Woobay (IRE)540146622168
10Mighty Power (IRE)6541466221012
5Apache Star (IRE)5581436621014
1Count Dorsay (IRE)8521317320810
9Lady Celia7451366520616
2Impressor (IRE)7461386420420

Thu 30th May 2024 6.00 Fairyhouse (10 runners)
Fairyhouse Chill & Grill Handicap
Class 5, 1m2f , Good, 3yo, Win: £6106
10Dont Do Dramas (IRE)371181572526
7Kiki Roberts (IRE)3571426723510
1Naturally Nimble (GER)371143682322.50
9Gushing (USA)367145562204.50
4Going Remote (IRE)3521357121916
2Northern Sonas (IRE)348132672186.50
5Sinbad My Dad (IRE)3611376020710
6Tachos (IRE)359134582067
8Ringside Timing (IRE)3471245918810

Thu 30th May 2024 6.10 Warwick (12 runners)
Wigley Property Raceday Amateur Jockeys Handicap Hurdle
Class 4, 3m1½f , Good, 4yo+, Win: £4967
8Jessie Lightfoot (IRE)1099198722753.33
3Thirtyfour Thirty583168742475.50
5Prince De Juilley (FR)786177652465
1Ladronne (FR)1051158692308
6Pottlerath (IRE)9511377121516
4Dynamite Kentucky (FR)9501386820910
2Marmalade Time5501564120012
11Johns Dream (IRE)6451195918016
12Enforcement (IRE)9361045215750
10Fort Lauderdale (IRE)540994814716

Thu 30th May 2024 6.17 Limerick (17 runners)
McMahons Builders Providers Mares Maiden Hurdle
Class 4, 2m3f , Good To Firm, 4yo+, Win: £6637
2Cast A Spell (IRE)677162632345
3Disco Dancer (IRE)570144572228
4Farfromnowhere (IRE)67617802076.50
1Cappacurry Ealu (IRE)6501365520614
8Just For Love (IRE)57016502060.91
12Mustameet Secret (IRE)7631474919714
13Nells Choice (IRE)5651215618220
11Mountrivers Lass (IRE)5451095316250
9Kimjoy (IRE)54612201328
7Into The Unknown (IRE)630754912850
10Larkins Lane (IRE)5491050111100
5Gabbys Doll House (IRE)5307008550
16Takemeuptocarlow (IRE)53378079150
6Godblessyourosie (IRE)50002812
15Pasquetta (IRE)6000350
14Opera Point (IRE)6000050
17Zigzagado (IRE)5000050

Thu 30th May 2024 6.25 Carlisle (8 runners)
Daily Football Offers At Rhino.Bet EBF Restricted Maiden Fillies Stakes (GBB Race)
Class 4, 5f , Soft, 2yo, Win: £5400
6Larchill Lass283179692673.33
3Kiss Me My Love (IRE)257133662273.50
7Toota (IRE)241977217625
1Elementary Charge (IRE)23787551498
4Meccas Symphony2000246.50
5Party Bear (IRE)2000195
2Final Angel (IRE)200066

Thu 30th May 2024 6.30 Fairyhouse (10 runners)
Return Of The Flat Claiming Race
Class 4, 1m2f , Good, 3yo, Win: £6372
5Alto Sax (IRE)383160512382.50
2Signor Ferrari (IRE)392167482253
1Miami Sunshine (USA)3401365721314
4Dynamite Defense (IRE)3441385420412
7Your Out Of Line (IRE)364138491873.50
9A Daughtersdelight (IRE)3391046017420
10Ill Rise (IRE)3461064816514
3Saxon Kingdom (IRE)338945915410
8The Expert3421092914925

Thu 30th May 2024 6.40 Warwick (13 runners)
Get Ahead Maiden Hurdle (GBB Race)
Class 4, 2m2½f , Good, 4yo+, Win: £4084
7Onlyamatteroftime (IRE)884166592571.10
2Espoir Des Forges (FR)671167672555.50
4G A Henty756130582334
13St Just In Time463131732178
5Galway Reel (IRE)5551307621312
3Full Monty (IRE)6421057019012
1Amarillobymorning (IRE)6431004616712
6Miami Jim (IRE)6441035616550
8Pattern Cutter7389353156100
11Darcys Glance5379159154100
9Politicianspromise (IRE)83985093100
10Southfield Star60001133

