Horse Racing Ratings for Thursday’s races on 25th April, 2024.

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OSR Horse Ratings

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Thu 25th Apr 2024 4.10 Perth (5 runners)
Phil Nelson River Tay Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
Class 2, 2m4f , Soft, 5yo+, Win: £13008
1A Different Kind (IRE)7102236843803
4Sure Touch8105222713442.25
2Cepage (FR)1267160832668
3Feu Du Bresil (FR)962133461931.88

ANALYSIS: On paper this looks a match between A DIFFERENT KIND and SURE TOUCH and my vote is for the progressive A DIFFERENT KIND who has won his last 4 and still could be ahead of the handicapper.

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Thursday’s Ratings

Thursday’s Ratings

Thu 25th Apr 2024 1.30 Warwick (16 runners)
Charlie Wilson Memorial Maiden Hurdle (GBB Race) (Div 1)
Class 4, 2m3f , Good, 4yo+, Win: £4084
15Zonda (FR)684189472613
2Blow Your Horn (IRE)7531287321525
6Fourtowns (IRE)570157342134.50
16Opera King4491345421210
10Juan Bermudez5551224219310
3Denburn (IRE)5411116418316
11Mythe Bridge6511254218125
1Bective Abbey (IRE)646108611764
8Grain Trade54610656170100
13Pertemps Diamond537886216750
9Joyeux Mans (FR)537945416066
4De Tellers Fortune (IRE)5419601336
14Red Ripple6327653132100
12Pattern Cutter727715012733
5Fortified Fortune (IRE)544102011725
7Global Focus (IRE)7000118

Thu 25th Apr 2024 1.50 Perth (10 runners)
Hot To Trot Racing Goes North Mares National Hunt Maiden Hurdle (GBB Race)
Class 4, 2m4f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £4357
7Queshi Bridge (IRE)849135632254.50
9Time In The Sun (IRE)552141572114
10Wrappedinrubies (IRE)555123552088
1Bishop Hill (IRE)570129622065
6Love That (IRE)558136601988
8Somebodys Fortune (IRE)6431084918412
2Bluebell Glen6441054216825
5Hey Mama Rock Me (IRE)5481015216625
4Foxs Fancy (IRE)663121201612.75
3Born To Sparkle6439616129100

Thu 25th Apr 2024 2.00 Warwick (16 runners)
Charlie Wilson Memorial Maiden Hurdle (GBB Race) (Div 2)
Class 4, 2m3f , Good, 4yo+, Win: £4084
12Old Time Chaser (IRE)662145742572
5Golden De Coeur (FR)867159632441.63
14Six And Out6391177619925
10Motazzen (IRE)6541335619825
6Gwash (IRE)550114631938
1Brother Boris5491134919033
3El Vigaro (IRE)54311947172100
2Clatterbridge (IRE)74110542161100
7Harbour Bridge5399942157100
8Inside Im Dancin56314701555.50
15Massima Bella6428738130100
16Night Stalker447114012533
9Moor End (IRE)5451100122100
11Noble Cave (IRE)50002312
4Espoir Des Forges (FR)60001914

Thu 25th Apr 2024 2.10 Beverley (9 runners)
Ire Incentive, It Pays To Buy Irish Fillies Restricted Novice Stakes (GBB Race)
Class 5, 5f , Soft, 2yo, Win: £4050
3Indication Ember238136592077
7Larchill Lass2000274.50
1Kallippos (IRE)2000241.88
2Loving Angel (IRE)2000173
6Call Me Harswell (IRE)2000933
8Love Plus One2000916
9Stat Goddess (IRE)2000920
4Jayvee (IRE)2000816

Thu 25th Apr 2024 2.25 Perth (12 runners)
Assured Partners Handicap Hurdle
Class 4, 2m4f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £4753
9Beaumesnil (FR)792207632855
7What A Johnny (IRE)670161632623.50
2Final Edgar (IRE)681189572526
10Maillot Blanc7521556524410
5Jelski (GER)10431546422112
1Garde Des Champs (IRE)851134612176
12Euchan Falls (IRE)7411385821312
4Western Run (IRE)9541256819620
8Big Bad Bear (IRE)10481117119416
11City Derby (IRE)8491225819216
3Vernon Subutex (FR)748145015525