Thu 30th May 2024 6.47 Limerick (18 runners)
Tote, Never Beaten By SP Handicap Hurdle (80-95)
Class 4, 2m3f , Good To Firm, 4yo+, Win: £5575
7A Nod To Getaway (IRE)794177412272.50
20Must Be Dreaming (IRE)771163602240
4Stellar Symphony (IRE)953152492247
11Depeche Mo (IRE)666149472107
8Del Girl (IRE)5561265920012
1Champagne Vacation (IRE)9501395119912
12Cullenwaine (IRE)6601315219312
21Across The Ocean (IRE)565137491890
18Trim To Milan (IRE)9531295318916
19Dark Image659122551830
15Frazel Express (IRE)12401125317425
6Daly Pursuit (IRE)7531075717416
14Knock On Steel (IRE)11441095517233
9Onebrightbluerose (IRE)5641362516912
16Mourne Mist (IRE)9381084415925
13Kadys Dirha (IRE)7631253115616
3Tropical Image (IRE)742975015525
17Take A Punt (IRE)1142964115433
5Hesasmoothoperator (IRE)6421022112316
10Hamazing (IRE)631823812325

Thu 30th May 2024 6.55 Carlisle (5 runners)
Follow Us On X At BetRhino Restricted Novice Stakes (GBB Race)
Class 3, 6f , Soft, 2yo, Win: £6750
3It Aint Two267190822840.91
4Rex Carver260141612292.50
5Greek Gift (IRE)2481156019416
1Almanjoor (IRE)255110441595
2Eves Boy20002414

Thu 30th May 2024 7.00 Fairyhouse (18 runners)
Book Your Hospitality At Handicap (47-75)
Class 3, 7f , Good, 3yo, Win: £5841
7Velvet Skies (IRE)373184602655.50
5Madame Plaintiff (IRE)374176622554.50
8Auburn Avenue (IRE)374160702428
14Martinelli (IRE)3621555823014
15Apollo Prince (IRE)3621516322814
11Blue Soul (IRE)3481535321512
2Port Louis (IRE)3511336820925
1Elegant Madame (IRE)3471235319912
9Sobriety Blue (IRE)3411255919816
13Butterfly Bush (IRE)3671295619820
12Marks One (IRE)3411215419512
6Masoun (FR)3441096018610
16Cornahilt Soldier (IRE)3431146218325
4Late Night Talking (IRE)3411195017525
10Exceeding (IRE)3381164816920
17St Laurences Gate (IRE)3471095116750
18Lorrs Girl (IRE)3451154616620

Thu 30th May 2024 7.10 Warwick (7 runners)
Sheldon Bosley Knight Novices Handicap Hurdle
Class 5, 2m4½f , Good, 4yo+, Win: £3697
1Chatty Chich694183732590
2Blow Your Horn (IRE)756130642043
6Let It Shine650120642008
3Prairie Diamond (IRE)550111631772.50
5Fixed Wing (IRE)64198611718
8Etoile Brillante (IRE)641935215350
4Swearer (IRE)84610501265

Thu 30th May 2024 7.17 Limerick (14 runners) Handicap Hurdle (80-109)
Class 5, 2m3f , Good To Firm, 4yo+, Win: £6106
10Missus Beeton (IRE)6671605523210
8Son Of Hypnos (IRE)779163612314
12Thats About Right (IRE)693169512263
7Betty Dutton (IRE)665145522118
2Wa Wa (IRE)9581345420314
11The Mass Path (IRE)757127581998
13Angelsworknovrtime (IRE)8611464819812
9Duty Bound5411056419625
5Simpletwistoffaith (IRE)7631295519314
14Le Fanu (IRE)8461215718914
1Phoenix Cowboy (USA)7511176418412
6Matties Mountain (IRE)9461045417325
4Swelltime (IRE)8531135717325
3Ah Remy Martin (IRE)6361073715412

Thu 30th May 2024 7.25 Carlisle (10 runners)
Daily Charged Up Offers At Rhino.Bet Handicap
Class 6, 1m1f , Soft, 3yo, Win: £3402
1Blufferonthebus (IRE)385174592633.50
5Infinite Honour374159552255.50
7Oceanic Wonder369150562215.50
3Jesmond Dawn (IRE)365139602094
6Serendipitous Lady (IRE)3671375520210
4Pearl Sands (IRE)3461045817410
9Warrior Tune (IRE)3571135117020
8Top Flight Century (FR)33584401376

Thu 30th May 2024 7.30 Fairyhouse (16 runners)
End Of School Year Maiden
Class 6, 6f , Good, 3yo+, Win: £7167
12National Lady (IRE)368172662672.25
16Zarra Ellis364157612438
7Emerald Harmony (IRE)361146592227.50
2Emerald Eclipse (IRE)357153552194.50
5Bella Mistiko (IRE)370145562127.50
9Lady Daar3511215820014
6Blue Poppy (IRE)347110661898
8Go Girl Go (IRE)3451155518520
10Luxury Island (IRE)3431144817733
13Oh So Bright (IRE)3401075417320
14Sacred Melody3361045316825
11Marclaflo Diamond (IRE)340915114650
4Sierra De Gredos340944714520
15Up The Lane30001512
1Just For One Day (IRE)40001220

Thu 30th May 2024 7.40 Warwick (12 runners)
Bromwich Hardy Handicap Chase
Class 5, 3m , Good, 5yo+, Win: £4225
10Flemens Tipple (IRE)793169642595
2Pilot Show (IRE)772169602586
6Time For A Pint (IRE)794176602452.50
1Aviewtosea (IRE)9461207122314
7Conceroe (IRE)8531255621710
3Kadex (FR)6491245921016
8Head On (IRE)8501196219825
12Cobra Commander (IRE)10551255819320
4Presenting Jeremy (IRE)9491206618850
11Bells Of Stamford (IRE)7411106217925

Thu 30th May 2024 7.47 Limerick (15 runners)
Free Streaming All Racing At Handicap Hurdle (80-102)
Class 5, 2m6f , Good To Firm, 4yo+, Win: £5575
5On My Bike (IRE)694167602662.75
3My Friend The Wind (IRE)984181492486
10Walk In Time (IRE)7561496421910
8Forgetthesurprise (IRE)10671346020014
14Jacks Fancy (IRE)6461215019812
1Balinaboola Steel (IRE)12611206619714
11Grace Faraday (IRE)666139491958
2Slip Jig (IRE)68516101725
7Smackwater Jack (IRE)10401125516916
12The Lucky Lobster5481272016714
4Sammy Smart8441054816416
15Ask And Answer (IRE)11521085116125
6Juniper Hill (IRE)5421043616014
9Red Night Sky (IRE)6451084416025
13Mighty Momentum (IRE)531792511325

Thu 30th May 2024 7.55 Carlisle (9 runners)
Discover Whats Trending At Rhino.Bet Casino Novice Stakes (GBB Race)
Class 5, 1m1f , Soft, 3yo+, Win: £3780
3Galyx (IRE)377165622421.10
8Strike Rate (IRE)342985416314
7Rock Armour (IRE)336855415310
6Lang Toon Lad (IRE)331794413166
5Bebeto (FR)33889011320
2Trojan Sun4368409366

Thu 30th May 2024 8.00 Fairyhouse (11 runners)
Friday Fairynights 7th June Handicap (47-65)
Class 5, 6f , Good, 3yo, Win: £5841
4Layoftheland (IRE)383184602661.10
9Rappell (IRE)377136502073
1Marvellous Lady (IRE)3481226719616
11Go On Go On Uhavit3571275519310
2Theres No Limit (IRE)3391136518416
6Quiet Affair3511145118020
7Are You In Or Out (IRE)3521254617833
3Alex Belardo (IRE)3471194917616
10Enola Nation (IRE)3481064815725
8Ginormous (IRE)334884714133

Thu 30th May 2024 8.10 Warwick (7 runners)
Newton LDP Mares Handicap Hurdle
Class 4, 2m , Good, 4yo+, Win: £5281
1Get Sky High (IRE)978148712782
2Linda Moon (IRE)585165662545
4Shelikesthelights (IRE)657138722328
3Pop The Champagne (FR)8491297121510
7Boudica Warrior (IRE)5371025917750

Thu 30th May 2024 8.17 Limerick (13 runners)
Irish Stallion Farms EBF Mares Flat Race
Class 4, 2m½f , Good To Firm, 4yo+, Win: £5841
3Florance (IRE)658118581803.50
5Kate Knows Best (IRE)661129441794
6Long Gone (IRE)67016401685
9Parga Diamond (IRE)542986116620
7Mount Shenshan (IRE)657109541655.50
11Thats All (IRE)7381075216014
13Her Self (IRE)437901810850
10Premier Gale (IRE)62968208720
1Brisbane Beauty (IRE)5000720
12Former Flame (IRE)400066.50
2Danielle D (IRE)5000216
8Moycashel Angel (IRE)5000014
4Indigo Mist (IRE)6000025

Thu 30th May 2024 8.25 Carlisle (7 runners)
Rhino.Bet Home Of Charged Up Sport Handicap
Class 6, 7f , Soft, 3yo, Win: £3402
3Kode Secret (IRE)370148562122.50
1Mambha (IRE)377139532051.25
4Grid Iron Maiden359118571888
5Nominal Event3451064415825
7Allegro Brillante337904515820
2Barnsnape Boy339904914112