Thu 25th Apr 2024 2.35 Warwick (15 runners)
Zircom Data Communications 30th Anniversary Novices Handicap Chase
Class 5, 3m , Good, 5yo+, Win: £4225
3Samourai One (FR)747152582407
2Steal My Sunshine749140562308
10Village Master (IRE)594160452293.50
6Safe Destination653136572268
7Furkash (FR)964150562206
1Jemura (IRE)649120562138
8William Ewart (IRE)754143522098
9Barrakhov (IRE)8471295420110
15Noahs Light (IRE)7551235519820
5Grey Dalco (FR)7481134917020
11Meranti (IRE)6471125216833
14Happy Sanchez (IRE)645975216250
13Drumlees Pet (IRE)947955615733
12The Gambler (IRE)6411063714633

Thu 25th Apr 2024 2.45 Beverley (11 runners)
Happy Birthday Andy Hill Handicap
Class 4, 5f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £5574
3Dare To Hope (IRE)479185792915
4Elegant Erin (IRE)774172802804.50
2Lakota Blue474184732776
7Copper Knight (IRE)10621668227014
6Miss Brazen4541546726112
9Count Dorsay (IRE)8481617325510
11Honour Your Dreams (FR)473167722558
8Rambuso Creek (IRE)5641626925110
1Zaman Jemil (IRE)4461387923514
5Soul Seeker (IRE)7441277022714

Thu 25th Apr 2024 3.00 Perth (5 runners)
Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Conditional Jockeys Veterans Handicap Chase
Class 4, 3m , Soft, 10yo+, Win: £5281
3Hold The Note (IRE)1096172732634
2Mister Bells (IRE)1050162532313
4Event Of Sivola (FR)1061152592312.75
1Destiny Is All (IRE)1052134612302.50
5Skyhill (IRE)1154134622028

Thu 25th Apr 2024 3.10 Warwick (11 runners)
Visit Handicap Hurdle
Class 4, 2m3f , Good, 4yo+, Win: £5281
2Pyffo (IRE)689162702632.25
5Tardree (IRE)10541507623216
8Gentleman Jacques (IRE)553146642268
6Sambezi (FR)843142702208
7Red Windsor (IRE)7531286521320
1Halondo (FR)743136682098
9Leylak (IRE)7351237020814
10Rehill Relic (IRE)5661384519010
11Big Blue Moon7481245719014

Thu 25th Apr 2024 3.20 Beverley (7 runners)
Still Alive At 75 Kathie Emery Novice Stakes (GBB Race)
Class 5, 1m2f , Soft, 3yo, Win: £4320
2Spirit Of Acklam372161662585
4Open Secret366144652312.75
5Stay In The Game (IRE)346125662106
3Infatuator (IRE)3471265219510
7Misty Time34198010650

Thu 25th Apr 2024 3.35 Perth (7 runners)
AK Bets Big Prices Big Limits Handicap Hurdle
Class 3, 2m4f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £7922
3Raffertys Return9108205743014
1Rambo T (IRE)781197742944.50
4Accidental Rebel10471667827212
7Choose A Copper (IRE)671164732637
6Champagnesuperover (IRE)939135672445
2Milo Lises (FR)57614001552.50

Thu 25th Apr 2024 3.45 Warwick (12 runners)
Molly Ollys Handicap Chase
Class 5, 2m , Good, 5yo+, Win: £4489
6Hidalgo Des Bordes (FR)794169632582
9Pep Talking672177542458
5Famoso (IRE)8681665723810
8File Illico (FR)9581505323712
3Barest Of Margins (IRE)881149662297
2Omaha Wish (FR)665133632267
7Abaya Du Mathan (FR)12521496022314
4Noble Savage (IRE)9441495522114
11Shaws Cross (IRE)12481315819716
10Tropical Talent5541115418814
1Zero Tolerance (GER)752104581688
13Mawlood (IRE)843102521540
12Captain Copper (IRE)6481133515050

Thu 25th Apr 2024 3.55 Beverley (7 runners)
Alan McGuinness And Robin Lunness Memorial Handicap
Class 3, 7½f , Soft, 3yo, Win: £7731
6Classy Boy (IRE)366176712765
3Bellarchi (IRE)396185742714.50
5Sea The Dream392175632672.75
7Catton Lady371171632644
2Cerulean Bay (IRE)350157702535
4Power Of Zeus3611496822816
1Global Skies349152622228

Thu 25th Apr 2024 4.00 Huntingdon (7 runners)
Racing TV Mares Novices Hurdle (GBB Race)
Class 4, 2m , Good, 4yo+, Win: £4084
5Lady Darbanville669161732581.38
1Ascending Lark686146642511.75
2Arenas Del Tiempo6581277521220
7Locken Lady (IRE)555141582096
3Belladinotte (IRE)533774913550
6Lady Hobbs54080451240

Thu 25th Apr 2024 4.05 Wexford (14 runners)
Wexford Mares Maiden Hurdle
Class 4, 2m4½f , Yielding, 4yo+, Win: £5310
10Shana Cloon (IRE)579191342496
2Grooveykindoflove (FR)558128612144
5Kiltealy Park (IRE)549133612136
7Milanaway (IRE)671148552138
3Harrys Annie (IRE)753133451934.50
8Only A Dollar (IRE)6461204217410
4Jokers n Clowns (IRE)538112391575
12We Will Rock You (FR)6419927137100
13Dinner At Freddys (IRE)438904013566
14Keyser Smokesy (IRE)449114011966
9Red Night Sky (IRE)64093094100
1Gina Moon (IRE)5000295
11Stone Rosie (IRE)60001433
6Long Gone (IRE)60001016

Thu 25th Apr 2024 4.10 Perth (5 runners)
Phil Nelson River Tay Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
Class 2, 2m4f , Soft, 5yo+, Win: £13008
1A Different Kind (IRE)7102236843803
4Sure Touch8105222713442.25
2Cepage (FR)1267160832668
3Feu Du Bresil (FR)962133461931.88

Thu 25th Apr 2024 4.20 Warwick (8 runners)
John Sillett Memorial Handicap Hurdle
Class 3, 3m1f , Good, 4yo+, Win: £10562
2Saint Davy (FR)779226803555
3Hyland (FR)763191813284.50
8Take No Chances (IRE)699177622732.75
9Jupiter Allen (FR)599183592724.50
4Glimpse Of Gala8611647926914
6Equinus (IRE)656164632576
7Jatiluwih (FR)1058165812490
1Flight Deck (IRE)10591578224612

Thu 25th Apr 2024 4.30 Beverley (6 runners)
Melanie Stocks 60th Birthday Handicap
Class 4, 1m½f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £5574
1Arthurs Realm (IRE)657184772852.25
2Shaladar (FR)566181732763
3Westernesse (IRE)562168672584
4Beltane (IRE)554136712323.50
6Temper Trap7471456221710
5King Sharja4411074916916

Thu 25th Apr 2024 4.35 Huntingdon (13 runners)
Every Race Live On Racing TV Handicap Chase
Class 5, 2m7½f , Good, 5yo+, Win: £4489
5Calvic (IRE)895178612603.50
10King Of The Hill (IRE)6721456123512
11Est Illic (IRE)10731556222510
8Doyens De Ante (IRE)8471226120620
1Hey Brother (FR)749119632036
3Dunworley (IRE)8481156020120
4Eclair De Guye (FR)1048126591977
12Cobra Commander (IRE)10411246119216
2Kennack Bay (FR)935102641905
6Getaway Glory5441115018310
9Roxboro Road (IRE)11461126517933
13Voice Of Hope (IRE)7461155417325
7Amalfi Skyline56915001667