Thu 30th May 2024 8.30 Fairyhouse (18 runners)
See You Next Friday Handicap (47-65)
Class 6, 6f , Good, 4yo+, Win: £5841
10Theriverrunsdeep (IRE)875185632717.50
17Atbay (IRE)577175612513.50
9Reinforce (IRE)481171622415
11Hope And Innocence (IRE)4651605522520
4Iva Batt (IRE)6491416521912
13Aurora Nova (IRE)5511335521112
18American In Paris (IRE)4451325819720
2Amanirenas (IRE)5491225919120
5Rebeccas Girl (IRE)4541275519016
12Net A Porter Queen (IRE)4511186118920
19Kuwait Direction (IRE)744116651860
3Eurielle (IRE)451106561868
20Nordic Passage (IRE)941112641790
21Marble Angel (IRE)438122551780
7Wild Mountain (IRE)5411165317825
8Spirit Of Eagles (IRE)4401065017433
6Viva Voce (IRE)7421125717333
16Mumma Mac537935616333
1Perseids (USA)436975416120
15The Worlds Astage (IRE)4421004816016

Thu 30th May 2024 8.40 Warwick (10 runners)
EHB Residential Handicap Chase
Class 5, 2m4f , Good, 5yo+, Win: £4489
1Miltiades (IRE)871153602434.50
6Over Milk Wood894170542373.33
3Havock (IRE)662132562316.50
7Tribesmans Glory (IRE)10541325219912
8School For Scandal (FR)939121541945.50
4Harlem Soul655126591927
5Cotton End (IRE)1047119641917
2Maskia (FR)7481056617712
9My Rockstar (IRE)8441145517616
10Bombay Sunset (IRE)6471084616725

Thu 30th May 2024 8.55 Carlisle (8 runners)
Follow Rhino Bet On Instagram Handicap
Class 6, 1m3½f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £3402
4Federated (USA)486179602571.75
1Sonning (IRE)677149642368
5Bella Bluesky861158522274
8Hot Team (IRE)8501446121114
3Star Start (IRE)4521376120910
6Vampire Slayer (IRE)473140582083.33
2Kittykarma (IRE)4441165819314


Top Ranked OSR + Points Clear

Top Ranked OSR 40+ Possible Win Bets

Also known as the 40+ Method, these horses are Top Ranked on OSR and have a clear lead of 40 points or more. Please remember it is important to conduct your own research by examining the race and forming your own opinion, as THESE ARE NOT TIPS.

TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
2.40RiponNovices (Class 5)No. 1Substitute (IRE)1411.75
4.30LingfieldNovices (Class 5)No. 1Dorney Lake560.44
4.40Ffos LasHandicap Hurdle (Class 4)No. 5Jasmin De Grugy (FR)771.38
5.15LimerickClaimer Hurdle (Ire)No. 2Felix Desjy (FR)462.50
6.25CarlisleMaiden (Class 4)No. 6Larchill Lass403.33
6.55CarlisleNovices (Class 3)No. 3It Aint Two550.91
8.00FairyhouseHandicap (Ire)No. 4Layoftheland (IRE)591.10

“BEWARE OF THE NED’s” Races where there is no form data for over 20% of the runners.

Top Ranked OSR 1-5 LAYS (Possible Losers)

We have had some success laying horses that are ranked highest on OSR but only marginally ahead of the second-ranked ones. Remember with lay you are BETTING THAT THEY WILL LOSE!

TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
2.28Ffos LasMaiden Hurdle (Class 4)No. 13Scintillante114.00
2.50LingfieldClaimer (Class 5)No. 5Poetic Force (IRE)11.88
3.15RiponHandicap (Class 5)No. 3Jewel Maker (IRE)12.75
5.55CarlisleHandicap (Class 5)No. 8Giselles Izzy (IRE)54.00
6.00FairyhouseHandicap (Ire)No. 3Barnso112.00
6.40WarwickMaiden Hurdle (Class 4)No. 7Onlyamatteroftime (IRE)21.10
6.47LimerickHandicap Hurdle (Ire)No. 7A Nod To Getaway (IRE)32.50
7.10WarwickHandicap Novices Hurdle (Class 5)No. 2Blow Your Horn (IRE)43.00
7.17LimerickHandicap Hurdle (Ire)No. 10Missus Beeton (IRE)110.00
7.40WarwickHandicap Chase (Class 5)No. 5Dusautior43.50
8.17LimerickNH Flat (Ire)No. 3Florance (IRE)13.50


ALL Top Ranked OSR in Race Order.