Thu 25th Apr 2024 4.40 Wexford (5 runners)
Visit Wexford Rated Novice Hurdle
Class 5, 3m , Yielding, 5yo+, Win: £5841
2Themanintheboots (IRE)646156732621.50
1Jeriko De Baune (FR)582180532571.88
3Sam Magee (IRE)749114632013
5Givehimthehonour (IRE)6471445120014
4Cloudy Tuesday (IRE)9421124316020

Thu 25th Apr 2024 4.45 Perth (8 runners)
AK Bets Best Price Premier League Handicap Hurdle
Class 3, 3m2½f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £7922
2Secret Trix7118241733732.50
4Champ Royal (FR)897228653124
5Lady In The Park (IRE)685200692923
6Fortuna Ligna (IRE)776182612707
8Gypseys Secret (IRE)9591736425325
1Floueur (FR)9621726825216
3Bridge North (IRE)878154702506
7Guernesey (FR)8531407023114

Thu 25th Apr 2024 4.55 Warwick (14 runners) Open NH Flat Race (GBB Race) (Div 1)
Class 5, 2m , Good, 4-6yo, Win: £2178
3Bridies Beau (IRE)567157622512.50
4Junker Dallier (FR)556147752335
1Ace Of Spades (FR)557132602214
10Bredon Hill (IRE)444102691786
7Palacio (FR)636846016912
14Banny Hill Lass435895015533
9The Two Harrys (IRE)53480631538
8Rogue Bull5409149142100
11Desiderata (IRE)436842611333
6Morans Law50002220
12Flimsy Nosebag (IRE)4000925
13Welcheston Warrier4000920

Thu 25th Apr 2024 5.05 Beverley (7 runners)
Rapid Lad Handicap
Class 5, 1m2f , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £4527
4My Harrison George (IRE)473166642562.25
2Wheres Jeff940155672433.50
1Lennys Spirit (FR)644141592212.75
3Sonning (IRE)6421156420125
5Burglars Dream (IRE)438115581887

Thu 25th Apr 2024 5.10 Huntingdon (6 runners)
Racehorse Shares From 45 At Novices Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
Class 4, 2m4f , Good, 5yo+, Win: £5545
1Mole Court (IRE)770208612955
3Glencassley (IRE)997182712662.25
5Pearly Island848162652626
4Touchy Feely750120742173
2El Rio (IRE)745120652048

Thu 25th Apr 2024 5.15 Wexford (9 runners)
Treo Eile Handicap Hurdle (80-116)
Class 4, 3m , Yielding, 4yo+, Win: £5841
3Mick Charlie (IRE)1254179632844.50
1Donkey Years (IRE)1055146732346
9Plain Or Battered (IRE)783150552194
7Tranquil Sea (IRE)48617602022.75
4Bestaline (FR)542124452017
5Scarbrook (IRE)548142452007
6Smackwater Jack (IRE)10541186418420
8Wild Hunt7481204917916
2Mossy Fen (IRE)9361046617710

Thu 25th Apr 2024 5.20 Perth (13 runners)
AK Bets Sports Betting & Casino Handicap Hurdle
Class 5, 2m , Soft, 4yo+, Win: £4225
1Serious Ego (GER)1160157632525.50
10Dont Look Back662144532176
8Fourth Of July (IRE)940119622007
2Kellies Dream (IRE)7521384718912
4Just Dottie6411156718410
12Iolani (GER)12431106517916
7Northern Cardinal (FR)547115501798
11Lifetime Adventure (IRE)6421214717512
6Broadford Publican (IRE)6491175217416
13Coeur Aimant (FR)943107561728
9Barley Breeze7461004815520
5Road To Rosley7431004614720

Thu 25th Apr 2024 5.30 Warwick (13 runners) Open NH Flat Race (GBB Race) (Div 2)
Class 5, 2m , Good, 4-6yo, Win: £2178
8Super Saint (FR)556131612232
5Nowmelad (IRE)54094531527
4Luwdvig (FR)533774914333
9Chief Sunday (FR)441962013910
13Ocean Frontier432835013750
7Sir Rodney6368421115100
10Doctor Midas (FR)4000383.50
6Our Jesse Boy (IRE)50002216
12River Rider (IRE)40001333
11One Knight (IRE)4000820
1Casting Aspersions (IRE)500076

Thu 25th Apr 2024 5.40 Beverley (9 runners)
Blue Sky Event Services Handicap
Class 6, 1m2f , Soft, 3yo, Win: £4004
2Flowering (IRE)363142502183
7Little Rose (IRE)352125532034.50
4Jailbird (IRE)348121562005
5Little Venice359124581968
6Trust Time358127461817
1Remonstrate (GER)343102571765
8Yeulan (IRE)341954015020
9Gator Girl337902013216

Thu 25th Apr 2024 5.45 Huntingdon (11 runners)
Follow Racing TV On Twitter Handicap Hurdle (Div 1)
Class 5, 2m4f , Good, 4yo+, Win: £4093
1Scudamore (FR)763161622303.33
4Highway One O Five (IRE)573153672302.75
7Times Are Blue (IRE)6451106720716
2Spirit Of Regulus (IRE)656122732036
5Champagne Town7441186219716
11Foxs Socks (FR)9491325919416
6Grasshopper Time (IRE)641120591938
12Begoodtoyourself (IRE)938114561780
10Just Chasing May550106491777
3Ferrobin (IRE)10461036817425
9The Dark Edge (IRE)5401064416312

Thu 25th Apr 2024 5.50 Wexford (10 runners)
Irish Injured Jockeys Fund Beginners Chase
Class 5, 2m , Yielding, 5yo+, Win: £5841
3Clear The Clouds (IRE)696191552713
5Dgalwaygallivantor (IRE)545152512147
1Bocellis Voice (IRE)860146582114.50
8Noble Blue (FR)648132502006
10Miss Oreo (IRE)6491276119114
9Warm In Gorey (IRE)644128451908
4Conron (IRE)10451087118912
2Chiefs Kingdom (IRE)656129541865
7Imperial Ruler (IRE)7451125317416
6Fort Randall (IRE)537934514333

Thu 25th Apr 2024 6.15 Huntingdon (12 runners)
Follow Racing TV On Twitter Handicap Hurdle (Div 2)
Class 5, 2m4f , Good, 4yo+, Win: £4093
5Ballynaheer (IRE)594163572432.25
6Lifetime Legend (IRE)683159632296
8Copernic Du Mazet (FR)472148572286
2Halligator (FR)762133622147
7Copper Fox755147572138
4Gms Prince9611326820512
3Saxons Lane (IRE)550106631918
1Quian (GER)8641343718516
11Nothinelsematters (IRE)6501214417725
9Magna Moralia (IRE)7411136117625
10Sir Cilia4421056417633
12Ideal De Romay (FR)6501074416314

Thu 25th Apr 2024 6.22 Wexford (7 runners)
Irish Stallion Farms EBF Mares Beginners Chase
Class 5, 2m3½f , Yielding, 5yo+, Win: £7965
2Brandy Love (IRE)844133772700.73
7Sea Aster (IRE)6531546725816
3Doyen Ta Win (IRE)646135612214.50
1Atimetodream (IRE)6491315420310
8Soldaro (IRE)646115521937.50
5Pebble Bleu (IRE)559114491650
6Sadies Diamond (IRE)5401064015266

Thu 25th Apr 2024 6.30 Chelmsford City (13 runners)
Racing Value At bet365 Restricted Maiden Stakes (GBB Race)
Class 5, 7f , Standard, 3-5yo, Win: £4449
9Miss Sunset Strip (IRE)370161592323.50
1Thanks Dad466155592267
7Jimmy Knocker (IRE)3561206319614
5Saachi (IRE)3521215819114
3Poles Apart3471106119014
4Royal Praise (IRE)357108601896
11Raffles Angel3451066018414
12Dusk Dame358112531787
8Respectable Jack331734213050
2Masterofgraygoose (IRE)30002120
10Qatar Wave (IRE)30001216