Horses with a rating of 40 points or higher above the second-ranked are bolded.


TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
2.28Ffos LasMaiden Hurdle (Class 4)No. 13Scintillante114.00
2.40RiponNovices (Class 5)No. 1Substitute (IRE)1411.75
2.50LingfieldClaimer (Class 5)No. 5Poetic Force (IRE)11.88
3.25LingfieldMaiden (Class 5)No. 11Tearaway Two716.00
4.30LingfieldNovices (Class 5)No. 1Dorney Lake560.44
5.15LimerickClaimer Hurdle (Ire)No. 2Felix Desjy (FR)462.50
5.45LimerickMaiden Hurdle (Ire)No. 1Arctic Gale (IRE)1416.00
6.17LimerickMaiden Hurdle (Ire)No. 2Cast A Spell (IRE)125.00
6.25CarlisleMaiden (Class 4)No. 6Larchill Lass403.33
6.30FairyhouseClaimer NH Flat (Ire)No. 5Alto Sax (IRE)132.50
6.40WarwickMaiden Hurdle (Class 4)No. 7Onlyamatteroftime (IRE)21.10
6.55CarlisleNovices (Class 3)No. 3It Aint Two550.91
7.30FairyhouseMaiden (Ire)No. 12National Lady (IRE)242.25
7.55CarlisleNovices (Class 5)No. 3Galyx (IRE)131.10
8.17LimerickNH Flat (Ire)No. 3Florance (IRE)13.50


TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
2.20LingfieldHandicap (Class 5)No. 7Wannabe Brave (IRE)73.00
3.00Ffos LasHandicap Chase (Class 4)No. 3Ballinsker (IRE)94.50
3.15RiponHandicap (Class 5)No. 3Jewel Maker (IRE)12.75
3.35Ffos LasHandicap Chase (Class 4)No. 2Nibras Gold (IRE)155.00
3.50RiponHandicap (Class 6)No. 1Bitcoin Profit (IRE)66.00
4.00LingfieldHandicap (Class 6)No. 2Dame Darcey (IRE)65.00
4.08Ffos LasHandicap Novices Hurdle (Class 5)No. 6Thatza Dazzler392.50
4.20RiponHandicap (Class 3)No. 3Loyal Touch (IRE)353.00
4.40Ffos LasHandicap Hurdle (Class 4)No. 5Jasmin De Grugy (FR)771.38
4.50RiponHandicap (Class 5)No. 2Raft Up (IRE)254.00
5.00LingfieldHandicap (Class 6)No. 3So Obsessed (IRE)202.50
5.10Ffos LasHandicap Hurdle (Class 5)No. 4Valentine Getaway (IRE)94.50
5.25RiponHandicap (Class 6)No. 4Run This Way62.25
5.30FairyhouseHandicap (Ire)No. 3Encosta (IRE)163.33
5.55CarlisleHandicap (Class 5)No. 8Giselles Izzy (IRE)54.00
6.00FairyhouseHandicap (Ire)No. 3Barnso112.00
6.10WarwickHandicap Hurdle (Class 4)No. 8Jessie Lightfoot (IRE)283.33
6.47LimerickHandicap Hurdle (Ire)No. 7A Nod To Getaway (IRE)32.50
7.00FairyhouseHandicap (Ire)No. 7Velvet Skies (IRE)105.50
7.10WarwickHandicap Novices Hurdle (Class 5)No. 2Blow Your Horn (IRE)43.00
7.17LimerickHandicap Hurdle (Ire)No. 10Missus Beeton (IRE)110.00
7.25CarlisleHandicap (Class 6)No. 1Blufferonthebus (IRE)383.50
7.40WarwickHandicap Chase (Class 5)No. 5Dusautior43.50
7.47LimerickHandicap Hurdle (Ire)No. 5On My Bike (IRE)182.75
8.00FairyhouseHandicap (Ire)No. 4Layoftheland (IRE)591.10
8.10WarwickHandicap Hurdle (Class 4)No. 6Bellbird322.75
8.25CarlisleHandicap (Class 6)No. 3Kode Secret (IRE)72.50
8.30FairyhouseHandicap (Ire)No. 14Gegenpressing103.00
8.40WarwickHandicap Chase (Class 5)No. 1Miltiades (IRE)64.50
8.55CarlisleHandicap (Class 6)No. 4Federated (USA)211.75


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