Thu 25th Apr 2024 6.45 Huntingdon (10 runners)
Racing TV Handicap Hurdle (Div 1)
Class 4, 2m , Good, 4yo+, Win: £5281
1Parc Damour (IRE)795199742932.75
5Call The Dance676165732653
9Stay If U Want To (IRE)571170762627
10Lucky Lover Boy (IRE)9551226722325
7Bannister (FR)7601336422014
2Quaresome (IRE)669152582167
8Lallier (FR)5691345318816
4Les Loyautes (FR)461148016120

Thu 25th Apr 2024 6.52 Wexford (6 runners)
Wexford Veterans Handicap Chase
Class 4, 2m3½f , Yielding, 10yo+, Win: £11151
1Shadow Rider (FR)10103229653021.63
5Revelyn Pleasure (IRE)1286188562612
3Cavalry Master (IRE)1055143642426
2Big Debates (FR)11491516022814
4Macgiloney (IRE)1145140662265
6Mc Alpine (IRE)10501194518020

Thu 25th Apr 2024 7.00 Chelmsford City (12 runners)
Blue Tiger Marketing Handicap
Class 6, 7f , Standard, 4yo+, Win: £4004
3No News (IRE)470181572734
9Dors Toyboy (IRE)761151622437
10So Chic (IRE)4501476523310
4Rose Fandango685145652305.50
7Poetic Jack4381356122212
8Bo Taifan (IRE)7461486221910
6Fayasel (IRE)4481306421112
2Alexander James (IRE)8511247720716
5Daphne May6601246420610
1Roger Henry (IRE)443111662047
12Fai Fai5561246119814

Thu 25th Apr 2024 7.15 Huntingdon (9 runners)
Racing TV Handicap Hurdle (Div 2)
Class 4, 2m , Good, 4yo+, Win: £5281
2Balhambar (FR)598209633232
1Pickanumber (IRE)675192582767
9Kado De Joie (FR)469174732695
5Flight Of Freedom (IRE)652138722406
3Give Me A Moment (IRE)9501346823112
4Dancing In Brazil556135702316
8Master Malachy (IRE)8471226921714
7Charlie My Boy (IRE)7441276120950
6Harel Du Marais (FR)747131652078

Thu 25th Apr 2024 7.22 Wexford (13 runners)
Irish Stallion Farms EBF Mares Flat Race
Class 4, 2m , Yielding, 4yo+, Win: £5841
3Cottesloe Sunshine (IRE)574173622403.50
7Royal Hollow (IRE)661146712255
8Sansrisk (FR)553148692207
5Holly Brook (IRE)539137732205
1Amanha (FR)651125601888
9Shaving (FR)63392451676
6Joueuse Royale (FR)5000410
10Takemeuptocarlow (IRE)5000166
12Maid Of Kildare (IRE)4000133
4Farfromnowhere (IRE)600008
2Arctic Piper (IRE)5000012
11Her Name Is Noelle (IRE)4000033

Thu 25th Apr 2024 7.30 Chelmsford City (12 runners)
Watch Live Racing At bet365 Handicap
Class 4, 7f , Standard, 4yo+, Win: £6281
7Sandy Paradise (IRE)579194702945
4Revolutionise (IRE)874177822866
6Noodle Mission (USA)493187652757
5Epic Express679195682735
12Mr Squires (IRE)486176702654.50
9Triggered (IRE)8731576925910
8Dutch Kingdom (IRE)4501547124414
10Overnight Oats4571396722214
1Al Marmar (IRE)5461347121725
3Signcastle City (IRE)4431217320516
11Blue Yonder (FR)4411266319733

Thu 25th Apr 2024 7.45 Huntingdon (14 runners)
Watch Replays On Racing TV Open Maiden NH Flat Race (GBB Race)
Class 5, 2m , Good, 4-6yo, Win: £2178
2Dantes Inferno557144672137
10Infantryman (FR)4561126920110
7Strong As Steel548114661946
14Rowdy (IRE)441975619010
5Jubilant (FR)549115641864.50
8Myfavouritesister (IRE)5441035117033
9Notorious Pink532753713310
3Followcato (IRE)5000226
11Jacks Wish40001910
1Court In A Storm (IRE)5000148
6Kingston Brave (IRE)6000833
13Little Dipper4000514

Thu 25th Apr 2024 8.00 Chelmsford City (7 runners)
6 Horses Challenge At bet365 Handicap
Class 6, 1m5½f , Standard, 4yo+, Win: £4004
7Devizes (IRE)870156652384
2Daaris (IRE)564156592311.63
1Golden Dove665134622116
3Fictional (IRE)43591701895

Thu 25th Apr 2024 8.30 Chelmsford City (8 runners)
Download The bet365 App Handicap
Class 6, 6f , Standard, 3yo, Win: £4004
5Its Showtime (IRE)366142602137
1Ten Club (IRE)350114612017
8Big Blue Boy (IRE)368128562002.75
6Quantum Force357123591955
7Dancing Eyes (IRE)3511095718220
4Krysdanjord (IRE)3521125718112
2Pannonica (IRE)358118601808

Thu 25th Apr 2024 9.00 Chelmsford City (10 runners)
Best Odds Guaranteed At bet365 Handicap
Class 4, 1m2f , Standard, 4yo+, Win: £6281
6Cavalluccio (IRE)575191752954
1Isle Of Sark (USA)665181752842.75
9Ludos Landing (IRE)474168662516
2Bass Player (IRE)5671487224516
10Boasty (IRE)7521437024416
3Fearless Bay (IRE)572142682317
5Visibility (IRE)7451447222616
4Wonder Starelzaam (IRE)6371246821912
7Obsidian Knight (IRE)640126772197


Top Ranked OSR + Points Clear

Top Ranked OSR 40+ Possible Win Bets

Also known as the 40+ Method, these horses are Top Ranked on OSR and have a clear lead of 40 points or more. Please remember it is important to conduct your own research by examining the race and forming your own opinion, as THESE ARE NOT TIPS.

TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
1.30WarwickMaiden Hurdle (Class 4)No. 15Zonda (FR)463.00
2.10BeverleyNovices (Class 5)No. 3Indication Ember1807.00
4.45PerthHandicap Hurdle (Class 3)No. 2Secret Trix612.50
5.15WexfordHandicap Hurdle (Ire)No. 3Mick Charlie (IRE)504.50
5.30WarwickNH Flat (Class 5)No. 8Super Saint (FR)622.00
5.50WexfordBeginners Chase (Ire)No. 3Clear The Clouds (IRE)573.00
6.52WexfordHandicap Chase (Ire)No. 1Shadow Rider (FR)411.63
7.15HuntingdonHandicap Hurdle (Class 4)No. 2Balhambar (FR)472.00

⚠️“BEWARE OF THE NED’s” ⚠️ Races where there is no form data for over 20% of the runners.

Top Ranked OSR 1-5 LAYS (Possible Losers)

We have had some success laying horses that are ranked highest on OSR but only marginally ahead of the second-ranked ones. Remember with lay you are BETTING THAT THEY WILL LOSE!

TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
3.55BeverleyHandicap (Class 3)No. 6Classy Boy (IRE)55.00
4.40WexfordNovices Hurdle (Ire)No. 2Themanintheboots (IRE)51.50


ALL Top Ranked OSR in Race Order.

Horses with a rating of 40 points or higher above the second-ranked are bolded.


TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
1.30WarwickMaiden Hurdle (Class 4)No. 15Zonda (FR)463.00
1.50PerthMaiden Hurdle (Class 4)No. 7Queshi Bridge (IRE)144.50
2.00WarwickMaiden Hurdle (Class 4)No. 12Old Time Chaser (IRE)132.00
2.10BeverleyNovices (Class 5)No. 3Indication Ember1807.00
3.20BeverleyNovices (Class 5)No. 2Spirit Of Acklam175.00
4.00HuntingdonNovices Hurdle (Class 4)No. 5Lady Darbanville71.38
4.05WexfordMaiden Hurdle (Ire)No. 10Shana Cloon (IRE)356.00
4.40WexfordNovices Hurdle (Ire)No. 2Themanintheboots (IRE)51.50
4.55WarwickNH Flat (Class 5)No. 3Bridies Beau (IRE)182.50
5.30WarwickNH Flat (Class 5)No. 8Super Saint (FR)622.00
5.50WexfordBeginners Chase (Ire)No. 3Clear The Clouds (IRE)573.00
6.22WexfordBeginners Chase (Ire)No. 2Brandy Love (IRE)120.73
6.30Chelmsford CityMaiden (Class 5)No. 13Zariela164.00
7.22WexfordNH Flat (Ire)No. 3Cottesloe Sunshine (IRE)153.50
7.45HuntingdonMaiden NH Flat (Class 5)No. 2Dantes Inferno127.00


TimeTrackRace TypeCard NoTop Rated HorsePoints ClearOddsResults
2.25PerthHandicap Hurdle (Class 4)No. 9Beaumesnil (FR)205.00
2.35WarwickHandicap Novices Chase (Class 5)No. 3Samourai One (FR)107.00
2.45BeverleyHandicap (Class 4)No. 3Dare To Hope (IRE)115.00
3.00PerthHandicap Chase (Class 4)No. 3Hold The Note (IRE)324.00
3.10WarwickHandicap Hurdle (Class 4)No. 3Kintail187.00
3.35PerthHandicap Hurdle (Class 3)No. 3Raffertys Return74.00
3.45WarwickHandicap Chase (Class 5)No. 6Hidalgo Des Bordes (FR)132.00
3.55BeverleyHandicap (Class 3)No. 6Classy Boy (IRE)55.00
4.10PerthHandicap Chase (Class 2)No. 1A Different Kind (IRE)363.00
4.20WarwickHandicap Hurdle (Class 3)No. 2Saint Davy (FR)275.00
4.30BeverleyHandicap (Class 4)No. 1Arthurs Realm (IRE)92.25
4.35HuntingdonHandicap Chase (Class 5)No. 5Calvic (IRE)253.50
4.45PerthHandicap Hurdle (Class 3)No. 2Secret Trix612.50
5.05BeverleyHandicap (Class 5)No. 4My Harrison George (IRE)132.25
5.10HuntingdonHandicap Novices Chase (Class 4)No. 1Mole Court (IRE)295.00
5.15WexfordHandicap Hurdle (Ire)No. 3Mick Charlie (IRE)504.50
5.20PerthHandicap Hurdle (Class 5)No. 1Serious Ego (GER)355.50
5.40BeverleyHandicap (Class 6)No. 2Flowering (IRE)153.00
5.45HuntingdonHandicap Hurdle (Class 5)No. 4Highway One O Five (IRE)232.75
5.45HuntingdonHandicap Hurdle (Class 5)No. 1Scudamore (FR)233.33
6.15HuntingdonHandicap Hurdle (Class 5)No. 5Ballynaheer (IRE)142.25
6.45HuntingdonHandicap Hurdle (Class 4)No. 1Parc Damour (IRE)282.75
6.52WexfordHandicap Chase (Ire)No. 1Shadow Rider (FR)411.63
7.00Chelmsford CityHandicap (Class 6)No. 3No News (IRE)304.00
7.15HuntingdonHandicap Hurdle (Class 4)No. 2Balhambar (FR)472.00
7.30Chelmsford CityHandicap (Class 4)No. 7Sandy Paradise (IRE)65.00
8.00Chelmsford CityHandicap (Class 6)No. 7Devizes (IRE)74.00
8.30Chelmsford CityHandicap (Class 6)No. 3Zachary153.00
9.00Chelmsford CityHandicap (Class 4)No. 6Cavalluccio (IRE)114.00


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